A Complete Case Study of L’Oreal Marketing

by Shamsul
Marketing of Loreal
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A Complete Case Study of L’Oreal Marketing

This article is about the case study of L’Oreal Marketing, which is a leading cosmetics brand. It is a valuable case study for students and new marketers who want to understand the business strategy of big companies like L’Oreal. Let’s discuss some important factors of this L’Oreal’s marketing case study.

Segmentation Case Study – L’Oreal Marketing

About L’Oreal: When it comes to luxury cosmetics brands, L’Oreal always comes first. L’Oreal focuses on high-quality cosmetics products, and its principal portfolios are skincare, haircare, hair color, sun protection, self-tanning, perfumes, and makeup products. They also target men’s grooming and offer a wide variety of products. Its products provide promising results, and it has evolved itself as a household brand. It was originated in France in 1909, and now it is operating in over 130 countries. It is headquartered in Clichy, France, and is one of the world’s renowned and largest beauty brands right now.

Digital Marketing Strategy:

L’Oreal ranks among top beauty brands in terms of global reach, sales, and product portfolio. It is because of their effective advertising on the digital platform. They hire famous beauty experts and models to advertise their products. In India, Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai are the most prominent brand ambassadors of L’Oreal Marketing. They also run their ads on television, hoardings, neon signs, radio, and fashion magazines. Provide sample products to famous saloons and beauty editors, which is an excellent promotional tactic.

They also offer special discounts on their entire products on special days and events. Also doing L’Oreal Marketing on the internet to increase their fan-following. According to digital marketing experts, L’Oreal can promote its products by telling consumers the ingredients used in the product. It can attract millions of customers effectively. They can also provide skincare, haircare, and grooming tips on their website. They can use beauty blogs and influencers to increase beauty awareness.

L’Oreal Marketing Social Media Strategy

Neutrogena Men and Nivea Men are the two biggest competitors of L’Oreal Men. These companies fully cater to the skincare needs of men. Both brands have a similar range of men’s products, such as moisturizers, cleansers, masks, and face washes. When it comes to L’Oreal marketing on social media, L’Oreal has the highest number of followers on Facebook, and they can connect to a large audience in a go with the help of the Facebook page.

Moreover, they also have a strong presence on other social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more. L’Oreal posts so many videos on digital and social media that aren’t engaging. Its Instagram following is not quite effective and it is a bad aspect, especially in this digital era. They should boost their online and social presence to increase their customer base. They can raise their sales and reach with this simple tactic. Social media features like video content, stories, live streams, and posts could be helpful in this matter. They can share skincare and hair care tips and hacks. They can create a strong base of loyal customers with social media marketing.

Target Audience and Customer Survey:

Many customers consider L’Oreal because it is a top brand in the cosmetics sector. It is identified as the most luxurious cosmetics brand because it only targets the upper-middle class. This l’Oreal marketing strategy gives a competitive advantage over competitors, but it is not so beneficial for the profitability of L’Oreal. It fulfills their personal needs and meets their requirements. So, we can say that most people are aware of L’Oreal Men, and they are loyal consumers of this brand. Despite all the positive points of L’Oreal, its product portfolio is quite limited, and they need to upgrade its portfolio in order to target other users. Most of its products come in large-size packaging, so they should focus on pocket-friendly or travel-friendly packaging. They need to diversify their product range if they want to take the lead in the cosmetics market.


L’Oreal marketing follows different campaign strategies like paid ads, offline campaigns, influencer marketing, and online campaign. They are focusing on emerging actors that can endorse their products. It is a great tactic to target a large audience in a simple way. They use different engaging taglines and slogans to attract consumers. They can do this with an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are possibilities that they use specific keywords and bumper ads to increase skincare and hair care awareness.

Media and Re-marketing Strategy:

L’Oreal does not hold any e-commerce store, and they sell their products through third-party websites. L’Oreal must develop a more potent re-marketing strategy through different marketing norms like SMS, email, social media, digital media, and more. Similarly, YouTube and Instagram are the two biggest platforms for this purpose. The company can run its advertisements on these platforms to target customers and gaining reach. It can be done on a limited budget, and it provides plenty of benefits. These things can help a lot L’Oreal in so many ways.

L’Oreal Marketing Offline Promotion:

Through giveaways and contests, they can award various gifts to winners. It is called an offline campaign, and it is engaging and tempting. They can provide their beauty products and free skincare check-up as a gift to winners. Keep contests easy and simple but attractive and engaging. There are so many ways of the offline campaign, like contestants can upload their selfies or tweet about their products. They can also answer simple questions to win prizes. The hashtag campaign is another valuable method of offline campaign. It excites consumers to buy your products, and they will also tell other people about these contests and gifts.


This digital case study of L’Oreal Marketing provides students broad-spectrum information about L’Oreal Men, its products, and its working. It also shows how they can utilize the power of social media in their favor. This article is a mixture of digital and social media marketing, and it is an everyday thing that any company uses to engage customers and creating a powerful consumer base. The social media circle is really vast and engaging. In this tech-savvy era, it is a powerful tool to recognize your brand or company on international and domestic levels. L’Oreal marketing is the best example of the use of digital and social media marketing.

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