12-Day COVID-19 | CORONAVIRUS Checklist

by Shamsul
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12-Day COVID-19 | CORONAVIRUS Checklist


The whole world is being disturbed by the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS). It ruined our daily lives that people are staying in their homes and are keeping social distancing. The economy of each country is going to decline as businesses stopped due to the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS). Most probably, the world is going to face a recession period in the upcoming years.

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) vaccine is not available; however, symptoms are available. So, everyone should take precautionary measures to stay safe and don’t be a carrier to this pandemic.

We have a case to be discussed related to COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) through which everyone can learn the systems of it and can secure themselves through quarantine and diet.


At the point when patients turned out to be truly sick with what appeared to be COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS), the primary inquiry patients posed were surprising; however, may spare your life:


How Many Days Ago Did Your Symptoms Appear?

Before we dive into the 12-day COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) timetable, consistently call a specialist on the off chance that you are facing problems in breathing or any concerning side effects regardless. This isn’t a clinical exhortation. Additionally, a valuable method to screen your wellbeing on the off chance that you have a COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) concern is to utilize a heartbeat oximeter, a little gadget that cuts on your finger and measures your blood oxygen level. The ordinary immersion goes is around 96 to 99 percent. In the event that your blood oxygen perusing drops to 92 percent, it’s a great opportunity to call a specialist.


Let’s have a glance at the general course of events of COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) indications.


Day 1 to 3:

At the start of the days, the symptoms are too common like you can predict whether it is COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) or not. It can begin with an itch in your throat or bad or dry cough, a fever may occur, the patient may suffer from the cerebral pain, can feel cold and may feel the weight in chest or pain. Some people may feel tired and weak. Many of them can’t feel anything like their taste buds are lost and can lose their sense of smell.


Day 4 to 8:

Afterward, the symptoms may feel survivor more intense with the situation. The patient may suffer from high fever, bad throats like cough or pain, and exhaustion will escalate in a number of patients. Around day 5, the more aged people or people who have a weak immune system or say having another disease too will face more intense conditions that their body will be affected by the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) faster than people with a strong immune system and people who have no problem in their body. The infection can increase and the problem in taking breaths will generate more problems.


Day 8 to 12:

People with the lowest level of symptoms can cure faster than others through performing the best quarantine and social distance with others for 15 days. They should take proper vitamins and other things that can cure their body. Drink hot water, hot water with lemon or lemon intake, or vitamin c intake as much as possible. There is no vaccine yet to cure but a highly secure environment for the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) patient is important.

Most of the people get themselves safe from this deadly disease but many people condition’s start to move towards the worst condition that can also lead to death. The young people or youth or healthy survivors are the ones who can easily defeat COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) from their body but the aged people and people who have already suffered from some sort of disease or people with the weak immune system are the ones who can hardly get safe from COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) but they have to take precautions if face some symptoms, although all have to take precautions theses hard days.


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After all those Days:

The people with the lowest symptoms can secure themselves from the deadly disease. However, the people who aged, with the weak immune system, already have some disease can hardly get rid of this pandemic. Oxygen level is the most important thing in this case of COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) like if you can balance your body oxygen then the patient can be secure from this deadly disease. And many of the people are recovering through the situation.

However, the best practice is that the Oxygen level should be properly managed. Also, the precautions to be taken by the people like they have to take steam, drink hot water, vitamin c intake, and several others. Many people are recovering through quarantine, but the people who are suffering in the hospital or say they under observation in the medical care are the one who can recover slowly because they must be in hard condition of COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) like their low oxygen level or shortness of breath is the major problem that a patient can die.

Since there is no fix and no treatment for this COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS), fixing the most hazardous holes in your immune system and gut (home to 70% of your resistant cells) is basic.


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The following are the recommendations:

Use Mask

Everyone should have to keep themselves safe like stay at home,

Keep social distancing,

Use sanitizers,

Wash hands for 20 seconds,

Eat or drink with clean hands

Take all other necessary precautions to keep you away from this pandemic. Until the vaccine is not invented everyone has to be normal but with intense care. It will keep COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) away from you and your family.

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