Creativity – Is It Energize By Leadership Empowerment?

by Shamsul
leadership empowerment
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Creativity – Is It Energize By Leadership Empowerment?

Creativity, as the word implies, is the use of imagination or innovative thinking that has the ability to create something new. Organizations today thrive on this innovation and creativity in their employees. What’s even more interesting is the fact that not only are organizations aiming for creative ways to run day-to-day operations. However, this creativity is not always linked to organizational roots or to the promotion of any systematic operations. Any effort or action that can enhance productivity and efficiency in any area of an organization is as being creative.


Leadership Empowerment – CreativityEvidence From Organizational Research

Other research conducted in the past has shed light on various factors that stimulate creative thought processes, like dim lighting, caffeine, a slow noise level, etc. Some researchers claimed that the more observation a person involves in, the more creative they can become. Such immense was the finding that a study even suggested that those who are bored are more creative!

Regarding group performance, group identity and competition play vital roles in instigating creativity in a work environment. With all these findings being put into perspective, it was essential to analyze the role of leadership in initiating creativity in an organization. According to a study from a Chinese manufacturing company to study whether empowering leadership can lead to creativity. The findings revealed that empowered leadership does influence rather than boost creativity, given that the organizational environment deters a lack of trust and uncertainty in the leader by the employees.

So What Is Empowerment – Creativity

Considering specifically the study that revealed leadership empowerment to be influential in boosting employee creativity, empowerment refers to the freedom and autonomy at work given to employees by their managers. Other empowering ways suggest including employees in decision-making processes and asking for their advice and suggestions to facilitate organizational processes and operations.

The findings of the study were convincing and extraordinary. They paved for new ways to implement by leaders in an organization to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

One limitation to the finding was that all empowerment activities would boost creativity in employees, lest the employees trust those powers. Suppose in any way the employees believe or they are under the impression that the empowerment acts. Like giving responsibility or participation in decision-making. If the leader fakes them or is mere insincere acts. In that case, there will be no empowerment impact on the employees’ creative abilities.   


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