Altcoin Introduction | Understanding Altcoin | Altcoin Related Terms

by Shamsul
Altcoin Related Terms
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Altcoin Intro | Understanding Altcoin | Altcoin Related Terms


After the success of Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies were launched, which is called altcoin. They claim that they are much better than bitcoins. There are so many people who are following cryptocurrencies, which is why altcoin has tried to cover up the drawbacks of bitcoins. Altcoin emerges as the better option for all.

Understanding Altcoin

Altcoin is a name made by using two words alt & coin. Alt stands for alternative and coin for cryptocurrency. As a whole, it means alternative cryptocurrency. After the successful journey of bitcoin, so many cryptocurrencies came out and tried to copy the success of bitcoin.

There are so many altcoins built on the basic structure of bitcoin. You will find a mining process that is required so that the user can quickly solve the problem by providing inexpensive and secure ways of doing web transactions. Altcoins vary to a great extent from each other, although they have overlapping features too.

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Related Terms

Financial Instrument Introduction

A contract held between parties or individuals with respect to monetary value is called a financial instrument. These financial instruments can be modified, created, settled, or traded according to the parties’ requirements. For example, cheques, bonds, stocks, features and shares.


They are classified primarily into two types; cash instruments and derivative instruments.

Derivative instruments are those whose characteristics or values can easily be derived through underlying entities like assets, indices, or interest rates.

Cash instruments are those which can easily be valued or transferred readily in the market. The most commonly seen examples are loans and deposits.

Other Classifications

You can easily classify financial instruments into other classes based on the asset class. Different classifications are given below.

Financial instruments on equity base include share or stock securities.

Financial instruments classified on a debt basis consist of short-term securities like treasury bills or commercial papers. Cash instruments also do fall under it as deposit certificates.

Fear and Greed Index


Fear and Greed index means financial markets driven by 2 powerful emotions known as fear and greed. It is usually measured on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. It is based on the idea that fear and greed do have opposite effects on it.


This index works on seven elements and they were all introduced by CNN. According to scale which has measurements from 0 to 100, 0-49 clearly indicates fear while 51-100 shows greed. 50 is neutral.


It is a very reliable indicator for changes and mooted by behavioral economists. You can use it as a tool for those who want to make decisions for investments.


Instead of using it as a tool for investment research, people started using it to determine market timings as barometers.


Property Rights


Property rights term is the explanation of intellectual and legal assets ownership and resources. The resources and assets can be tangible or intangible in nature. These rights are being used in many developing and developed countries for many purposes.


Property is safe when it is following all rules and regulations according to the laws of government. These laws are used to establish the hold and ownership of the possessions. Laws vary for property possession everywhere and it is very expensive.

There are three kinds of properties which are given here.

1. Diminishing supplies like natural resources or lands.

2. Living beings except for humans like cats, dogs, birds, or horses.

3. Intellectual properties like inventions, ideas, and kinds of literature.

Private Property Rights

There should be a single owner of private property otherwise, it can lead to court issues or rivalry.

Break Even analysis


It consists of examination and calculation of safety margins for the entities which are based on associated costs and revenues collected.

It is used for the understanding of sales level which is required by the company to cover the complete fixed costs. You should have a look at the sales, costs, products, and profits of the company in which you are investing.



It is a contract held between any insurance company and you. In it, you pay a small amount of payments, and while in return you receive regular disbursements in the future. There are two types of annuity which are called as immediate annuity and deferred annuity. In a deferred annuity, it begins at any date in the future. In an immediate annuity, you start paying immediately.

Uses of Annuity

There is tax-deferred growth and unlimited contributions. You get so many options or choices for the investment of money. There is no need for necessary withdrawals. You can get its benefit at old age or they can pay at your name even after death too.




It is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount invested in the value or market of the instrument. Yield term covers interest obtained or dividends for holding specific security. It is used to measure the inflow of cash that an investor receives on investments in securities.

Green Levy


It seeks to empower corporations to adopt those technologies which are eco-friendly. Green Levy is the tax that is taken from corporations for carbon emission or causing pollution. It helps to make corporations responsible.

Factors to Keep in Mind

1. It is associated with carbon footprint and it is compensation.

2. Taxes are taken on the usage of petroleum and electricity so that people tend to use solar or wind power.

3. There are few disagreements about taxes’ progressive or regressive nature.

4. Few examples are applicable in other countries, where fuel consumption is very high.

Credit Money


It refers to the monetary claim of the future to the person who already has used all credit facilities just to buy services and goods. One of the major sources of credit money is bonds and they are present all over the world.



It is an Indian commodities exchange that trades mainly agricultural commodities. It plays an important role in increasing market transparency, and agricultural practices are increased to a great extent because of it.

Recent Terms

Profitability Index


It is known as profit investment or value investment ratio too. The profitability index basically shows the relationship between the benefits and costs of the proposed project. It is normally calculated as cash flow over the initial investment.


1. It can tell you whether the investment is worthy or not.

2. It keeps the cash flow and value of the money in mind at the same time.

3. You can use easily choose where a project should be allocated.


1. It can be calculated only when you have an estimate of the cost of capital.

2. Sometimes, you cannot indicate the correct decision.

Recency Bias


It is a psychological phenomenon where the person used to give importance to all events. These are happening now than to those which had happened in the past. It basically tells about the working of memory and in which way a person can use it.

Ways to Avoid

1. One must know about the part of the business cycle in which he is entering.

2. You must know about your future financial goals.

3. You must consult the financial advisor before making an investment.

Interim Dividend


Any company can raise capital by two big asset classes known as equity and debt. The paid dividends are calculated as earning percentages & distributed per share basis. People have the interim dividend before the general annual meeting and the release of the final statement of finance. The interim dividend is usually less than the final dividend.

Cloud Mining


It is the mining service that is remote and provided by the cryptocurrency mining individual hosts interested in taking part in the process for the sake of gaining or earning some returns by the process. It is a process that verifies the validity of the transaction of the coins which is done on the blockchain. Nowadays, scams are at their peak so it is really important to take care of everything. It makes the transactions easy.



It shows the realistic financial situation present in the market by being dependent on liabilities and assets. It is an accounting tool in other situations. MTM is generally governed by FASB and accepted by GAAP. It reflects the value of different accounts in different ways.


Sometimes the assets values change very suddenly and then, it becomes really hard to predict something. It causes problems at the time of calculating the selling prices of liabilities and assets under unfavorable conditions.

There is an alternative that you can use instead of the MTM and it is the model.

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