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Cadbury Marketing

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Cadbury Marketing
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Cadbury Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Cadbury

Cadbury is an interesting brand with lots of delicious products. It has worldwide recognition. This company utilizes special marketing strategies. For example, the chocolate of Cadbury is famous among all available products. People of varying age groups including kids, young and mature people like to eat chocolates.


Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning In Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Studying the segmentation of the marketing strategy of this famous company depends on different factors. It is important to consider the combination of 6 essential points including behavioral, demographic, and psychographic. These factors also depend on occasions and incomes. It is easy to find buyers in different demography and age groups enjoying Cadbury products. When deciding on product offers, this company considers various points such as production capacity, packing designs, storage facility, and pricing. Situational demands, occasions, outlets, and celebrity endorsements are some of the main segmenting factors for the company.

No doubt, Cadbury targets all age groups but it also uses other strategies such as targeting specific groups. For example, it has a high demand for different products (Cadbury Milk) by young people. Bournville and Temptation are among the top products with high prices but customers are willing to buy these products. On the other hand, Cadbury Silk is a special product for people who can’t say “No” to chocolates in any situation. There are so many brands to give a special taste. These special products can keep your real memories in life.

Marketing mix: Read the details of the marketing strategy of Cadbury to see its marketing mix.

SWOT analysis: Read more details about the SWOT analysis of Cadbury marketing strategy.

Mission: Cadbury wants to offer quality. It promises to deliver the best tastes. The reputation of this company depends on quality, commitment, and improvement. This is a promise by Cadbury.

Vision: Cadbury prefers to work with people or brands to deliver a better experience to buyers.


Competitive Benefits in Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Brand equity and distribution are the two main competitive benefits for this company. Cadbury is creating its products available at stores of different types. You can buy its products from Mom stores, departmental stores, Tuck shops, and walking vendors. It is only possible because of the intensive distribution channels. This is a big strategy to win a competitive race.

A main competitive benefit of this company is the ability of all products in special and attractive packaging. Cadbury always designs attractive designs. This continuous process allows the company to add a new strength to its functionality, operation, and communication. Cadbury tries to educate its customers with the help of its marketing strategies. This also enables the company to develop a positive image in the society.


BCG Matrix in Cadbury Marketing Strategy:

You can get more details about the BCG Matrix here.

Some Cadbury products are in the Star category but some are in Question Mark & Cash Cows. Chocolates of Cadbury are in the Stars category. These are very famous and it is true that chocolates are why this company is more famous worldwide. It has a wide range of chocolates flavors and tastes for its buyers. The research and development team of Cadbury is busy developing new formulas. Innovation is the only reason why this confectionary brand is attractive to buyers.

Cakes and biscuits are in the Question Mark category. On the other hand, a famous product Bournvita has low sales because of the very low acceptance in the local markets. Cadbury doesn’t have a wide variety of biscuits. This creates more problems even for regular buyers who want to buy Cadbury products. Deserts and ice-cream business of Cadbury are also Question Mark. It is necessary to see the factors playing a key role.

Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Distribution Strategy of Cadbury Marketing Strategy

It is essential to see the distribution strategy of Cadbury. Distribution plays a major role in making any product or service acceptable. Customers prefer to buy a product that is easily available anywhere, especially in the nearest stores. The popularity or recognition of a product is not so important in this matter. The popularity of a product doesn’t bring more sales especially if it is not available in the area of customers. Cadbury makes its best efforts to deliver the products to all cities and towns. It has a strong delivery and distribution system with the quickest reach. They focus on urban as well as rural markets. However, urban markets get more attention because of high sales. Cadbury has wholesalers and retailers in all the regions ensuring easy access of consumers to the best quality products.

Cadbury encourages wholesalers and retailers to get orders and send demands. This is a basic step to learn more about product demand. Manufacturers use demand surveys or orders to decide the quantity of any product to be produced. Cadbury also decides on the product offers after receiving orders from different wholesalers in their areas. For example, if sales are going up in an area, this manufacturer will give some promotional gifts to thank customers. On the other hand, special discounts or coupons are offered to wholesalers facing high competition in their areas.


Brand Equity of Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Cadbury is careful about the demands and needs of all consumers. It tries to focus on kids, young couples, and mature people. On the other hand, it has special segmentation for families and couples. Cadbury enables buyers to enjoy special moments such as Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Watch TV or other ads and you will see Cadbury on all special occasions. It offers the quickest and easiest access to its products in all the main markets. Cadbury’s marketing and promotion campaigns usually rely on these events, moments, and occasions. Products of Cadbury are very prominent in different matters. For example, it is impossible to celebrate Valentine’s Day without buying chocolate for beloved ones.

The concept of brand equity applies to all age groups especially when it is about Cadbury. It comes with Dairy Milk which is a favorite option for the kids. Eclairs is another chocolate toffee that is attractive for kids and those who can’t bite hard chocolate. On the other hand, the Cadbury Crunch is favorable for young people who love to have some sense of cracking.


Competitive Analysis of Cadbury Marketing Strategy

It is obvious that there are several companies offering chocolates and biscuits. Cadbury faces strong competition in the international markets. It is present in a highly competitive industry overcrowded by dozens of local and international players. The biggest competitors of popular names include Ferrero Rocher, Nestle, Amul, Perfett, and Kraft Foods. These competitors have national and international recognition with huge appreciation. People love to have their products. However, Cadbury still enjoys a special status. It has employed a Research and Development department to create new food ideas. Experts working at this department study eating habits, cultures, and other essential agents to innovate new ideas. As a matter of fact, this industry is in momentum and it will create more opportunities around.

Marketing Strategy of Cadbury

Market Analysis of Cadbury Marketing Strategy

We can’t understand the successful marketing strategy of Cadbury without finding its market analysis. The business of confectioners is n attractive choice. This business is getting attention and growth in the world. More business companies are coming to this industry with innovative ideas and competitive prices. Cadbury is performing well in this industry because of its valuable marketing approaches. It always tries to innovate rather than imitate. This is a secret of Cadbury’s success in the markets. This manufacturer has established a remarkable recognition and product portfolio. It has the best products such as Dairy Milk, Cadbury Crunch, Bournville, and Eclairs. These are some top products helping this company to lead the markets. Today, Cadbury is a symbol of a successful confectioner in the industry. Undoubtedly, it also feels the competitive effects and impacts but always fights with its competitors by launching innovative products.


Customer Analysis of Cadbury Marketing Strategy

As a matter of fact, Cadbury is an attractive brand for everyone. It has products for kids, young and mature people. A wide range of products enables this company to capture the attention of customers from all segments and age groups. However, more than 50 % of the revenue of this company comes from young buyers. Young people love to buy and gift chocolates on Valentine’s Day.


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