Avoid Heart Attack | Unclog Your Arteries with 20 Super Foods

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by Shamsul
Heart Attack
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Avoid Heart Attack | Unclog Your Arteries with 20 Super Foods

Heart attacks and strokes are widespread these days. It is a severe problem that you shouldn’t ignore. One of the most significant roots of heart attack is stress and physical inactivity. But, when you eat unhealthy food, it clogs your arteries. It hinders your blood flow, and your chances of facing stroke and heart attack become double. That’s why it is necessary to eat healthy foods to avoid the risk of heart attack caused by clogged arteries.

The circulatory system of humans is very complex, consisting of a network of blood vessels, capillaries, tubes, and arteries. Your blood flows from these tubes for the better functioning of your body. There is no doubt that blood flows freely in open and transparent vessels. Any blockage in vessels can reduce the flow of blood. As a result, you can face inflammatory issues in vessels. It also enhances the cholesterol level and creates more blockages. This is the crucial reason for heart attack or stroke.

Fortunately, there are many easy and natural ways to reduce the risk of a heart attack. You can unclog your arteries and lower your cholesterol by eating 20 superfoods. These foods are beneficial when it comes to cleaning arteries.


Spinach contains a very high amount of potassium and folic acid. So, it is highly beneficial when lowering the risk of heart attack and cholesterol. You must eat spinach once a week to solve your heart issues.


Green Tea


Green tea is a potent antioxidant as it contains catechin. It boosts metabolism and lowers the absorption of cholesterol. You can drink green tea any time to improve your metabolism.



Due to the rich content of vitamin K in broccoli, it also prevents the risk of stroke and heart attack. If you have a high cholesterol issue, then you must eat broccoli daily.




Cinnamon is a super spice that reduces the risk of clogging arteries. It is perfect for improving your overall health as it lowers cholesterol levels.



You can get everything from seaweed, from minerals to vitamins, carotenoids, antioxidants, and proteins. This superfood helps to lower cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure as well.



Turmeric contains an active ingredient named curcumin which is good for unclogging arteries. It also treats inflammation and internal damage. You must add turmeric to your daily diet.

Persimmon Fruit

This fruit is rich in fiber and sterols. It aids in lowering cholesterol levels and thus the risk of heart attack or stroke.



If you drink 2 to 4 cups of coffee daily, then you can easily prevent the danger of stroke and heart attack.



When you consume watermelon, it enhances the production of nitric acid and improves the health of vessels. As a result, your chances of getting a heart attack are reduced.


Whole Grain

Whole grain is rich in fiber which aids in lowering cholesterol and the chance of heart attack. So, you must consume whole grains regularly.



You can get so many nutrients from nuts and dry fruits. They contain omega-3 and unsaturated fats. So they help lower cholesterol levels. It also improves the functioning of your body and is suitable for your joints.



You can get enough potassium from blueberries. So, they fight against bad cholesterol and absorb good cholesterol. You should drink 2 glasses of blueberry juice to minimize the danger of stroke and heart attack.



Avocados contain a high amount of good fat. When you eat avocado, it helps to maintain your cholesterol level. Plus, avocado also supports your cardiovascular health.


Olive Oil

If you want to get healthy fats and reduce bad cholesterol in your body, you should use cold-pressed olive oil. You can easily lower the risk of heart attack by 50 percent by adding olive oil to your diet.


Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the super drinks for your health and skin. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It improves blood vessels’ health and lowers clogged arteries’ chances. Adding orange juice to your diet will improve your overall health.



Want to prevent the risk of clogged arteries, inflammation, and bad cholesterol? Add asparagus to your diet and keep these problems at bay.



When it comes to getting healthy fatty acids, you must eat salmon. It lowers the risk of high triglyceride, cholesterol, and inflammation.



Improve your blood circulation by eating pomegranate due to the presence of phytochemicals. It also enhances the production of nitric acid.



By consuming cranberries, you can reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase the good cholesterol level. You can consume it in the form of juice, and it lowers the risk of a heart attack.

Important Tips

1- Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes or an hour.

2- If you are a smoker, avoid smoking because it is not suitable for your lungs and heart.

3- Drink water and avoid drinking alcohol.


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