Onion is Premier Vegetable | Benefits of Onions

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What Better Way to Eat Onion – Raw or Cooked?

Cooked Onions


Onions are flavorful bulbs that are good for consumption in the raw and cooked form. There are plenty of healthful chemicals available in raw onions. It is a powerhouse that is full of nutritional values like flavonoids and sulfur compounds.  The amounts of sulfur can gradually decrease in cooked onions. The exterior layer helps to enrich with Quercetin. It is a type of substance that is effective against harmful free radicals inside the body. If you need fiber then inulin is a type of ingredient that can assist your digestive system. It can also enhance the production of healthy bacteria inside the stomach. In many cultures, people use onion pickles as a dietary staple on a daily basis. The intake of pickles is not unhealthy if used in a moderate amount.


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