How to Create a Brand That Would Last For a Very Long Time

by Shamsul
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How to Create a Brand That Would Last For a Very Long Time

No matter if you are a small entrepreneur working from your garage or a very big player in the business world, you do need to build a brand around your product to be successful in your business. Lots of people do find themselves at a loss when it comes to creating a brand.


Why Product Brands Are Important?

How many of you can associate with the logo of Nike, Burger King, Lifestyle, McDonald, KFC, etc? These respective companies have created a brand around their product so that people can recognize the items by their logos. By seeing these brands, people do tend to get an assurance of the quality, utility, appeal, and other attributes. This keeps a very helpful positive image in your consumers, who in turn refer others to try your product which leads to an increase in footfalls, purchases and ultimately, the revenue of a company.


Initial Steps in Creating a Brand:

Ideally, the brand should incorporate the spark of genius you felt when contemplating the nature of your business and the path it should take in the future. For instance, if you are building a food delivery service, then your product is all about the service you provide: convenience, quality assurance, and timely delivery. A customer should ideally have a vision of these when he purchases your brand. Thus your brand is all about the images and vision created by the consumer’s mind about the attributes of your product

Even people can be their own Brand. There is a concept called “Brand You,” which tells that everyone is a brand. How you behave deals with others; however, many thoughts on mentioning your name add to your personal product.

Whether you are creating a brand around your services, product, or even yourself, communication is the first and foremost thing to take care of. Making the right impression is very important and this can be done by sending the right messages to your potential customer promptly. For instance, Nike has used its logo, advertisement, and all other communication to convey to the people that it’s a product for young, energetic people. Its logo which is just a black tick mark is simple, elegant, unique and easy to remember along with conveying what that particular brand stands for


Three Tips for Creating Brand That Would Last For a Very Long Time

1. Colour of the Product Logo:-

Color is one of the most important aspects of the brand, with more than ninety percent of people giving high importance to it. People associate specific emotions with specific colors like red invokes passion, purple royalty, white peace and so on. These associations do change across borders, culture and time. For instance, the grocery market uses green, and restaurants use red, etc. You should think about which color encompasses your brand’s core offering.

2. Social Media:-

Social Media is good for the promotion of a product as people are more receptive. Right Message can help the trade name engrain in the minds of customers, who in turn become brand ambassadors as they promote to their friends and followers. As such choose social media well. An image of the product should use Instagram and other social media channels, including LinkedIn and so on.


A product should have a personality that people can relate to.  It increases brand equity and creates a nostalgic feeling in the consumer’s minds. For instance, a company like Harley Davidson should show manliness and a thirst of adventure in its communication to engage and reach its target audience.


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