Do You Have the Leadership Qualities? We Need To Know

by Shamsul
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Evaluating Leadership Skills

Good Leadership Does Have the Ability to Trickle Down the Economical effects.

“If you are a great boss (leader), this behavior engages your team and their team to perform great too” (Zenger & Folkmen, 2016). I couldn’t agree more with this statement; however, I do not think it always works the same way!

I have personally experienced this and have experience working with two different bosses on a single job. While my first boss was an energetic and democratic-styled person whom I enjoyed working with a lot, he not only improved my morale but also made me think as he did. For example, he was a man who did not like keeping today’s work for tomorrow. Though behavior-wise, I consider myself a little lazy at times. However, working with him induced that behavior in me as well. Maybe it was because I wanted to prove myself in his eyes, or I wanted to be a leader like him somewhere inside. Whatever the reason was, I felt optimism in myself. I could handle situations, irrespective of how tough or challenging they may be.

I worked with him for two years before he had to leave, and another boss was appointed to the same position. This new boss had worked with the company a few years earlier and had left the job for another better option; however, he was rehired and was known for his success at setting high goals and achieving them. He was a master planner, a hard worker, and a person who was aware of almost all aspects involved in a project he was handling; however, he was not very democratic. He was a control freak and rather authoritative as a leader.

Though I worked with him for a year, I was less motivated than before. Overall, the team’s performance was good; the project was progressing as planned. However, the motivation I had earlier with my first boss was different now. Although I left the job after a year, I would like to know if this kind of leadership had the same effect on the entire team and if that could have been continued in the same manner for long.


Self Leadership Assessment:

As a leader, I consider myself a democratic leader. Everyone is a leader in their respect. However, it would never have been possible if all the individuals involved had not been leaders in their own spaces. After assessing the resources of this week, I agree with the fact that leadership exists in relationships.

As explained by Bolman, leadership is about authority, and people accept authority as long as they consider it authentic. I also totally agree with Bolman that authority impedes leadership as subordinates under this style expect too much from such a leader, isolating leaders under the mask of knowing it all.

A democratic leadership style offers more potential for leaders, as they can discuss issues openly with subordinates, receive suggestions, and discuss complex problems. I do not believe that authority should be eliminated completely. It is undoubtedly a significant part of the entire leadership act. However, it should not obstruct the leader from engaging with others.

The previous concept of a leader being a sole hero who can do it all in not workable in present days. It is always the sum of efforts that everyone in a team puts together to achieve results set by a leader. As a leader, I can set the path or course for an event; however, how everyone walks depends on others involved. Leaders are dependent on people working with them as well. As a leader, I can motivate others and suggest ways to do a task. However, the result will always depend on the other person doing it. Since the result of my efforts is associated and amalgamated with the actions of others, democratically dealing with them is the best approach.


Leadership Qualities:

My leadership qualities are like as democratic. I am more comfortable with the discussion style of leadership, where I get to improve myself and help others do the same. Belonging to the technology sector, creativity is vital to all operations in my field. My leadership style complements the needs and requirements of my industry.

I am fair to myself and others and prefer honesty in any relationship. Creativity and teamwork are the essence of success in anything I do, and I am more comfortable working this way, as it also suits my temperament.

Of course, there are some downsides to this as well. Only some people prefer working independently or taking responsibility for their actions. Some individuals prefer to get order, and in such a case, I find myself rather incompetent to handle such situations. Sometimes, my leadership style shines when I am working with creative individuals. However, when the situation is reversed, the authoritative style required for such individuals is something I lack.


Competencies To Build On:

As mentioned, I must develop an authoritative style as I need more leadership ability. Another competency that I possess. However, I need to improve significantly in dealing with employees. Who have open minds and expect every idea or presentation. Here again, I require learning to be authoritative and how to deal with traditional behaviors or individuals. A leader should first possess the quality to lead or develop specific authority; practicing it in an actual sense is an area I need to build.


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