Brand Marketing Through the COVID-19 Crisis

by Shamsul
Brand Marketing During COVID
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Brand Marketing Through the COVID-19 Crisis


It is really tough for businesses to know where to start especially in the times of crisis of COVID-19 (Corona Pandemic). Everyone is busy protecting their families, customers, communities, and themselves. It is important to follow safety guidelines to combat the current pandemic. Due to social distancing, everyone is at home. As we are spending more time on social media, movies, and entertainment, the trend of remote working also increased during this period. Now, you can watch workout classes online, college lectures, and videos. The immense boom of e-commerce is taking people’s attention. Although these changes are temporary you can follow these things in the future for giving a new height to your business. The adoption of digital brand marketing is really effective in terms of increasing brand value and sales. With so many changes and difficulties, there are some certain steps and tips that you can use to mitigate risk and grow your consumer base.

Present with Transparency and Empathy:

People feel weak and disappointed right now, so empathy is crucial. Many companies are adopting remote working for running their business. Serve products to people that you actually show in your marketing. It is necessary to show transparency and empathy in your offerings and services to support your consumers, especially in this COVID-19 (Corona Pandemic) crisis. Help your customer in this uncertain time by giving special discounts and sales if you can afford them. They will become your permanent customers and you can easily create a wonderful consumer base.

Exploit Media in Agile Way:

You need to build a more rapid response whether you are running a small or large business. Brand marketing is totally changed due to the COVID-19 (Corona Pandemic) crisis and we can give the example of Nike here. They say ‘’play inside, play for the world’’ which is a wonderful message to keep your consumers engaged. Social media and other media can do wonders to promote your brand and increasing your sales. It can help you drive your sales and revenues if you use this media in more agile ways. Be creative in this segment because people want something extraordinary and unique. There are several things that you should consider that which medium is best for you. Don’t over-expose your brand because it can tarnish the brand’s loyalty and equity.

Associate with Good:

In a time of crisis, consumers will remember brands for their roles, acts, and actions. If you do something with generosity and heart, then it creates a positive impact on people. Venture into something that directly gives benefit to consumers and it creates value for your brand in their mind. You can take the example of some alcoholic beverages that donated their products for the manufacturing of hand sanitizers. It conveys a good message and beneficial for your company. In this way, you can show your authenticity and purpose to your consumers.

Follow Trends and Build Scenarios:

It is necessary to follow the latest trends by evaluating the human behavioral trends for Brand Marketing. It is important to put consumer’s sentiments and emotions first and prioritize them in different segments. Check the buying and consumer trends and make the products accordingly. It will not create any type of havoc and disaster. Take the right decisions and help the consumers in every possible way. It is really crucial for marketers to create strong connections with their workers and consumers especially in the times of the COVID-19 (Corona Pandemic) crisis. Evaluate the possible outcomes so that you can take the right steps for the benefit of customers and workers.

Utilize New Working Ways:

It is really surprising for us that how some companies adopted remote working for Brand Marketing. Continuously improve your technology in order to enhance your efficiency and productivity. For effective collaboration and communication, you need extraordinary technology that increases worker’s engagement in the company. You can use technology to cheer up and motivate your workers through remote working. It is vital for owners to invest in this segment heavily because it will be fruitful in the future. It creates a wonderful workplace atmosphere and brings confidence in your team members.

How We Can Plan for the Next?

We are currently in the changing phase of the COVID-19 Corona pandemic. But, having a Brand Marketing plan for the future is a must thing if you are running a firm of business. Market leaders should focus on both internal and external factors to get a complete insight into the changing trends. By following three steps, you can plan for the next and the beyond easily:

  1. First of all, know the interruption in your working and find the proper solutions.
  2. Adopt new ways of working by exploiting digital mediums. Learn how to connect with consumers and create long-lasting relations by using various digital ways.
  3. Mitigate risks by following some essential steps and improve customer experience.

There is no doubt that the impact of COVID-19 was very huge and still affecting our business and working. It is imperative to learn new ways such as remote working to improve your efficiency and performance. Brands should think about new possible ways of improvement during this difficult time. All you need is confidence and support to improve your work during and after the pandemic.



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