8 Habits of a Quality Student

Quality Student

by Shamsul
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8 Habits of a Quality Student


A few days ago, we shared the quality habits of a teacher. Now it is time to share the quality characteristics of a good student. It is important to consult teachers while developing an opinion in this matter. We collected the thoughts of several experts; some were teachers to discuss the things a student must develop in order to show good student nature. Here are the general opinions of some of the philosophers.


George Grant:

He founded King’s Meadow Study Center and received the Russell Kirk Paideia Prize in 2017. George is a strong follower of Nick Needham, a historian, who believes that necessity is the mother of invention, but curiosity is the mother of knowledge. This is what all historians believe. We shared the topic with Jan Comenius, Gerhard Groote, St. Augustine and Dorothy Sayers to John Milton, Charlotte Mason, Susan Schaeffer, and Jerram Barrs. They have a positive corner about curiosity and its link with knowledge. A good student always remains curious not only to learn but also to share what he knows.

He takes interest in learning and teaching things to others. A good student has a creative mind that knows how to extract useful information from a piece of paper. He develops strong connections while enjoying books, literature and even the newspapers. He also takes an interest in academic activities as well as extracurricular activities. A good student always follows the rabbit tail. This is due to the fact that the rabbit tail always brings one close to the main point.

Christine Perrin:

She is the author of Bright Mirror and works as Professor at Messiah College. “Good students always trust the supervisors and mentors. They try to keep in touch with teachers. They never allow anything to create gaps between teacher and student. It is necessary for the students to maintain a strong academic link with the teachers. Good students always follow the guidelines given by different teachers. No doubt, they may idealize a special person at the college, but they never disrespect others in this way. Good students always wait for the lecturers to finish the talk before asking questions.”

David Hicks:

He received the Russell Kirk Paideia Prize in 2002 and authored several books such as Norms & Nobility. “I have doubts that students possess several features. These features may be good or bad, but these contribute to being a good student. In most cases, good students have a habit of following successful men and women. They like to follow the lifestyle of successful people in order to achieve a similar status in life. On the other hand, they also develop good habits such as positive thinking, supportive behavior, smile, and more. Good students never show their weaknesses until or unless necessary.

They fight with the deficiencies using their abilities. Take the support of teachers, supervisors and even international scientists. They do all these things just to finish life with a purpose. This is all for a purpose. This is what forces them to be steady and regular. They never kill curiosity. As mentioned above, a student without curiosity is nothing but a degree-holder with a few tips of knowledge.”

Joshua Gibbs:

He belongs to Veritas School in Richmond. “Forget about being good. All you require to follow a teacher. You can’t be as good as an experienced teacher, but there is nothing bad in giving it a try. Good students always try. They create goals on a daily basis. They try to copy the reading and writing styles of their favorite teachers. It might be difficult for them to copy everyone. Because faculty members have different habits and styles. A student has to follow someone who fulfills the creative requirements. A good student never gives up. He always tries with sharpness. Students attend the classes. They note the lectures and revise later on.

However, the good students have something extra to do. They not only attend the classes to take lectures but also visit the library to advance their knowledge. This is what makes them superior. Teachers always recommend further reading. They provide useful materials, notes and even links to digital sources. This is a little effort to engage the students in reading and writing activities.

Good students also tend to be like their supervisors. They copy and develop the academic habits of their teachers quickly. It is necessary for them. This is why certain colleges and universities produce quality students. This is due to the discipline they follow and promote. Some students share lunchtime with their teachers. They try to remain in their company. They laugh at their jokes even if they don’t understand them.

Good students ask their teachers about the morning or evening activities on the weekend. They try to join the teachers in any good activity. For example, good students will ask permission to watch the movie if teachers go to the theatre. Similarly, they will participate in the sports if the teachers play certain games on a daily basis. No doubt, this may sound ridiculous, but it is helpful to have more time with the teachers. You can discuss the academic matters, technical points and concepts of the authors. Students can solve their academic issues while staying with the teachers. In some underdeveloped countries, this culture is common. However, it is very common in developed countries such as the United States of America and Europe.

