Boeing Marketing Strategy – Boeing is the Leading Aerospace Company in the World

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Marketing Strategy of Boeing
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Boeing Marketing Strategy – Boeing is the Leading Aerospace Company in the World

Boeing is one of the celebrated and leading aerospace companies in the world. They also manufacture space and security systems and commercial jetliners. Currently, their airplanes are operating in 150 countries and help the airline companies and support them. They offer advanced communication systems, military, and commercial aircraft. Also offers satellites, weapons, launch systems, defense systems, and logistics. Let’s see the Boeing Marketing Strategy and learn how it succeeded to achieve and maintain its rank in the aerospace industry.

Marketing Strategy of Boeing (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning):

Segmentation is an important part of the strategy in order to understand the traits of the population to club them. Boeing uses geographic and demographic policies to provide the services of different nations accordingly. They target the customers by catering fighter jet planes, private planes, and commercial planes to customers. They also target the customers by offering IT-based advanced features that make their position strong. These offerings help Boeing to retain its position and hold in the aerospace industry.

  • Mission:

The main mission of Boeing is to connect, inspire and explore the world through its innovation in aerospace technology.

  • Vision:

The vision of Boeing is to become a leading aerospace company in the world through innovative offerings.

  • Tagline:

They want to expand their opportunities to create breakthrough products and offerings.


Boeing Marketing Strategy

Competitive Advantage:

Boeing has a competitive edge over its competitors because of the vast range of offerings or products. From satellite network services to commercial planes, fighter jets, and global offerings make them number one in the industry. These kinds of wide offerings make them a strong brand in the aerospace industry and they are leading in the industry.

They also have a broad presence in security and defense, commercial, and private planes. They also support the purchasers and their leasing policy makes them competitive and practical. These types of marketing strategies are really helpful for Boeing.

Boeing Marketing Strategy

BCG Matrix in the Boeing’s Marketing Strategy:

There are 3 business segments of Boeing such as defense space, security system, and commercial airplanes. BDS business is consists of 3 sub-segments:

  • BMA (Boeing Military Aircraft).
  • N & SS (Network and Space Systems).
  • GS & S (Global Services and Support).

Distribution Strategy:

Boeing supports the government offices and airlines through offerings and ‘’make to order (MTO)’’ products like electronic systems, defense systems, military aircraft, satellites, communication systems, and weapons. They have more than 14, 0000 in 60+ countries that support Boeing in working in different segments like defense, airplanes, global services, and security.


Boeing Marketing Strategy

Brand Equity:

In 2017, Boeing ranked 73rd in Forbes magazine list of top companies in the world. They are also on the list of Fortune 500 list and considered as one of the most admired companies. They generated revenue of 94.50 billion dollars in 2017. These facts and figures make them a powerful aerospace company globally and show brand equity.

Competitive Analysis:

Boeing competes with the competitors in different segments such as airlines and commercial aircraft. Different companies like Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer provide frontal competition to the company. Many other offerings like aircraft acquisition, upgrading, enhancing, and transitioning in different segments help the company to stand out in the competitive market. They are also improving extensive customer support service and operation progressions to take the competitive edge.


Boeing Marketing Strategy

Market Analysis:

Due to increasing political unrest, government regulations, economic activities, the rise of ISIS, and other similar tensions can disturb the operations of Boeing. But the increasing demands of cargo and air travel are some positive aspects that are shaping the aerospace industry. These kinds of threats and opportunities can make or break the company’s image.

Customer Analysis:

Boeing customers vary from several segments like aviation, governments, research, and space. Thus, they offer the products to their customers according to their requirements and needs. Hence, they take orders from customers and deliver products that they actually want. This type of customer analysis makes an important contribution to the marketing strategy of Boeing.

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