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In such a competitive market, what does Enterprise do differently to attract high-quality candidates?


In a competitive market, Enterprise is making efforts to attract high-quality candidates as its workforce. For this purpose, Enterprise seeks to raise the profile of the company in UK universities through its Campus Brand Managers. These brand managers are either students or interns with the Enterprise. Therefore, they serve as a connection between the organization and potential applicants. In addition to this, there are several other activities undertaken in universities which include:

  • A presentation about the company
  • Attending Career Fairs
  • Memberships with clubs and organizations
  • Skill sessions
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Mentoring programs


How to Attract High-Quality Candidate:

Another way to attract high-quality candidates by the company is that they can visit Enterprise and learn about their way of doing business. Thus, how they can benefit from the opportunities it has to offer. Candidates employed within the company will have a chance to make a career rather than simply doing a job.

Regular attractions also include, like good salary and training sessions. Employees get the facility to specialize in their areas of interest like human resource management, finance, risk management, vehicle acquisition, and others.

The company also attracts high-quality candidates to form different cultures and ethnicity. As, it is stated in its advertisement “Enterprise Rent-A-Car seeks and values people from all backgrounds because every employee, customer and business partner is important. We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer.” The organization has a diverse workforce which represents the area they serve. Certainly, it provides a great opportunity for high-quality candidates from different cultures and ethics.



Enterprise has initiated several steps to attract high-quality talent towards its organization. In return, it will help it in improving operations and will have a positive impact on the revenue generation process. It seeks to attract new and fresh talent. They conduct activities in universities and through which it can open the door to a whole new world of new and innovative ideas.



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