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Career Development Plan
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Career development is a key issue for more and more people. Wiselancer given the multitude of possibilities offered to our society in terms of trades, it has become common for people to develop great professional ambitions. Since sources of information are more accessible than ever thanks to the screens found in most of the homes, every citizen now has the means to find out about job prospects and training offers. In this article, we are going to share tips on how to achieve successful career development.

What is Career Development?

Career development is defined by the use of available resources to optimize the acquisition of skills and knowledge that promote access to better jobs.

It is the personal initiative of a person to set big goals in order to excel in their work and open new doors for themselves.

Our Tips for Flourishing Career Development

Any process involves stages, and the same goes for the development of your career. In order to put your thoughts in order, you need to approach your career sequentially. Therefore, Our advice is as follows:

  1. Start by questioning yourself to identify what characterizes your ideal career clearly.
  2. Do some research to target positions that match your needs.
  3. Write a detailed professional development plan to guide you through your process. You can be accompanied by a personal development coach to put the odds on your side.

Ask Questions About Their Career Development:

To develop your career, you must first question yourself to determine what you like about your current situation and what you would like to change.

Think About What Is Important to You:

To thrive through your duties as a worker, it is essential that you are in tune with the values that are conveyed in your workplace. Determine which principles you want to maintain.


Skills for Career Development:

Ask yourself what defines you as a worker. What are your strengths? Where is your expertise? Target the skills that best represent you. Here are some examples:

Interpersonal skills
Language skills
Management skills
IT skills
Web skills
Technical skills
Marketing skills
Verbal or written communication skills
Organizational skills
Social skills

How Would You Describe Your Skills?

Think about what most represents the way you behave at work. Are you the type to speak loudly, or are you more discreet? Do you prefer teamwork, or are you a loner? To thrive in your job, it must allow you to be yourself. Here are some examples of qualities that may represent you:

The sense of communication
The leadership
The direction of the organization
stress management
The ability to gather

What are the Tasks That Drive You?

Since work is an important part of everyone’s daily life, it is important to make it a point to determine the actions that stimulate you in a professional setting. Are you a person who excels at the level of the tasks underlying organization and structuring? Are you passionate about customer relations and customer service? What do you want to accomplish on a daily basis, with a long-term perspective?

What are Your Essentials in Career Development?

Each person has their own essentials. For some, it’s about having a flexible schedule, while for others, their priority is not having too much responsibility. To help you in your reflection, here are different working conditions. It is up to you to target those that are essential to you.

Work time
The hierarchy
The pace of work
The importance of the role occupied
Physical constraints
The schedule
The social aspect
The diversity of responsibilities

What Do You Expect to Receive as a Salary?

The first step will be to calculate your expenses in determining the salary you want to earn. Try to answer the question: “What is my threshold?”. ” The threshold represents the minimum wage you need to earn in order to maintain the lifestyle you have or want to achieve.

Do You Have a Clear Vision of the Position You Want to Occupy?

You may already have a very clear career goal of what you want to do as a job, or your vision is more in line with an industry or type of service.

If your interest is currently focused on a field of activity more than on a specific trade, you should conduct research to bring out the different job profiles that it is possible to exercise there.

Perform Research:

The Indeed job search site is a great place to explore job opportunities in the province of Quebec and across Canada. In addition to being able to explore the different job offers, you can consult our career advice on remuneration and salary, steps to advance your career, writing hiring documents, preparing for an interview and much more practical information.

Define An Action Plan for Career Development

The action plan consists of writing down or visually representing your current situation, the defined professional objectives, the means to achieve these same objectives, the period concerned by the process and the necessary resources. In addition, the action plan is intended to prevent potential obstacles. To do this, you must define what may represent a difficulty and identify possible ways to remedy it.

Upgrade Required Knowledge and Skills

Once the assessment of your current know-how is completed, you must evaluate the means to be taken to assimilate the knowledge and skills you do not yet possess. These being necessary for the proper development of your career, you must establish a strategy that will allow you to reconcile your current life and your objectives.

Relevant time Interval

Since career development involves a significant investment of time, you need to free up space in your schedule to make it possible to acquire the skills necessary for your professional advancement. It can be weeks, months, or even years, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Selection of Necessary Resources for Career Development

You must have the necessary resources to carry out your career development project. Whether financial, material, technological, or human resources, you must ensure that these are sufficient to allow you to move forward.

You can re-evaluate your objectives and revise them at any time if you conclude that they are not achievable or will take longer to achieve than expected. Career development allows each person to project themselves into the future and put all the chances on their side to evolve as a worker to the best of their abilities.

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