8 Signs The Guy Loves You Secretly

by Shamsul
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How do you know if a person loves you secretly? Whether it's a friend, a stranger, or your partner, subtle signs tell of the love for you.

8 Signs Someone Secretly Loves You

Decoding Body Language

How do you know if a person loves you secretly? Whether it’s a friend, a stranger, or your partner, subtle signs tell of the love or attraction someone feels for you. Maybe you are interested in someone, but they have never revealed their feelings to you. Sometimes, you feel like something is up even though that person hasn’t told you directly. Other times, you don’t necessarily realize it because he or she hides his liking game well!

I share with you the best tips and tricks to detect when someone is seriously interested in you! These infallible signs apply to both men and women, regardless of age. To recognize them, it is enough to observe the small details in this person’s behavior and facial expressions. Study these signals well, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by your findings! After all, knowing how to decipher what the other feels is very important to find reciprocal love instead of trying to force a relationship. Let’s see together these famous signs that a person loves you secretly.

8 Signs That Prove Someone Loves You Secretly

Of course, do not limit yourself to a single detail, but the combination of several signals proves that a man or a woman has fallen in love loves you secretly.

1- The Gaze

The look often betrays our thoughts because it reflects our emotions. It is, therefore, a good indicator of the interest, admiration, or attraction that a person feels for us. If you observe one or more of these signs in his eyes, there is a good chance that he/she likes you or loves you:

1- Keeping eye contact longer and/or more often
2- glances at you furtively and often lowers or tilts her head with a smile when you intercept her
3- Seek to meet your gaze each time you are in the same room
4- Watch your lips
5- Having pupils that dilate and eyes that glow because of the emotion felt
6- When you are in a group, take advantage of the moments of euphoria that appeal to everyone to observe you without everyone knowing
7- Watch you even when you are at a certain distance
8- Watching your attitude when talking to someone else (especially someone of the opposite sex)
9- Follow you with your eyes when you walk away
10- Look for you in the crowd
11- wink at you
12- Remember that if the eyes converge on your chest, lower back, or buttocks, it’s nothing more than sexual attraction.


2 – Facial Expressions

Facial expressions also reveal a lot about how a person feels about you. This is proven by science! Here are the signs that the person loves you:

i) Smile shyly or unconsciously when you look at her, approach her, or converse
ii) Give you a discreet and tender smile every time you see each other
iii) Laugh excessively or for no apparent reason when you chat (even your most lame jokes will make this person explode with joy.
iv) Bite your lower lip when you talk to her
v) Pass his tongue over his lips
vi) Puts his finger on between the upper lip and the nose
vii) Blush in the cheeks when your eyes meet


3- Gestures or Body Language

There are different ways for a man or a woman to show their romantic feelings through their body language. In fact, these unconscious gestures show the stress caused by the desire to please you or the fact of appreciating your company. It is also a way to develop intimacy between you and, therefore, to take a step further. Here are some examples of Loves you:

i) Systematically seek physical contact
ii)Ttouch your arm or back at the slightest opportunity…
iii) Have protective gestures (hands on the shoulder or on your waist when you walk
iv) Unconsciously position themselves in front of you (we rarely turn their back on you)
v) Brushing against you and touching you “by accident” while showing you an object or a direction
vi) Get closer to you when you talk to him
vii) Do not refrain from hugging you
viii) Tilt your head down to the side when talking
ix) Point their feet, knees, and shoulders toward you when you are seated
x) Regularly run your hand through your hair
xi) Touching face, lips or ears
xii) Take your hand when you confide in him
xiii) Kiss you on the shoulder, neck, forehead, or cheek (near the lips)
xiv) Replace a lock of hair that seems to be bothering you
xv) Unconsciously mimicking your posture and attitude


4- Unusual or Particular Behaviors

There are acts and behaviors that seek, in a devious way, to make you show the importance that is granted to you. People who loves you secretly and feel affection will have special behaviors in your presence:

