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Airtel is among the top ten leading mobile telecommunications India MNC functioning in more than 20 countries in Asia and Africa. Airtel marketing strategy is attractive and made for masses. It also holds the title of Indian integrated telecom facility provider and controlling 22 circles of telecoms in this country.

Three Basics of Airtel Marketing Strategy:


It is the first basic approach Airtel uses. It utilizes a mix of segmentation approaches to facilitate the customers in Call, SMS Plans, VAS-Data, prepaid & post-paid plans, and call tunes. After segmenting the services for different regions of the country, it also offers the best segmentation services for different age, religion, social and income groups.


Airtel operates according to the wishes of its people (customers) in different geographic directions. It comes with unique plans favorable for these people. With the passage of time, Airtel has introduced numerous targeting campaigns for young, mature and even for kids using the services such as “Jo tera hai wo mera hai” or “Har ek friend jaruri hota hai.” The newest plan launched by this company is “One Touch Internet” which targets Gen X and Baby boomers.

Positioning in the Market:

This company enjoys a top position among the most favorite mobile services in India. It receives more preference by mobile phone users looking for the best cellular networks. Airtel has a new logo which makes it more attractive, relevant, and energetic and a preferred international brand. Today, it is known as a Torch Bearer in the Indian Telecom Industry.


Motive: “Desire to get and keep clients for life”

Vision: “Airtel vision is to improve the living standard of our clients. Our passion is to keep our clients throughout their lives by providing exceptional service.”

Tagline: Airtel desires to have an emotional bonding with the users.


Airtel Marketing Strategy

 Competitive Benefit in Airtel Marketing Strategy:

Airtel is continuously extending its network for the Indian phone users with the help of a partnership with Vodafone. It also created the Indus Tower for better network formation. It has now an extended network in all important parts of the country offering a competitive edge to the customers with lowest operational costs, better coverage, high network connectivity, and superb customer service.

Airtel creates sustainable benefits for the customers through its superb network. The network depends on the modern telecom towers having low operational costs for the service providers. In most cases, local network or cellular companies rent the Airtel towers rather than installing a new one. Airtel keeps a big budget for promotion and advertising the services helping the customers to learn more about the benefits.

The Leader in the Cellular Market

These things make it a leader in the cellular market. This company always takes care of what said in the promotions. Word of mouth is the strongest point in this service. Innovation and new products make Airtel more popular among users. It has numerous attractive offers such as Prepaid, Hello Tunes, Airtel Live, M-check, and My Plans. There is no ending to this list. Airtel operates with the help of four strategic business units (SBU’s). All these units are present in the BCG Matrix.

Largest Network of India Cellular Industry:

Airtel has captured the Indian market with more than 27.2 % market shares in the cellular industry. It also feels proud for its largest network of customers in India. These things make it a preferred and most favorite network in the country.

Airtel is also famous for its tele-media services. It offers superb fixed-line services after forecasting a huge decrease in the industry because of the reducing number of cell phone users in India.

Airtel presents high-speed broadband which is a special service highlighting the name of Airtel in the industry. It covers an area of 126,357 km of the installed fiber network. They are also seeing to upgrade the network by bringing new broadband technology. It would increase the market share as well as customer range of this company.

Business for Large Entrepreneurs:  

First of all, Airtel is always helpful for the customers in India. Furthermore, it offers unique packages and services to corporate and commercial users. Big organizations and companies using their network for communication get special advantages. Employers looking for top services for their employees can easily buy lucrative deals.

Digital TV services: These are really excellent as it covers 18 % of the market shares. The DTH service is among the top dish TV services in competition with the leading TATA Sky in India.

Distribution Strategy of Airtel:

Airtel introduces an effective but simple channel structure. It utilizes a distribution network system of 2-Tier and 3-tier. It has Urban Distributors in the 2-Tier system. On the other hand, they distribute the items with the help of these UD’s to all retailers in India. The items get delivery according to the local demand. The retailers can transfer the balance using a FOS SIM who functions under UD’s.

In contrast, the 3-Tier distribution system is for rural users where Rural Distributors (RD) are present. Now users can transfer easy load (balance) into the RD’s SIM. This balance is then transferred to the retailers. On the other hand, company officials are also working to deliver the best experience to customers in the entire network. They come with special corporate deals and plans for users.

Brand Equity:

It is a special part of Airtel’s marketing strategy. Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA), Average Revenue per User (ARPU) AND an extensive distribution system are also serving more than 300 million users. These users are basically helping the Airtel to create a superb deal including the best technologies. Today, it has a technological brand as well as a telecommunication brand serving the evolving needs of customers. Furthermore, this company is famous for its marketing and branding efforts. This is why Airtel has transformed the logo to be more energetic, stronger and young.

Competitive Analysis and Market Analysis:

Airtel is competing with numerous leading services in India. It is a huge competitor of TATA, MTS, and others. Companies such as Aircelwho, Uninor and Vodafone are consistently trying to give a tough time to Airtel. However, Airtel seems to win the race because of its successful marketing strategies.

Customer Analysis:

Airtel is a favorite for everyone. It is a preferred network for B2C and B2B clients in India. Cellular plans and deals are more economical for middle-class users. It is equally useful for the growing corporate sectors looking for A-class services.

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