The Best Smartphone to Purchase Right Now – 2021

by Shamsul
Best Smartphone 2021
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The Best Smartphone to Purchase Right Now – 2021


Buying the latest smartphone can be tricky for some people but it is not difficult nowadays due to the availability of mobile guides and reviews. In 2021, many popular companies have launched new phones that will last you for many years. You want to invest money in the best phones that offer essential features without breaking your bank. According to a survey, the innovation in smartphone technology is slowing down and it is really tough to choose the right option. Well, it is not necessary to spend a large sum of money to get the best phone. You can get a good smartphone at the lowest price.

If you can afford expensive phones then we recommend Apple iPhone 12. Fortunately, if you are hunting for the right phone without compromising technology and budget, then there are thousands of choices. If you prefer Android over iPhone, then our pick is Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which is a wonderful option.

Plus, you can search for the best smartphone at a reasonable price point (under 500 dollars). A high-quality smartphone is really a good investment for users that hold a nice screen, sturdy battery, incredible camera, and innovative in terms of software. This kind of smartphone is great for gaming, socializing, and streaming. Last but not least, it is really easy to find those features in smartphones. So, are you ready to pick the best phone?


Best Smartphones of 2021

1- Apple iPhone 12:


Apple has launched 4 different types of iPhone 12. This is the first time Apple has released different variations at the same time. How do decide which one is good? In our opinion, the regular and traditional model is still the best choice which starts from 830 dollars with 64GB. It is the best smartphone and a great investment. Moreover, the 12 series has the same processor, Face ID system, camera, and design. The main difference is in the size and color. It is available in 5 catchy colors. As compared to the iPhone 12 mini, the regular model has a wider display with a long-life battery.

Its 6.1 inches screen is enough for people to read texts and watch videos comfortably but it is really difficult to operate this chunky phone with one hand. It is also hard to keep this phone in your pocket. The good part is that its battery life is incredibly good and you can use it all day after completing the charging.

The regular model also provides a telephoto camera that’s also available in Pro and Pro Max. Its camera quality is really phenomenal and you can’t get better than this one at this price range. It has Dolby Vision HDR quality that allows the user to shoot dynamic and brighter videos. The iPhone 12 has the latest smartphone processor that is known as A14 Bionic. Its sleek and contemporary design is enough to catch the user’s attention. We recommend you to purchase iPhone 12 base model with 128GB storage because it costs 50 dollars more as compared to a 64GB phone. If you want to get your money’s worth, then invest in this high-performance, sleek, and reliable phone.


2- Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Smartphone:

For Android users, this is the best pick. It is one of the best smartphones that you can buy from the market right now if price and size aren’t a big concern. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch big display with remarkable camera quality. It is a fail-proof investment and sometimes its camera beats the iPhone 12. This model has multiples features and specifications such as a novel Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It is really fast in terms of working and also holds assistance for S Pen style uses. Remember one thing; it doesn’t come with the phone. With a high refresh screen rate, it offers smoother scrolling. The best part of this phone is its battery that lasts 2 days. The company has updated the design of this smartphone that features a metal rail with beautiful curves.

In my view, it is the greatest smartphone that you can buy right now in terms of appearance and size. Its camera portion has 4 cameras such as an ultra-wide, a wide-angle with a 108-megapixel sensor, and 2 unique telescope lenses. All these things make it a wonderful option for enthusiast photographers and commuters. It also features 8K and Pro modes video recording. It starts from 1200 dollars and considered an expensive smartphone. Luckily, you can get a discount on Samsung phones with the help of discount offers. So, if you are in the market then explore this kind of deal before picking your favorite smartphone.


3- Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus Smartphone:


Both phones are best in quality and specs but don’t hold the catchy features like S21 Ultra. But, they are still on our list due to their price point. The base model of S21 with 6.2-inch display starts from 800 dollars and the Plus version starts from 1000 dollars due to its 6.7-inch display. In short, both phones are identical but differentiate in three main sectors such as material, battery capacity, and size. Both phones hold the same processor as Snapdragon 888. This thing shows that both are fast and fulfill your requirements. Additionally, there are more smartphones coming to the market particularly OnePlus. But, if you are looking for a smartphone then this is the best available option.



4- Apple iPhone 12 Mini Smartphone:


This phone fits into your pocket and handy as well because you can use it one hand. This reason is enough to consider this phone and it’s a major plus point. This phone has unique specs and a wonderful selection for tech-savvy people. If you don’t want to compromise on style, performance, camera quality, and build quality then you can go for iPhone 12 Mini. It is smaller in size with 5.4-inch display but still suitable for browsing, messaging, streaming, gaming, and so on. This model looks cute yet luxurious and you can operate it without any problem. Its overall look is similar to iPhone 12 with the same specs such as 5G support, processor, build quality, and design. Its size and price tag are much smaller as compare to other iPhone rates.



5- Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Smartphone:



If you are much concerned about video and photography, then this is your chance. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has phenomenal features especially in camera and video recording. This one is really smart and fast in terms of working. It has 3 rear cameras such as telephoto, standard wide, and ultra-wide that offer high-quality images even in bad lighting. Professional photographers or video content creators can choose this phone. This phone totally deserves your money. It is different from other iPhone 12 phones because of its best camera sensor. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger camera sensor that helps to get the best pictures in dark or bad lighting. It gives sharp and vibrant images in any condition. If you only care about the camera, then it is best otherwise it is not suitable for some people because of its huge and squared sides that feel chunky.



6- Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Smartphone:



Finding the greatest smartphone for heavy use? Go for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that you can use from day to night without slowing down. It is a signature phone of Samsung and stands in the category of most-purchased phones. Its 4500mAh massive battery with giant 6.9-inch display provides everything that you need for your daily work. It is a remarkable smartphone that is currently available in the market that maintains a 120Hz refresh rate. So, it is great for smooth scrolling. With triple rear camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus Processor, and 12GB RAM, this is the best phone that you can get right now. So you can use it for heavy work without any technical hitch. Plus, it also supports S Pen which is the biggest plus point of this phone.




7- Pixel 4A 5G:



This is one of the most affordable smartphones in the market as they start from 500 dollars. Its 6.2-inch biggest screen, pixel camera, 5G support, and organized Android software make it a wonderful choice for Android users. To be very honest, its pixel is not very special or unique, but you can’t get this kind of smartphone at this price point. In addition, its process is not very fast but it has a nice OLED screen. The best thing is that it gets the new software update timely while other smartphones get the late software update. These reasons are enough to add to your list if you are tight on budget.



8- Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Smartphone:

Galaxy S20 FE is powerful and reliable as compared to other smartphones. The main attraction of this phone is its friendly price tag and huge size. This competent device came out in 2020 and perfect in every aspect like camera, battery life, screen, and build quality. FE stands for ‘’Fan Edition’’ and this shows that it is for everyone. It has a wonderful body with a plastic back that feels quite smooth. The fact is that S21 and S20 FE both has nearly the same price so we suggest you go for S21 because it is reliable as compared to S20 FE. Both phones are good but you can go for S21. Additionally, it offers everything that you want from a high-quality smartphone. It has 120Hz refresh rate with three 12 megapixel sensors that are really good to capture photos in any kind of lighting.


9- Google Pixel 4A Smartphone:

If you are super-short on budget and looking for the best Android phone, then you can never go wrong with this trustworthy phone. It has a moderate screen with the fastest processor and 128GB storage option. It is available in just black color and you will get instant software updates. The Google Pixel 4A is famous for its camera quality so it is far better than various smartphones. Moreover, it can capture photos in darkness and also has portable mode along with astrophotography. Many tech-savvy people compare its picture quality with iPhone SE and it’s not wrong.

In terms of specifications, it features a 5.8-inch display, headphone jack, and other features that a good smartphone holds. It doesn’t have wireless charging and face unlock features. So, we can say that it is just good but not a great phone. Its body is made from plastic which makes it slightly unworthy in the eyes of some customers. In addition, it doesn’t provide IP water resistance.


10- Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Smartphone:

Folding phones are not new in the market and holds a specific position in the market. It is slightly controversial due to many reasons including its hefty price tag. It is second generation folding smartphone. There are many reasons to love this folding phone and the biggest thing is its handy design and that fits into a small pocket. It feels like a tablet when you unfold this phone because of its 7.6-inch screen which is quite huge. You can read books, browse websites, play games, and watch videos on its big screen which enhances your experience. It is really a good option for those people who are running their business on phones.

You can attend your meetings and operate everything with this phone. Its flexibility and reliability are incomparable that’s why it is the best phone in the mobile market right now. Its folded design is slightly thick and feels heavy which makes it a little pitiful. It requires certain care while folding and unfolding this phone. Also, it is not water- and dust-proof which is a weaker point of this smartphone. This phone is enough to make a solid statement and great for everyday use. Many people are not satisfied with its price tag of 2000 dollars which is really expensive for most of the customers. So, if you really want a folding phone then Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the best choice for users that is available in the market right now.


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