Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

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Dabur Brand Power
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Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power


Dabur India Limited (DIL) is the 4th biggest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand in the country. With more than 120 years’ experience, Dabur has successfully built trust and quality. Read the Dabur marketing strategy and learn from their success. They offer high-quality products in different segments such as foods, personal care, home care, and health care. They achieve this status and position with effective marketing strategy and excellent products. You can learn a lot from the success of Dabur India Limited. Below, you will read the marketing strategy of Dabur India Limited.


Marketing Strategy of Dabur India Limited (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning):

Dabur India Limited is one of the biggest natural health and Ayurveda Companies worldwide. With more than 250 herbal and Ayurveda products, they achieved this status with hard work and useful strategies. They segmented their marketing strategy on the basis of demographic and behavioral factors. They targeted the different segments such as airlines and hotels to develop its growth and sales. That’s why its products are very affordable and people from lower strata love to use its products. The majority of Dabur’s customers are middle-class people but its products used in every household.

In addition, they have a very strong position in the market due to its wide range of offerings in different segments such as health care, home care, personal care, and foods. Its old-age umbrella policy helps the customers to purchase its product from one roof. They improve their business by addressing the mistakes. They also separated their fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and pharmaceuticals business.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

Competitive Advantage:

Dabur has an extensive distribution network in the country including urban and rural markets. With more than 600 distributors and the set-up of 2.8 million retailers, they are operating in every part and corner of India. Its effective promotion and business strategy help the company to improve its logistic system distribution network. They also give incentives in order to drive sales and uniformity in grocery stores, wholesale channels, and drug stores. They have a competitive edge in the Indian market over big giants such as ITC, P&G, and HUL. The company has manufacturing facilities in India and other parts of the world through subsidiaries. This thing helps the company to become a global player in its respective industry.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

BCG Matrix:

There are several products of Dabur that fall in the star segment such as real fruit juice, foods, hair oils, health supplements, and Gulabari jal. They are very famous among users but highly competitive due to the presence of different local and international giants. There is a big question mark on the sales of personal care and health care products because of fierce competition from domestic competitors. In the cash cow segment, Pudin Hara, Glucose D, Hajmola, and Dabur Chawanprakash are very famous.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

Distribution Strategy:

In fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the distribution factor plays an important role. In order to supply products in every corner of the country and grocery store, it requires an effective and proper distribution strategy. You can easily grab your favorite Dabur products from any local drug store, grocery store, departmental store, etc. in short, we can say that Dabur has a very strong distribution strategy which is the biggest strength of the company. Its three-tier distribution strategy is very effective.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

Brand Equity:

To be honest, Dabur is a very strong brand in India. They have a very strong image in different regions of the country including urban, rural, and semi-rural areas. They follow umbrella marketing policy and its logo shows the company’s heritage, stability, and commitment. Their brand name is very famous due to their wellness products and diverse product portfolio. From health care products to herbal products, you can get anything for your hair and beauty. In the personal care segment, they are leading due to the existence of Anmol. Hajmola is specially made for the digestive system and very handy. There are several products that offer the same quality and improve the overall image of Dabur.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

Competitive Analysis:

The FMCG market is highly competitive due to the existence of giants. A single marketing strategy is not enough to compete with competitors. There are several big players such as P&G, PepsiCo, HUL, and many more actively present and giving tough competition to Dabur in several segments. It is really important for Dabur India Limited to adopt aggressive strategies to compete with giants. The current nature of this market is very dynamic so Dabur can’t follow a single strategy to increase its market share and reach. They need to adopt both offensive and defensive strategies according to situation and demand. Besides all this, Dabur has successfully managed a decent position in the competitive market. They just need to focus on their strengths and should address their weaknesses. This thing definitely helps Dabur to get the lead in the competitive segment.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

Market Analysis:

The fast-moving consumer goods and pharmaceutical market is heavily crowded with international and local players that are trying to take lead from each other. There is a great opportunity for Dabur to adopt innovative and effective strategies to retain a stable position in the market. There are several products of Dabur that failed to create an impact, so Dabur should revise these products or try new solutions for boosting sales. But some products of Dabur are doing very well such as health supplements, Chawanprakash, Real fruit juice, and Glucose D.


Dabur Marketing Strategy | Dabur Brand Power

Customer Analysis:

Dabur’s products are widely used in every household of India due to their effectiveness. From lower middle class to middle class and high-class citizens, they have a strong customer base which is the biggest strength of Dabur India Limited. But most of its sales are driven through middle-class buyers. In short, it is an essential company for different products that are used in our houses on daily basis.


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