Average And Great Managers – What Sets Them Apart

Great Managers

by Shamsul
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Average And Great Managers – What Sets Them Apart

A lot has been done, said, and explained in research regarding what great managers do and how they have, through their strategies, managed to take an organization to a completely new level. While different studies emphasize different aspects of leaders, one quality that stood out from all others is the ability to decipher and value their employees’ capabilities and unique skills. A great manager knows exactly where to fit his human capital in the organizational action plan compared to the average manager.

Following are the qualities that set a great manager apart from an average manager

Great Leaders Realize The Potential Of A Person And Capitalize On It

Great leaders can overcome the expected differences of race, nationality, sex, age, personality, etc. They can transform the potential of a person into outstanding performance. They know how to challenge people so that they excel in their performance.


Great Leaders Have The Potential To Fit People In Places Where They Perform Best And Do Not Clash With Others

Not only do great managers know how to enhance capabilities, but they are also experts n placing each person in roles and responsibilities where they will shine and, along with others, perform effectively. They keep potential clashing personalities away from each other and manage the diversity commonly found in our work environments efficiently.


Great Leaders Have The Ability To Capitalize On The Uniqueness of Employees and Reset Strategies to Accommodate Them

Great Managers constantly change their strategies to accommodate people based on their uniqueness. If an employee has a feel for figures, measuring his performance would motivate him. Similarly, if an individual enjoys straightforward, concise jobs instead of vague ones, offering him exactly that would enhance his performance. Also, teaching people to bring them on the right track is sometimes necessary. To do this, leaders require identifying an individual’s strengths, the things that trigger those strengths, and the process through which the person learns.

Key Differences Between Average Managers and Great Managers:

There are several key differences between average managers and great managers. Here are few most important factors that set them apart:

1.         Communication Skills: Great managers are excellent communicators. They listen carefully to their team members, provide clear instructions and feedback, and can convey their ideas and goals effectively. They are also skilled at conflict resolution and can easily handle difficult conversations.

2.         Leadership Style: Great managers lead by example. They set a positive tone for the team and inspire their employees to do their best work. They can also delegate tasks effectively and trust their team members to get the job done.

3.         Focus on Results: Great managers are results-oriented. They set clear goals for their team and hold themselves and their workers accountable for achieving them. They also regularly evaluate their team’s performance and adjust as needed to ensure they are on track to meet their objectives.

4.         People Skills: Great managers understand that their team members are their greatest asset. They need the time to get to know their employees and build strong relationships with them. They also provide opportunities for professional development and support their team members in achieving their career goals.

5.         Adaptability: Great managers are able to adapt to changing circumstances and are comfortable with uncertainty. They are able to pivot quickly when necessary and make correct decisions in the best interest of their team and organization.

In contrast, average managers may need more than these qualities, which can limit their effectiveness as leaders. They may need help with communication, micromanage their employees, or focus too much on processes rather than results. They may also resist change or need help to build strong relationships with their team members


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