Onion is Premier Vegetable | Benefits of Onions

by Shamsul
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What are Onions?


Benefits of Onions

Onions come from a family of vegetables that is known for its pungent flavor and medicinal properties. It is a kind of herb that is globally consumed as an integral part of the cuisines. Typically, in India, people are using in most of the conventional dishes. As far as the taste range is concerned, it is sweet, juicy, sharp and spicy at the same time. Farmers across India are cultivating Allium for centuries. It is common knowledge that onions can cause a watery eye while cutting and chopping.

As far as the name is concerned, onion is distinctively named in multiple languages. Likewise, it is called Kanda in Hindi. Moreover, in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Gujarati it is known as Nirulli, Vaigayam, Savannah, Neeruli and Dungri respectively. Onion has red and brown skin that gives a mild flavor to consumers. It has green leaves that people are using in salads and for cooking.

Onion is one of the greens that people are using in recipes all over the world. You can consume it in multiple forms. In the subcontinent, onions sauce and pickle are frequently in use in meals. Due to its pungent smell, it gives a unique texture and aroma to the dishes. It is grown worldwide in multiple regions. It is one of the most consumed crops on the planet.

Are you familiar with the types of onions? If no, then we will let you know about the type of onions below.


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