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7 Steps to Building a Large Business Network


The most important fact about any business enterprise is that ultimately you have to deal with people. It means before contemplating any steps to build a network. You have to make sure that you can find a novel way to connect with people. One of the easiest ways to do that is to attract them to projects or activities that are close to their hearts.

First Step:

It means that your first step in building a thriving network is to attach a noble cause with your business enterprise. Everyone loves a story where someone beats the odds and the system to achieve a marvelous feat. It could be anything like saving the rain forest, helping underprivileged children or anything that can let people get behind you unequivocally. Of course, you can make use of online resources like shoutfund.com. To help you set up a fund that gives users a completely interactive experience.

Second Step:

Second step is to ensure that focus remains on the charitable work and that your company or business remains in the background. It means that people will be talking about your cause, but they will be receiving a positive vibe about your business.

Third Step:

Third step is to make effective use of social media. Again, the shoutfund.com can come in handy as with its interactive design it is ideal for handling your social media needs.

Fourth Step:

The fourth step is the most crucial part of your entire multi-level marketing strategy. You should attach your business to the cause you are propagating. However, you have to make sure that the projection of your business should never be at the forefront. It should be a subtle reminder that your business is supporting this noble cause.

Fifth Step:

The fifth step that is almost as important as the fourth step is to make sure that you keep all the people who have joined you in your cause in the loop. They should be aware of what is happening with your noble effort and how their help in making the difference. It is going to make sure that their sympathy for your efforts on behalf of others turns into a bond of trust and friendship with your enterprise.

Sixth Step:

Sixth step is to make sure that you take the full mileage out of the success of your efforts in philanthropic pursuits. The easiest way to do that is to make sure that you should celebrate the success of your endeavor in every way possible and make everyone a part of your success. Throw a party and invite everyone.

Seventh Step:

The seventh step is to make sure that you make the connection you have developed into a personal relationship of trust and mutual respect. Send them emails of the congratulatory messages. Make this a personal effort so that your contacts can see that they mean a lot to you.


It means that you have developed a network of people who are sympathetic to you and your message. This is going to make sure that when you offer a suggestion regarding your business enterprise. They are going to give you a sympathetic hearing and will be amenable to your suggestions.


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