Why Customer Experience should be your Priority while Marketing your Brand

by Shamsul
Brand Marketing
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Why Customer Experience should be your Priority while Marketing your Brand


If you think that after closing a sale your job is almost done then I have news for you, it has just begun. Customer experience development strategy is usually most overlooked while setting the marketing plan of a company. Most companies are so concerned with finding further website traffic, leads, and making further sales calls which is typically the most time-consuming and expensive marketing parts that they end up forgetting to nurture already-existing loyal clients who, if shown any interest, will support back immediately. You should surely see, hear and support your most paying customers. Finding new clients should be your goal but it should not decrease your attention from existing clients. These three reasons will force you to make a customer experience-based strategy as your effective marketing campaign.

Best affordable campaign providing high ROI:

A survey analysis of 1,200 businessmen with ranging businesses of eight industries in nine countries threw light on the full implementation of customer experience-based strategy giving faster and top-line growth along with enhanced brand engagement and repeated purchases.

It does not depend on a certain business class or type, if your current/loyal customers are satisfied with their shopping experience there are high chances of repurchase. This takes place when cross-selling and up-selling become affordable and effortless. It does not require any expensive ad investment or time-taking sales calls.

Many companies have made millions through enhanced focus on customer experience. “Freedom machine” like core value-based true behavior keeps customers in contact with the brand, for generations. Even small companies using similar strategies along with the implementation of reliable shipping, humorous packaging, high-quality product, and many important but less costly techniques keep their customer loyal for long-term relations even if the company is new.

Happy customers make you worry less about competitors:

It’s the era of the internet, everybody, before making a purchase prefers to have a look and online reviews, to see if they are good or bad. One survey concluded that the average consumer checks review for 13 minutes before making a purchase. Positive customer reviews will give more satisfaction to the new buyers while strengthening their idea of purchasing. A negative review can immediately cause a loss of interest in your purchase. Third-party reviews cause more effective than advertising and gain more trust. A satisfied customer is your unpaid brand advocate selling and helps you to go viral.

People discuss their shopping experience with its likes and dislike with their friends, a worthy brand is like a new discovery for them which they usually like to admit most often in their circle. And if there is a great brand following, friends will like to join the conversation, too.

A recent video of a TikToker got viral with 71 million views in which he was enjoying his favorite song “Dreams” and his favorite drink “ocean spray”, in his own vibe. It wasn’t any paid or international promotion but this 30-second video attracted many customers through free marketing. As a result of this video that TikToker “Apodaca” got a truck full of his favorite juice whereas it was also the best streaming week for that song band.

These four actions will help you to create free brand advocates:

Stay consistent with your own goals and customer’s expectations:

What are the expectations of your customers after purchasing from you? In how long, your product is delivered? How long will it take to solve any issue with your product delivered, if any?


If your sales are based on sales call then contact your customer very often and stay clear about how often they will get calls from you.  If they get daily calls before purchase and can’t reach you after purchasing, then this is going to be a bad experience for them.

Provide them experience more than just your product:

Providing your customer with their expected product will make them satisfied whereas if they got more than their expectations, it will make them surprised and happy. They will feel loved, valued, and appreciated and in return will appreciate your brand.

Many options include sending them any welcome gift if it’s their first purchase. You can have loyalty cards containing points based on every purchase that can be used as cash after collecting enough. Some brands also send handwritten cards to their customers and it shows a different kind of love token by a brand to their customers. You certainly are not gifting someone a car but any low-cost yet effective and thoughtful thing even like a printed card.

Feedback, Ask for it, Listen to it, Follow it:

If you truly want to serve your customers then improving your business should be a top priority. You can simply ask your customers to provide you with feedback. Accept that feedback wholeheartedly even if it is not positive. Every feedback matters, I repeat “every”. Make adjustments and improve your product accordingly.

Reward loyalty:

Many brands provide incentives to customers who create content with their products, like Apodaca. Simple you can re-share their social media post of your content; it will give them a feeling of appreciation. Do not forget to say a simple thank you or more. Apodaca’s TikTok video re-shared by his favorite music band and it created a contest for others and they tried to follow the trend, thus that song stayed in trend benefiting the band while fans got shout-outs.

When your customer gives you a referral and you provide them with something in exchange, it creates a long-term relationship. One reward will hype them to do more, engage more, and thus they will keep doing great things for your brand with a feeling of being its part. You give them the best experience and they turn into your free brand advocates.

Commit to your customers, they will commit to your brand:

A great customer experience should stay the same throughout their whole journey. Since Apodaca’s video, both brands are still going viral for the very same reason. Many other brands like Harley Davidson are higher than their competitor just by firmly sticking to the brand message. While another shave club is keeping customers around for a long time due to its fun-based grooming videos.

It does not matter, what is your product and on what scale are you dealing with. Just follow these guidelines and better customer experience, it will make your post-sale journey beyond records.


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