The Difference Between True Love and Crush

by Shamsul
love and crush
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The Difference Between True Love and Crush


Love and affection are feelings of which most of us are aware, or at least think we know them. There is another word called smash that most teens go through when they almost idolize a person of the opposite sex and feel they are right for them and they can’t differentiate between love and crush. At such a tender age, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between true love and crush. This article tries to discover the differences between these two emotions that matter so much in our lives, especially adolescents.


To Crush 

Crush is a feeling that strikes children, especially adolescents because they develop a strong taste for a person of the opposite sex. Growing children have growing bodies and minds. The same applies to feelings because they are immature at a tender age. It is the age when a boy or a girl easily develops special feelings of attraction towards a person of any age. This feeling is also called the love of the puppy or infatuation to compare it to the extreme attraction that a puppy feels towards its guardian. This is actually the time of life when you start to love another person for the first time. The feelings one has when he has a crush on another person are difficult to describe, but they are similar to what one feels when he is older and begins to love a person romantically.

Crushing is a sensation that creates butterflies in the stomach of the person who has a crush on another person. If you have a crush, you find that person very charming and special. You think that you like the person too much and become shy or feel embarrassed in his presence. You become obsessed with the person and do something stupid to get their attention.

love and crush


It’s easy to say I love you but it’s an emotion that is very difficult to describe in words. However, love is expressed in many different ways, and it can be expressed for another person in as many ways as he can imagine. Love can be one-way or two-way where the two people have the same tender and emotional feelings towards each other. You may have strong feelings of attraction to another person, but it may be infatuation or lust and not true love. Love is an emotion that binds two people together, and it is not only between a man and a woman because there is love between a mother and her son or daughter, love between brothers. The love between father and son, between teacher and students, and even between a person and God.

However, it is the romantic love between a man and a woman that is based on the feelings of attraction that are the most talked about. Love is unconditional and demands nothing in return. However, it is difficult to measure the intensity of love between two individuals. Love cannot be felt and experienced, and it is very difficult to describe.

Crush VS Love


What is the Difference Between Love and Crush?


  • The crush is a transient feeling of intense attraction towards a person of the opposite sex.


  • Love is a feeling of deep, emotional attraction that is endless.


  • Love is not necessarily between a man and a woman whereas the crushing takes place only between the opposite sexes.


  • A crush is immature and takes place mainly in childhood and adolescence, while love between the opposite sexes is mature and can take place at any age beyond adolescence.


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