Are you Aware of the Kiss Effects on Health?

by Shamsul
Kiss Effects on Health
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On the cheek, on the mouth, with the tongue. There are many ways to kiss, and the health effects of a kiss are surprising! On International Kissing Day!


A simple kiss activates more than 30 muscles

During a romantic kiss, millions of bacteria are exchanged

A chaste kiss can immediately transmit the “kissing disease.”

The more we kiss, the more attachment, the less we stress

A kiss can treat allergies

A Simple Kiss Activates More Than 30 Muscles

Fake. A quick kiss only activates 2 muscles. According to various studies, in particular, at the Touch Research Institute of the Medical University of Miami, carried out in the name of the science of kissing (primatology), it is to French kiss (kissing with the tongue) that one must indulge in order to solicit about thirty facial muscles and 17 just for the tongue! An exercise that not only would have a lifting effect but would eliminate 3 to 6 Kcal/min. It is not huge in itself, but it all depends on the number of repetitions during the day, the ardor engaged, and the contribution of the postural muscles during the action, which can triple the number of muscles solicited like energy expenditure!


During A Romantic Kiss, Millions of Bacteria Are Exchanged


According to a Dutch study*, up to 80 million bacteria circulate from one mouth to the other during a voluptuous 10-second kiss with the tongue, compared to less than a thousand for a wet kiss.

In question:

The prolonged exchange of saliva in which nest 700 different varieties of bacteria (,i.e. millions of units), which for researchers is not disgusting, but turns out to be rather beneficial to household peace! At least when the lovers kiss like this at least 9 times a day, the bacterial composition of their saliva then resembles 2 drops of water. A perfect symbiosis that allows them to digest the same type of food better and better resist the same infections!

*published in the scientific journal Microbiome, 2014

A Chaste Kiss Can Immediately Transmit The “Kissing Disease.”


There must be a direct (kissing, sputtering) or indirect (sharing drinks) exchange of saliva for there to be infectious mononucleosis. Under its charming nickname (kissing disease), the disease reflects the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) presence. Immunizing is generally benign but very contagious even after recovery; it can be asymptomatic or accompanied by great fatigue, fever, and sore throat. Clue to find the culprit: The incubation period before symptoms appear is 4 to 6 weeks.

The More We Kiss, The More Attachment, We Stress Less


The neurosciences are formal: a kiss provokes a chain of chemical and physiological reactions. It is that love is, first of all, a cerebral story in which the kissing constitutes the first act, making it possible to detect in the other compatibility (biological, tactile, olfactory…) that will or will not speak to the emotional memory. If this is the case, kissing lovingly, even with closed lips, then releases various hormones, including endorphins, championing well-being hormones for lowering cortisol, the stress hormone, and blood pressure. In addition, it activates but also stabilizes the secretion of oxytocin, the “hormone of attachment”, the keystone of couples who last well beyond the frenzy of the beginnings. According to a study published in Psychology Today in 2022, the kissing must last at least 6 seconds to consolidate the bond, repeated at least in the morning and evening.

A Kiss Can Treat Allergies


This is the conclusion of a study conducted in Japan, where the kiss is not part of the culture, even less in the form of a French kiss! After isolating the participants in a room and summoning them to kiss each other languidly for 30 minutes to the soundtrack of Titanic and the voice of Celine Dion, it turned out that their level of reactivity to allergens (pollen, dust mites) was lowered by the exchange of saliva (and bacteria) enhancing immunity. This should not make us forget that kissing, even on the cheek, a person allergic to peanuts after having tasted them can cause him to edema. And that a long kiss very pressed on the lips can result in pain. Delayed hives!

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