6 Best Practices of a Leader To Manage A Team

by Shamsul
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6 Best Practices To Manage A Team

While a lot is discussed on creativity, innovation and other similar qualities of a leader. Only sometimes everyday requirements of a leader are in discussion. As a leader making people understand and manage a team what they have to do and why, and what is expected of them is as essential as the difference between success and failure. While implementing organizational goals through creative ideas, innovation, and agility all work in favor of the organization, managing the organization’s workforce by making people understand the corporate vision and objectives is also a vital part of a leader’s job.

For a leader to effectively lead a team, here are 6 best practices that a leader needs to implement on a daily basis to get the best out of his/her team.

1- Clear and Constant Communication

For a team to work efficiently, all details of projects need to be informed. It includes goals and deadlines. A leader that maintains constant communication with the team and hears them out for opinions and issues creates opportunities for team members and eliminates doubts ad gossip factors.


2- Build Relationships

A true leader knows every member of the team inside out. Whether it be personally, individually or professionally, he knows all about his/her team develops better understanding, thus resulting in a productive team.

3- Leader to Delegate Authority

Leadership is often mistaken as conforming power to self. Delegation of roles and responsibilities is a vital source of good leadership. When team members realize that their skills and abilities are recognized and their strengths are known, the benefit received is in double fold. The leader achieves more and the team members develop their capabilities.


4- Conflict Management

Conflicts are a part of any team, and efficient leaders confront and handle or manage conflicts. Ignoring conflict only worsens its effects, ultimately affecting the organization.


5- Leader Should be Decisive In Nature

A leader, by nature, should be decisive and be able to hold strong opinions, even if it is against common will or understanding. It does not mean that the leader should be closed to learning. However, a leader should be capable of comprehending the bottom line of a situation, understanding the outcome, and sticking to it.


6- Leader Must Be The Example

Leaders lead by example and what better model than self? Team members follow their leader’s every step and set a good example. It is the best way to make them understand what to do and how.


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