DHL Marketing | Marketing Strategy of DHL

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Marketing Strategy of DHL
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DHL Marketing | Marketing Strategy of DHL


DHL is one of the leading courier services globally and due to DHL marketing, the company is operating in 220+ territories and countries internationally. It,s headquartered in Bonn, Germany, and delivering its services to users by fulfilling the changing demands of users. It has a workforce of more than 350000 people working hard to achieve its goal. That’s why it is a famous courier service in the world. It is a market leader in logistics and postal services. Indeed, it has various subsidiaries like DHL Express, DHL ecommerce, Parcel, DHL Freight, DHL Supply Chain, and DHL Global Forwarding. Let’s discuss the marketing strategy of DHL.

Important Factors in the Marketing Strategy of DHL:

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning:

As DHL deals with various customers of different nations, setting a segment strategy is difficult for such companies. They use both geographic and demographic strategies to understand and fulfill the customer’s needs. DHL uses a differentiated targeting strategy in order to identify and strategize its services accordingly. As DHL is a global company, so, they always use a customer-centric positioning strategy. The main tagline of the company is ‘’the power of global trade’’.

Competitive Advantage | DHL Marketing

Collaborative Partnerships | DHL MarketingThe biggest strength of DHL in the competitive market is its collaborative approach. They believe in working with relative companies and sectors. Moreover, they also focus on major sectors such as automotive, healthcare, technology, energy, manufacturing, and engineering.

Strong Parent Company | DHL Marketing

Deutsche Post DHL Group is the parent company of DHL. This group has a big name in courier service, logistics, and shipping. They earn the majority of their revenue from the logistics business. It is another significant competitive advantage of DHL that it is a division of a strong parent company.

BCG Matrix | DHL Marketing

The company has several SBUs (strategic business units) that are operating in various sectors such as supply chain, distribution, freight transportation, warehousing etc. DHL Freight, DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL Supply Chain, and other divisions are in the star category in terms of revenue and market share, while other services like DHL ecommerce are still in question mark category due to the poor performance.

Distribution Strategy | DHL Marketing

The distribution strategy of DHL is really effective, and due to this strategy, they are operating successfully across the world and delivering their services. Its customer-centric approach and supply chain network make it competitive in the market. They use customized logistics solutions and advanced ways in the supply chain that make it efficient and effective. With more than 255 aircraft, they are fulfilling the needs of 3 million customers around the globe.

Brand Equity | DHL Marketing

That’s why DHL is one of the famous brands in logistics and courier services. The company has sponsored many sports events and fashion events like Formula 1 race, Rugby world cup, and other sports and fashion weeks. As an added bonus, they have partnered with several logistics companies and delivery services in order to gain a competitive edge.

Competitive Analysis | DHL Marketing

Due to recent circumstances, the logistic industry has faced tough situations. On the other hand, the logistic sector is stuffed with a range of local and international players such as Amazon Express, TNT Express, UPS, and FedEx.

Market Analysis | DHL Marketing

Due to government regulations, varying economic situations, inflation, and increasing tensions between different countries’ borders, all these things are creating problems for courier and logistic transportation companies. These things are affecting the short product life cycles delivery and other similar items.

Customer Analysis | DHL Marketing

Famous and big companies like industries, individuals, government organizations, and other companies are the primary customers of DHL. Furthermore, they use its services on a daily basis to deliver their products and essentials.


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