Need to Learn Coca Cola Marketing | Marketing of Coca Cola

Coca Cola Marketing

by Shamsul
Coca Cola Marketing Strategy
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Coca Cola Marketing | Marketing of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is one of the most popular beverage producers and distributors with a huge network in more than 200 countries. It has a wide range of still and sparkling beverages. Coca Cola’s 80 % revenue comes from countries other than the USA. Coca Cola has strong brand recognition as more than 94 % of the world’s population knows about Coca Cola (Business Insider). Moreover, Coca Cola Marketing Plan is very aggressive and strong in all regional markets of the world.


Segmentation, Targeting & Position:

While talking about Coca-Cola and its Marketing Plan, it is necessary to focus on segmentation, targeting, and position factors. Segmentation is a specialized technique allowing companies or producers to create products according to different types of customers. Coca Cola doesn’t use this conventional approach but it produces new products to catch the audience.

It utilizes a combination of targeting and non-targeting marketing strategies for its products in various corners of the world. For example, Cola’s product is famous worldwide and admired by almost all age groups. Coca Cola uses various marketing or promotion options to create more recognition using events, occasions, and others. Normally, this company faces high competition from non-alcoholic beverage producers.


Coca Cola Marketing

Marketing mix: Study more about marketing mix.

SWOT Analysis: Get more details about Coca Cola’s SWOT analysis.

Mission: “The main task is to provide all consumers a healthy and safe beverage. Coca Cola always takes decisions to achieve the following targets.

  • Refreshing the world.
  • Inspire moments of happiness and optimism.
  • To make a difference and value.”

Vision: “The main vision of Coca Cola Company is to provide the best beverage to the people. It understands the demands of growing business worldwide. the company wants to win the race of competition by producing high-quality healthy refreshing beverages for all consumers. It determines the vision on the basis of the following factors.

  • People: It produces the best employment opportunities for people around the globe.
  • Portfolio: It is launching a portfolio of top-quality beverages according to the demands and desires of consumers.
  • Partners: It is producing a great environment for partner companies, individuals, and groups. It has a big network of distributors, suppliers, and retailers. Together they want to achieve the best value.
  • Planet: It is trying to develop a sustainable approach worldwide. It helps societies and communities to have a sustainable system that supports a sense of responsibility.
  • Profit: Just like other manufacturers, it also wants to maximize profits in the long term with the help of considerable advantages for everyone affiliated with it.
  • Productivity: It wants to be a highly active, lean, and effective organization in the world.”

Coca Cola Marketing Plan

What are Competitive Benefits?

Coca Cola enjoys several competitive benefits because of its effective Marketing Plan. It has various edges such as cost control, operations, brand portfolio, customer relationship, and channel marketing.

Operations: Coca Cola believes to produce more creativity around. It has developed FEMSA to produce the bottles for all operations. This is a significant approach allowing Coca Cola to focus on other operations to grow business. On the other hand, it also creates more employment opportunities for people around the globe.

Cost control: It has a special product portfolio, economies of scale, and outsourcing operations helping to cut the overall production costs and maximize the total revenue.

Strong brand portfolio: Coca Cola offers a wide and powerful portfolio of healthy beverages to consumers and helps them to explore the best taste. It tries to capture the new heights of growth in various markets. It produces soft drinks (carbonated), bottled water, iso-tonics, orangeades, juices, teas, milk, energy drinks, beer, and even coffee.

Collaborative customer relationship: Coca Cola strongly promotes a culture of effective and responsive customer support. It has high values for the stakeholders. It is now involved in macro as well as microeconomics of various countries. From manufacturing to bottling and distribution to retailers, Coca Cola is a big opportunity for a sustainable economy.


BCG Matrix in Coca Cola Marketing Plan

Depending on the demand and competitive status, Coca Cola captures varying levels in the BCG Matrix. The Star rating goes to Maaza, Fanta, and Sprite. These products are in high competition but have great demand and value in the markets.

