Ariel Marketing Strategy | Arial Marketing

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Marketing Strategy of Ariel
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Ariel Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Ariel


Ariel is a popular fabric detergent and home care global brand. Its parent company is P&G (Procter & Gamble) which is also a famous and leading company in the world. With 30 percent global market share, Ariel is leading the chart in the detergent and home care segment. This strong global market position is due to the effective marketing strategy and powerful customer base. Let’s discuss the Ariel marketing strategy in detail.

Ariel Marketing Strategy (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning):

Ariel marketing strategy is very customer-centric but it uses different segmentation strategies such as geographic, psychographic, and demographic for the branding of its product. This kind of approach has become very beneficial for the company. The targeting strategy is based on Procter & Gamble due to its global footprint and reach. They understand the varying needs of customers and apply different techniques to get better results. Ariel is serving the world with its products for the last 50 years and evolved as a global brand. This thing gives them a strong market position in the market. They used a value-based positioning policy to create a positive image of the company and attract new customers.


Ariel Marketing Strategy

Competitive Advantage:


  • Powerful Parent Company:

Ariel is a part of Procter & Gamble. The main advantage of Ariel is having a part of a parent company that is already going strong in different parts of the world with its diverse offerings and products. This thing makes the company highly competitive in the eyes of customers and rivals. Plus, Ariel has more than 50 manufacturing plants of home care products around the world. As an added advantage, the company is also using the Procter & Gamble well-equipped plants and services.

  • Manufacturing and Production System:

Procter & Gamble is the parent company of Ariel which has a strong global presence in more than 180 countries. The company also helps Ariel to use its resources in order to maintain its number one position in the competitive market. With 50+ manufacturing plants across the globe, Ariel is dominating the chart with its sales and profits.

  • Eco-friendly Company:

From packaging to sourcing, production, and recycling, Ariel is planning to reduce the emission of carbon and trying to adopt an eco-friendly system. They are also working on renewable energy resources for sustainable goals.


Ariel Marketing Strategy

BCG Matrix:

It stars in the BCG Matrix due to the presence of sub-brands such as Ariel 3-in-1, hand wash, and Ariel Matic. These brands are very famous in the world due to their effectiveness and usefulness. This thing gives Ariel a strong global market position and they are market leaders in terms of revenue and profitability.


Ariel Marketing Strategy

Distribution Strategy:

Ariel uses several distribution channels to provide its products to wholesalers and end-customers. You can easily get its products from local shops, grocery shops, Kirana stores, and supermarket chains. This is one of the major strengths of Ariel, that’s why they are doing well due to effective supply chain network. They also work with suppliers and distributors in order to find effective ways of distribution that reduce the shipping cost and delivery time. These things helped the company to earn more profits and revenues.

Brand Equity:

To be very honest, Ariel is ruling the fabric and home care market with its high-quality offerings and marketing strategies. They successfully create high visibility in the eyes of customers and marketers. Its top of mind awareness (TOMA) and high engagement also help the company to maintain a strong consumer base.

Competitive Analysis:

Without any doubt, the home care and detergent industry are extremely competitive and many local and international brands are giving fierce competition to Ariel. They can also disturb the profitability of Ariel with their offerings. But Ariel has managed a strong position with its effective branding on different platforms and innovation in its offerings. These factors help the company to lead the chart in terms of revenues and market share.


Ariel Marketing Strategy

Market Analysis:

Due to stiff competition from the rivals, there are several threats that can damage the reputation of Ariel. These threats or risks also affect the performance of the company. Some threats such as supplier problems, changing needs of customers, environmental problems, and government policies can damage the working or operations of Ariel. It is really imperative to keep eye on these factors to prevent risk or danger.


Ariel Marketing Strategy

Customer Analysis:

The products of Ariel are reachable from supermarket chains, grocery stores, pops and moms’ stores, online stores, and departmental stores. These products are essential for every household for cleaning clothes and fabric. That’s why every type of customer purchases these products for a different purpose. We can say that your shopping list is incomplete if you don’t buy fabric and home care products. This thing makes Ariel a highly competitive detergent brand in the eyes of customers.



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