Analyze Dell Marketing Strategy

by Shamsul
Dell Marketing
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Analyze Dell Marketing Strategy


Dell is a global player in PC and Laptop technology and provides the best products to its customers. As a leading company, Dell has powerful long-term marketing growth and position. Effective Dell Marketing strategy brought the company as one of the first laptop companies that provide ‘’mass customization’’ in its laptops. That’s why it is a celebrated company in the technology sector. It has a strong customer base that is very loyal to this brand. Let’s discuss some important and effective marketing strategies of Dell.


Marketing Strategy of Dell (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning):

Dell’s marketing strategy is based on demographics and psychographics factors. They want to target tech-savvy customers, executives, and professionals. Additionally, this strategy makes the company unique as compare to other tech-based companies. A powerful connection is really important between customers and companies in the software and hardware industry. Dell is working on this policy and they are executing this plan globally. It is crucial to make a strong customer base with these strategies. This thing gives a competitive edge and great position Dell over its competitors.


Dell Marketing Strategy

Competitive Advantage:

Dell has many manufacturing units in rising countries such as Ireland, India, and China. They also have manufacturing units in the developed markets globally. The main strength of Dell is its prompt response, value delivery, and effective customer service. Its build-to-order approach and direct selling technique make the company one of the powerful brands in the world. Their customer-driven policies also help them to manufacture those products that fulfill the customer’s requirements. These things give a competitive advantage to Dell over its rivals.


Dell Marketing Strategy

BCG Matrix in the Marketing Strategy:

Most of the products of Dell fall in the stars category due to heavy competition in the market. The innovation in the smartphone industry also impacts the sales of Dell’s products because smartphones are handy and portable. But most of the customers still love some of Dell’s products such as the XPS series and Alienware. The ‘’Build to Order’’ policy of Dell offers a vast market in the industry. They recently ventured out smartphone industry but fail to make a strong presence.


Dell Marketing Strategy

Distribution Strategy:

Most of Dell’s revenue comes from online channels but they also have stores. Its build-to-order strategy and effective distribution network make them standout in the industry. You can also place your order on its home site because of the effective online presence of Dell. They also offer customized laptops to customers. They also have a strong hardware business and powerful customer support service. These strategies are one of the major strengths of Dell.


Dell Marketing Strategy

Brand Equity:

In 2013, Dell saw a sudden rise and achieves 2nd position in brand equity. It has a 12.8 % market share in 2013 and this shows the strong consumer base of Dell. This thing has helped them to grow in different technological segments. Most of the tech-savvy people love to purchase the products of Dell for home, office, and anything in between.


Dell Marketing Strategy

Competitive Analysis:

There are many big players in this industry such as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, and more. Many Chinese manufacturing companies are giving tough competition to Dell in smartphones, laptops, and PC. This thing can affect the market share of Dell. It is really vital for Dell to invest in research and development sectors, IT sector, and expand its offerings to compete with these players. It is necessary for the profitability and growth of Dell.


Dell Marketing Strategy

Market Analysis:

The Tech industry is full of highly competitive players and infamous companies. They are doing well and can threaten Dell’s profitability and market reach. The main strength of Dell is its distribution network, so they should improve this sector in order to increase its sales. Plus, they can also compete with other companies by introducing innovation in its products and expanding its offerings and services. As the sale of smartphones can also a big threat for Dell, so they have the opportunity to make mergers or acquisitions to launch their own smartphone in order to enhance its revenue game.


Dell Marketing Strategy

Customer Analysis:

Most of the customers of Dell are tech-savvy and consists of Gen-Z. Many executives and professionals also prefer Dell’s products for working. They can attract more customers by providing innovative products. The XPS series and Alienware are doing well but it is not enough for healthy growth. They should launch high-quality laptops and PCs to target new customers.


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