Kinley is in the Question Mark category because of the considerably low sales. Coca Cola is still unable to give proper recognition or attention in the markets because of the developed competitive products in the markets. This is why Kinley produces very low sales for it.

Cash Cow status goes to the main brand Coca Cola. Yes, it is a reason why we know this company. It has only one strong competitor Pepsi but it seems ahead in the markets worldwide.

Coffee, tea, and coke-diet are brands in the Dog category. These products are unable to have a reasonable attention level in the markets. These are under-establishment brands and they will require long-term investments.


Distribution Strategy in Coca Cola Marketing Plan

The distribution policy of Coca Cola in its Marketing Plan has prominent attention. Coca Cola employs different sales & distribution models. They consider the local markets, customer profile and geographic conditions while choosing the sales & distribution strategies. Consider the following points when studying the distribution approach in the Marketing Plan of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola Sales and marketing

  1. Pre-sale system: It is best to create a difference between sales and delivery. It also enables the company to permit trucks loaded with various types of Coca Cola products. Retailers order these trucks depending on the sale flow. This is an amazing method to improve sales as well as distribution efficiency.
  2. Coca Cola appoints the drivers and is in charge of sales on each truck: This is a great method to understand the delivery routes, sales points, inventory monitoring, and revenue collection.
  3. Hybrid distribution system: It uses a mix of previous and current product orders to be delivered at the same time. This is done by using the same truck going in a specific direction.
  4. Telemarketing system: This combines pre-sales visits and current sales orders by any wholesaler of a brand.


Brand Equity in Coca Cola Marketing Plan

Coca Cola is a top-notch brand present in the minds of people around the globe. Talking about Coca-Cola’s brand equity reminds us of associations, relationships, memories, stories, connections, and even romance. Marketing experts properly market these things in their promotional videos, messages, and others.

Coca Cola has mastered the utilization of these special factors. It is now among the top choices for the people around who want to buy the Coca Cola brands rather than another substitute even if less expensive. Coca Cola tries to link its marketing strategies to human experiences, happiness, good life and positivity. They use Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) to create more awareness about various brands.


Competitive Analysis in Coca Cola Marketing Plan

It is impossible to complete the study of Coca Cola Marketing Plan without focusing on the competitive analysis. Coca Cola faces competition from huge manufacturers having solid ground in the markets everywhere. They require innovation, objectives and creative marketing plans to go ahead. Coca Cola significantly uses creative state of the art strategies to stay prominent in the markets. It is very helpful for marketing specialists to see the new moves of Coca Cola in different regions. Coca Cola has won the competition with international competitors but it still faces strong threats from different local brands. There are nations with a mind to prefer local brands over international brands. Pepsi is the only international player trying to have a competition with Coca Cola in the world.


Market Analysis in Coca Cola Marketing Plan

Finally, it is necessary to see the marketing analysis in Coca Cola’s Marketing Plan. The beverage industry (non-alcoholic) is growing at a rapid speed in the world. The new targets of these companies are Asian and African markets where local manufacturers are unable to feel with the standard production systems. Coca Cola is a top case to study the local economies. It is changing the buying habits, lifestyle, and local economic situations. This beverage comes with huge choices including Cola, Kinley, coffee, tea, juices and more.

It makes the buyers purchase the Coca Cola brands even if they have the option to buy a less expensive alternative. No doubt, the brands of this company are in different BCG Matrix, and not all have equal popularity but there is potential for each brand. Coca Cola is trying to create awareness about all its products. It doesn’t leave any reason for customers to switch when they come to departmental stores.

Customer analysis is another essential factor of any company’s Marketing Plan. Coca Cola Marketing Plan always gives a high preference to customers’ expectations. It usually tries to keep the prices low. However, there is no compromise on product standards and quality. On the other hand, it also gives special attention to the distribution and delivery of different brands. This makes customers to access the best tastes easily.


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