Good students copy the routine and style of their favorite teachers. They don’t shave until the teacher asks them. This is what true obedience is. Don’t think about personal time or privacy. You are in the learning stage and it is necessary to have more and more knowledge about the academic topics. Students can achieve these goals by spending more time with the teachers. Students who have a habit of staying far from the teachers usually end up with a piece of paper (a degree) with no worth. This is why good students not only discuss academic topics but also share ideas on general topics such as politics, global warming, racism, tattoos, drinks and more.”

Greg Wilbur:

He is the president at the New College Franklin.
Humility is an initial habit of a good student. He learns things. Learning demands us to know that we can’t or don’t know everything about a topic and that others are very important to improve our understanding and knowledge. There is no reason to compare our knowledge with the experts or peers. They received a quality education system and spent time in the professional field. It is hard for students to compare their knowledge with these experts. However, according to the experts, students should always have curiosity in mind that forces them to bring the level of learning, reading and writing. It may take more time, but it will always end with success. Focus on the quality writers and professional persons in your field.

For example, students of literature follow Shakespeare. They not only read his novels, dramas and stories but also try to create something similar. It is not imitation because it creates a sense of producing something familiar. On the other hand, students who follow multiple writers and professionals should create a balance in their productions. It is hard to develop an acceptable idea for all the people in your life. It is true to focus on the particular features rather than merging all the ideas. A good student always submits himself to the challenges, shapes, and discipline of learning. He focuses on the events happening around him. Humility delivers a noticeable difference between wisdom and knowledge.

Brian Phillips:

Repentance is the essence of education. This famous saying is by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a reality that most of the people don’t know what they should know. This is due to the lack of interest in reading. Students may end up with poor knowledge and experience if they waste time at college or university.

It is good for the students to spend more time on quality learning. There are several ways to learn things in academic life. For example, spending time with teachers is a common method. On the other hand, some students love to spend time in the library. It is a good habit. Reading books from the syllabus not only helps to have a technical understanding but it also broadens the knowledge about certain fields.

On the other hand, we don’t focus on inspiration. Every successful person has an inspiration. Ask Bill Gates and others; they have particular motivations. It is good to develop inspiration from early life. Students with icons and models in mind can grow more quickly. They can complete the education process with extraordinary findings. The formal act of counseling and schooling is necessary for everyone. This shapes the life of everyone.

No doubt, it isn’t easy to figure out all the habits of a good student, but the experts have several attempts. They believe that finding the good habits of a quality student is necessary for a teacher. It is the prime responsibility of a teacher to pinpoint these features. Good students concentrate on their studies as well as daily life. They try to learn new things from the syllabus and extracurricular routines. They give time to their teachers. This shapes them into good people that will be a part of a progressive society.

Adam Andrews:

Unfortunately, the important features of a quality student are genuine and can’t be acquired without effort. It requires attention, effort and earning. It is a continuous process. There is a wrong concept that someone can easily change their lifestyle after learning about the good habits of anyone. This is hard. It is difficult to bring sudden changes in the lifestyle especially when you have certain habits. For example, students who love music can’t sacrifice these events. They can’t watch movies with teachers if they don’t like the theatre. It is necessary to understand the contradictory habits. You can’t copy someone in a true sense. It would be great to recognize your own potential and develop a routine that matches with successful people. A good student always finds himself in a learning phase.

He never claims superiority. He always feels a gap forcing him to learn more about new things. Despite the technical and professional barriers, good students always give time to see and analyze new things. They never give up until they get success. They proceed gradually rather than picking the diamond in a few steps. These students take advantage of their knowledge while trying to achieve the status they dreamed of in life. In adverse situations, good students work with patience. They maintain dignity without showing the weak points. It is good for everyone to understand the nature of a tough time in life while trying to find solutions with the help of knowledge and wisdom.

Matt Bianco:

He deals with the students who approach the institutions for internships and apprenticeships. It is necessary to identify the potential students who can fit in your company. It is very common to take an aptitude test in order to screen quality students. However, there are several other methods to do the same job. A student should always be bold and confident. What makes him bold? It is knowledge and sharpness. A student should be smart enough to use the right words and points in order to deal with a situation.

This is technical knowledge that makes him a fit in the working environment. They not only come with theoretical points but also offer certain modified opinions to run the process. Students who follow the theory may have a good understanding of the systems, but it is also important to gain technical experience. Practical experience is the only thing that can make them successful in real life.


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