1- Treat yourselfApproach with privilege over others
2- Approach you whenever they pass you
3- Take the time to chat with you and listen to you talk about yourself
4- Or conversely, systematically move away when they see you because of stress
5- Being embarrassed when someone talks to them about you and trying to change the subject
6- Laughing or smiling unconsciously or reacting disproportionately
7- Be Laughing shy when in the presence of others, she is relatively open and playful
8- pay their attention to you, especially when you are in a group as if the others did not exist
9- Be protective of you
10- Bend over backward to satisfy you
11- Suddenly change their look and take special care of their appearance to please you
12- Linger when they kiss you
13- Follow and like all your posts on social media, sometimes even compliment you in comments


5- The Desire To See You and Spend Time With You:

Some attentions are that a person wants to spend time with you and think of you:

1- Seek by all means to spend time with you
2- Take the initiative to call you first, a sign that she is thinking of you
3- Start regularly going to the same places as you (which was not the case before knowing you)
4- Make sure that you can find yourself alone (until you arrange with your mutual friends)
5- Seeking your help for a service that someone closer could have rendered him
6- Make yourself available as soon as you ask him to see you
7- Often suggest small outings or activities together to spend more time with you
8- Never cancel a date at the last moment, and confirm the day before that you are still available
9- React quickly to your calls and messages or always find a way to answer them as soon as possible
10- Apologize and justify when she fails to respond to you quickly
11- Wishing you a good day in the morning, by message
12- introduce you to loved ones and appear in public with you
13- Follow, like, and comment on all your social media posts
14- Look at the love coach


6- Conversations

When someone secretly loves you, during your conversations, they may do things like:

i- Don’t take your eyes off you
ii- Lose your vocabulary
iii- Start saying obscenities
iv- Discuss unlikely topics or personal and intimate matters, such as your love life
v- Talk about anything and everything to get your attention
vi- Give you compliments
vii- Convey a message subtly under the guise of a joke
viii- Repeatedly send you little stings or heavy jokes
ix- To turn into a poet or comedian when it is not his way of expressing himself in normal times
x- Seek to impress you by always telling about her successes, her favorites, and the achievements of which she is proud
xi- Insist on the similarities she has with you, even when it is not necessarily true
xii- Remembering the little details you tell her, like your preferences and tastes, because it’s important to her
xiii- Drink your words and listen to you talk for hours without getting tired
xiv- Texting you for no particular reason in the middle of the night
xv- Chat with you for long hours without seeing the time pass
xi- Comfort you, support you, or advise you
xii- Speak ill of potential competitors
xiii- Confide in you, telling you openly about his life and his concerns


7- How to Talk About Yourself to Others

A person who loves you in secret can also:

1-pretend to say bad things about you so as not to arouse suspicion
2- feeling nervous and changing the subject when someone talks to them about you.
or, on the contrary, overflowing with praise about you
3- Talk about yourself constantly to those close to you (brothers and sisters, friends, etc.)
4- tell your stories or mention you in theirs
5- Also, note that men will have a naturally more pleasant and lower tone of voice when they like a woman. And women a softer, higher pitched voice.


8- The Questions Asked

Sometimes, the person who loves you in secret can also reveal himself by his curiosity and his questions. Especially if the person shows – that he – sincerely wants to know you more in-depth.

Some Clues the Person Can Not Help But:

i- Ask questions about yourself to your loved ones
ii- Ask other people about you regularly
iii-carry out a little investigation to find out if you are single or in a relationship
iv-Ask questions about your personality, interests, family, and life in general
v- Ask questions that aim to identify your commonalities
vi- What can you do to show your reciprocal interest in a person who loves you in secret?
vii-Now you know how to tell if someone secretly loves you. You’re better equipped to unmask a secret admirer and know viii- When it’s worth taking the first step. This will make it easier for you to know if someone is attracted to you. In these situations, demonstrate that you also have an interest in the person. If you think that person might be the love of your life, but you don’t know how to approach them, I know some really effective exercises. I invite you to contact me through contact.

If you are single and looking for love, contact us for some tips.


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