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by Shamsul
Teach Digital Skills
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You Should Teach These 8 Digital Skills to Your Children

This modern era has a huge impact on social and economic factors and we are living in the most advanced period. The good thing is that the impact of digital technology is continuously spreading and we see new things day by day. You receive plenty of information in a matter of seconds with just a single click. According to technology experts, nearly 91 percent of people of the world will be associated with the internet within ten years. There is a maximum chance that physical and digital will be intermingled soon because of the internet. It is really tempting and exciting but everything has its own consequences. This thing creates uncertainty too and we should teach digital skills to our children. Youngsters and adults are the largest users of digital technologies.

You can call them tech-savvy people and the impact of digital technology is huge on Gen-Z. Their average screen time is 7 hours a day which is huge. They spend most of their time on screens like smartphones, computers, and televisions.

There is no shortage of smart devices and their usage is really exciting. As compared to school, children spend more time on digital devices. To be honest, the impact of digital technology is really big on their well-being and health. Parents need to know that what kind of content they are consuming. Who are they contacting or chatting with online? These factors have a huge influence on the overall development and growth. When it comes to entertainment and learning, the digital world is really vast. But, this digital world comes with so many challenges and risks like addiction, radicalization, fiddles, data theft, and cyberbullying. This problem is associated with the evolving nature of technology. Cybercrime departments and proper internet governance can make these risks ineffective.

Digital Intelligence

The digital age gap is another big problem that is often overlooked. There is a huge difference in the way of using the internet between children and adults, and it makes it hard for educators and parents to recognize the threats and risks completely. So, children could experience problems due to the wide-spreading technology and digital advancement. How can you teach digital skills to your kids? It is possible only with digital intelligence.

Basically, Digital Intelligence is the group of different abilities like cognitive, social, and economical. This kind of set enables any individual to change his life according to the technology and to face any situation. With the following eight helpful methods, you can teach your kids digital skills.

Digital Skills – Digital Technology

1 – Digital Identity:

Your online identity shows your presence and tells your reputation. It is super easy to create and manage online identity and it has both short and long-term impacts. Your overall existence in the digital world is because of the digital identity and as a mentor, you can teach the importance of digital identity to kids.

2 – Use of Digital Technology:

As a parent, you must teach the healthy use of digital technology to your children. It is crucial to maintain a healthy balance between offline and online life, and it includes the internet, all digital devices, and the right use of technology.

3 – Safety of Digital Technology:

It is imperative to teach how to tackle or manage digital risks such as cyberbullying, violent content, and more. It is your responsibility to help solve kids these issues face and neutralize any online risk.

4 – Security of Digital Technologies:

The world of the internet is full of scams, threats, hacking, and malware. Kids are not aware of these things and you can give information about digital security and tools that help to detect online risks. With suitable digital security tools, children can protect their online data and reputation.

5 – DEI (Digital Emotional Intelligence):

Online chatting and making friends is a popular thing on the internet and you should know how to build strong and healthy relations with others. With empathy and a positive attitude, you can easily make good friends online.

6 – Communication in Digital World:

How to communicate online with others? It is the most important thing in a digital world that how you collaborate and talk. Of course, you are doing it on your digital devices, so you must learn how to speak online using media and other modern technologies.

7 – Knowledge of Digital Technology:

There are so many things in this segment, like finding, sharing, consuming, and creating content for online platforms. You should be pro in computational as well as digital thinking, and having enough digital knowledge won’t leave you in any trouble.

8 – Digital Rights:

One should know digital rights while utilizing any digital technology. It consists of freedom of speech, privacy, intellectual property, etc. When you know your digital rights, you won’t cross your limits which are good for your online identity.

However, you must teach these abilities to your children with fundamental human values like compassion, caution, and respect. It encourages the wise and healthy use of digital technology. The correct use of the internet and digital technology can produce future leaders, scientists, doctors, and more. With the above skills, you can help your kids to learn the essential use of digital technology.

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