Onion is Premier Vegetable | Benefits of Onions

by Shamsul
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Types of Onions

Onion Benefits

As far as the species are concerned, onion is a kind of veggie that has a wide number of species produced around the world. It is literally impossible to discuss a complete list of species here, but we will precisely be explaining some of these.

Yellow Onion:

It is a kind of onion that is also known as brown onion. Due to its strong aroma and savor, people are using widely in culinary dishes. Higher content of sulfur gives it a complex flavor.

 Sweet Onion:

It is a specie of onion that is known to be not pungent at all. It is because of the fact that there is a low content of sulfur available in it. Due to its mildness in taste, it is a lot sweeter. The outer skin of the sweet onion is normally lighter and slightly thicker.

 White Onion:

Due to its mildly white flesh, it has high sugar content. With a shorter shelf life, it can last only 48 hours. However, you can refrigerate for one month.

 Red Onion:

Red onion is a bit larger in size and has purple-red skin. Its flesh is sweeter in taste that makes it a good option for salad, grilled food, and decorations.


Shallots are smaller in size with outer brown layers. With sweet, acidic, spicy, and sharp taste, it is a pulp is purple in color. Somehow, shallot tastes more delicate than other family members.

 Green Onion:

Commonly known as scallions, it is one of the species that is relatively closer to garlic and leek.


The lower rounded part of this specie is edible. People are using in making sauces and soups


The next discussion will on consumption on the onion.


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