Create Web Content – How to Get Ahead In Your Content?

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Create Web Content – How to Get Ahead In Your Content?


It’s the day when, like every week, you have to publish a new article on your blog. It’s written in your editorial schedule, but like every week, you find yourself writing under pressure, the same morning for an evening publication of the web content.

By dint of living this, you have the impression that keeping a blog is cool, but phew, it’s really hard. And when you have the unexpected, it goes completely by the wayside.


The Solution!

Have a well-crafted editorial calendar and above all a good organization to get ahead in your content creation. Believe me; getting ahead is life and the basis of serene blogging.

If you are wondering why getting ahead can help you make your blog better and especially how to do it, I tell you all about it!

Blogging, as you already know, is an effort that stretches over time. You will publish new content every week and you must therefore keep up.

If you have to keep asking yourself what you’re going to post in a few days, you’re going to have a hard time working calmly. And that is reflected in your creativity and therefore in the quality of your content.

Afterward, it’s true that when you work in a hurry, you sometimes manage to get things out very well, the pressure giving a little boost to motivate yourself a little more. But in the long term, is it viable? I do not believe it. Content creation, for me anyway, is done much more serenely with a head start.

Being One Step Ahead Means:

Predict the topics of such content;

But also create the content several weeks before publication;

And of course, all this must be thought out with strategy so that your blog develops.

Personally, I know that when I no longer have a head start and I work “on the line”, whether I write my articles the day before or the day of publication, I am not at peace.

I know that regularity is important in content creation, and although we can of course sometimes afford to change our habits, on the whole, it is better to avoid doing so. When I am not ahead in my content, I know that the risk that I do not publish exists. If I have a lot of work for a client, if I have an unexpected event, if I’m sick, if I’m not inspired… without necessarily going so far as to run the risk of not publishing, I also take the risk of writing by obligation, and I hate it!

Getting ahead in your editorial schedule means, you are working calmly. It knows that you can choose to write your articles when you feel inspired and that you will do it effectively. It saves time and energy, two very valuable elements for any entrepreneur!

If you often feel overwhelmed with your blog, if you feel like you don’t have time to push yourself to write better posts, if you sigh when you see the stains coming back at lightning speed, then maybe you have simply needed this serenity. Getting ahead in your content creation is completely possible, and it’s something you can implement today.

You may say to me: yes, but spontaneity? Advance does not completely kill your impulsiveness. If you want to change your program at the last minute because you urgently want to talk about something on your blog, it is always possible. And above all: if you want your blog to develop and be a professional project, you have to put in place a strategy and not rely on spontaneity!


The Secret: Good Organization With An Editorial Schedule

I’m not going to tell you a huge secret: to get ahead of your editorial calendar, you have to get organized. Knowing how you work, having the right tools and knowing how each task should be done.


The Basic Tool to Organize Yourself: The Editorial Calendar

One of the first things you need to think about if you want your blog to be professional and publish new content regularly is an editorial calendar.

As its name suggests, it will allow you to plan your editorial content. So to decide everything you are going to publish in the weeks and months to come.


Why Is It Essential?

Already because to get ahead (and therefore create content serenely!), you need to have a long-term vision. But this blog schedule will also help you think about your content according to your objectives, your strategy, and the needs of your audience.

Having an editorial plan is one of the first steps to creating relevant and regular content.

There is no one right way to create an editorial calendar. You have plenty of tools at your disposal to do this (Trello, ClickUp, or simply a spreadsheet, or even a notebook and a pencil!). The format should suit you and allow you to clearly put your ideas in order to then create your content based on what you put in your blog schedule.

In my training on the subject, I teach you precisely how to create a calendar that will be effective and that suits you, to find relevant article ideas and to get ahead in your content.

Processes and Habits to Complete Your Editorial Schedule

Having a calendar isn’t everything. Inevitably, once you made the calendar, you still have the bulk of the work: creating your content.

To get ahead in your content writing, you must complete your editorial planning with habits and processes.

Blogging is a habitual activity. The majority of spots come back, and they come back often. It’s every week that you will have to publish articles, send your newsletter, post on the networks, pin on Pinterest… and who says repetition, says habit! In order not to have your head underwater, you must have developed automatisms and no longer ask yourself questions.


These Processes And Habits Go Through Different Elements:

Knowledge about what are all the steps of creating a blog post, which steps must be done in which order, which ones can be grouped, etc…

Have knowledge about your cycles: how long do you have to write content? Take care of Pinterest? How does that fit into your work schedule?

Learn to work smarter by pooling your efforts to be more efficient. It’s “batching”, the fact of creating several visuals for Instagram at once or even planning all your articles for the coming month in one go.

Combining habits, processes, organization, and editorial planning is the key to getting ahead in content, and doing it easily!


How to Get Out Of The Infernal Spiral Of Content Created At The Last Minute?

All that is very good, but only here: you have never managed to get ahead, or the few times you arrive, you lose this lead very quickly. You have the impression of being in a spiral that an editorial schedule is not going to help you solve.

When you have already launched your blog and you find yourself writing your blog articles at the last minute every week, can you really succeed in reversing the trend? How to get ahead when it is already difficult to publish an article per week?

I don’t have a magic wand that allows you to solve this problem without working, but I can assure you that you have the means to take care of it completely!

The first thing to do is tell yourself that your content is important. To take your lead, you will surely have to work a little more. And that, you’re not going to get there if you don’t know it’s necessary. So tell yourself that your content is a powerful tool, that you can get ahead, and that it will improve your results and the way you work.

Also, approach the situation with steps. Of course, if you say to yourself right away “I’m going to take two months in advance”, you may be easily discouraged. Already try to have 15 days of content in advance, and above all keep this advance for several weeks.

Because the secret of progress in content is this: continuity. Do not create once full of content and presto, we forget. You have to organize yourself to always have a look into the distance.

Editorial Schedule:

Your editorial schedule is the crutch of your progress. It is he who tells you what you to do and who allows you in the blink of an eye to check that you are up to date in your tasks.

Thinking about the editorial calendar of my blog, moreover, is a task that I love to do. She helps me immediately clarify my ideas and know what I need to work on. And I know that’s also what will help me create content with peace of mind!

It is because I like working on my editorial calendar and I know that it is for your blog that I have dedicated training to this tool. In it, I present to you different ways to create a blog calendar, I explain how to think of your calendar with strategy, how to find relevant article ideas, and I give you my tips to get ahead in your content! You can find the training here: plan and program its content with the editorial calendar.

And you, do you manage to get ahead in your content writing for your blog? Do you have an editorial calendar? You can discuss it in the comments!


Need Help or Advice in Content Management:

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