Marketing Strategies of Amul | Amul Marketing

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Amul Marketing
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Marketing Strategies of Amul | Amul Marketing


There are some brands that gain success, but few gained the people’s emotions and hearts. Amul is one of them and we all have heard the tune ‘’ Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India’’ in our childhood. But the question is, how did Amul gain this success? In this guide, we will discuss the various marketing strategies of this brand. If you really want to understand the company’s success story and looking for some inspiration for your business, then you should read Amul Marketing Strategies in this post.

Amul Marketing


Branding is the first factor in Amul’s marketing strategy. The main tagline of the company ‘’The Taste of India’’ shows the nationalism of the company. Moreover, Amul marketed all its offerings with one name that merely cost 1 percent of the advertising. They don’t pay much huge sum on advertising because their strong brand name and effective branding strategy help them to save money in this sector.

Amul Marketing

Product Portfolio:

The product portfolio of Amul is mainly consisting of dairy products. They offer a wide variety of dairy products to a large number of audiences. Other brands of Amul such as Baskin Robbins, London Dairy, and more also secured specific markets and audience. But, they have known for their dairy products and a b biggest company in this sector. The regular consumers of Amul are mostly economic and middle-class people. The major success of Amul in the relative market is its product pricing.

Amul Marketing


Product pricing is another important factor in the marketing strategy of Amul. In my opinion, this strategy is the promotional strategy of Amul. Their dairy products are really cost-effective and used on regular basis. Their products are really affordable for every type of customer and make it a valuable brand in the eyes of users. It also helps them to retain their customer base. As a big FMCG company, Amul has a well-planned distribution, storage, and production network. Despite all the expenses, they provide low-cost and quality products to customers that give them a competitive edge in the market. Their cost-effectiveness and cooperative structure mainly consist of three-tier programs.

  • Amul has cooperative societies at the rural level for producing milk.
  • They have milk unions at the district level for processing.
  • They have milk federations at the state level that are responsible for consolidation.

This type of transparent 3-tier model makes everyone happy from investors to suppliers and customers. With the increasing prices, their prices automatically increased. This marketing strategy of Amul shows the 75 percent factors. So, what was the remaining 25 percent?

Amul Marketing

25 Percent Advertising:

Without proper and effective advertising, it is really hard to get the attention of customers. They don’t know about your offerings and brand until you incorporate an effective marketing strategy. Amul has the record of the longest-ever advertising campaign. Now, when you talk about dairy products, the first brand that comes to your mind is Amul. The company used various catchy taglines that created a great impact on the mind of customers. Their video or picture advertising definitely warms your heart.

Amul Marketing

Digital Marketing:

To be honest, the presence of Amul on television is not so big. But, they are available on every platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital channels. They market their products on these channels and take customer feedback to solve the complaints. These important marketing strategy factors of Amul made the company a prominent leader in the relative sector. The basic survivor of the company is its vigorous focus on integrity and quality. No doubt, Amul is a leader in its sector.


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