8 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses

by Shamsul
Big Data Solutions
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8 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses



Big data is basically information that is too fast, complicated, or large from different conventional details processing systems. It is helpful to resolve your company’s major problems, strengthen its cybersecurity system, and help to develop an analytics strategy. The most popular big data solutions are Google Analytics, SAS, and Qualtrics. This blog is highly useful for those business owners who want to strengthen their business activities using big data solutions.

It is nearly impossible to ignore big data solutions. It is fully equipped with actionable information, so business owners and companies can promote their products to audiences more efficiently and effectively. They can also produce certain products according to the needs and demands of their customers. This factor will ultimately increase their revenues and shape their business operations.

Is your business ready to take gain of big data solutions? Many small businesses still don’t know how to compete in competitive and big markets. The reality is that they don’t have enough resources to compete in the current marketplace. The existence of researchers, data scientists, and analysts in a company really matter. But, there are several ways that small businesses can exploit to gather details. In this way, they can get some insight into today’s marketplace. We have mentioned 8 big data solutions that small businesses can use.


What is Big Data?

The actual definition of big data is based on three important V’s. Here are these three V’s,

Sometimes data comes in large amounts, such as terabytes and petabytes. It comes in an unstructured form.

When the number of customers increases on the internet, companies receive more valuable information which requires more processing capacity.

There are so many extensions in the files, such as HTML, MP4, DOC, etc.

Important Note: Traditional processing methods may not be able to keep up with the big data because it is high in volume, variety or velocity.



The Importance of Big Data for Business

Big data offers a lot of benefits to businesses. Here, we have rounded up a few.
Big data helps to unearth the real causes of failures, problems, and defects.
Big data helps to create coupons based on a consumer’s purchasing preferences.
Big data helps to re-calculate the risk.
Big data helps to determine malicious cyberactivity before it becomes worse.
Big data helps to update analytics strategy and complete data.




Here are 8 Big Data Solutions of this Modern Era.



Since 1976, SAS has been a top big data solution in business analytics. Small businesses can easily obtain business and market intelligence with this big data. You can make decisions without any doubt because SAS converts your data or information into valuable insights. It gives a fresh perspective to your business, no matter what’s the size of your business. It works ideally for large, medium and small businesses.

SMBs (Small and Midsize Businesses) experience some of the stiffest challenges as larger companies. It allows businesses to achieve more by putting less. It enables them to address challenges to enhance their business. As a result, you can compete with your competitors. The goal of SAS is clear for SMBs. Uncover what’s working or trending. Address the problems. And find new growth chances.




It is not that hard to analyze intimidating business intelligence. This big data solution provides analytics tools and advanced mining. Alteryx offers this information in an understandable and accessible form. You can create interactive graphs, visuals, storylines, and much more effortlessly. It also holds some collaborative factors that build teamwork. Basically, this big data solution gels public information and internal data of your business to give you simple information that you can use to make better decisions.

Moreover, Alteryx doesn’t only offer business intelligence; however, it also offers department-related data such as customer analytics, marketing sales, and operations. It has the ability to cover different types of industries such as packaged goods, retail, manufacturing, entertainment, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.




If your goal is to increase your marketing return on investment (ROI), Kissmetrics can help you out. It enables you to realize, engage, and segment your consumers on the basis of their moods or behaviors. The delivery of single shot emails and email campaigns will become easier when you use Kissmetrics because it helps to manage, automate, and create them. It also calculates the impact of this campaign. It is also available for your online business. The purpose behind it is to increase your ROI on Facebook and Instagram. It will boost the repeat purchase trend. Kissmetrics allows you to get access to educational resources and web-based training to enhance the level of your marketing campaigns. It includes infographics, webinars, articles, and how-to guides.




If you consider InsightSquared, there is no need to mine your data and analyze it because it directly connects you with famous business solutions like Google Analytics, Salesforce, QuickBooks, etc. In this way, you will get data automatically in the form of actionable information.

InsightSquared provides huge information about sales and forecasting when using information from CRM software. It also gives activity monitoring, tracking, and profitability analysis. As a result, you can find your strengths, weaknesses, and latest trends. This big data solution also includes analytics tools, marketing and financial tools.



Google Analytics

In order to gather valuable information or details, there is no need for expensive and fancy software. You can begin it with your own site. You can take the help of Google Analytics to gather your website’s data from different aspects, which is free for small businesses. With this software, you can quickly gather valuable facts and the latest trends to make data-driven and correct decisions. You can examine the behavior of your visitors, how they engage with your site, and where they come from. It is also helpful in determining the bounce rate. This way, you can obtain your business or website’s goals.

You can also adapt your social media campaigns by gathering or analyzing social media traffic. Plus, it also enables you to gather information about mobile users. In short, you can quickly reveal what’s working or what is not.



IBM Cognos Analytics

There is no doubt about it that some big data solutions are highly advanced when it comes to gathering users’ data. But, nothing can beat the level of IBM’s Cognos Analytics because it offers predictive and advanced business analytics. Bonus, it is readily available for small businesses. It is an automated process, so it does not need any data mining and analytics skills. It also offers refinement, warehousing solutions, and data access. As a result, you can change your decisions with the help of present details.

The significant advantage of this service is that it focuses on all the departments and provides comprehensive data. It can be used for all kinds of data analysis, such as human resources, marketing, finance, and sales. It helps to reveal your issues and offers valuable insights. You can boost your traffic or sales with the help of this software. It is also helpful in keeping your customers happy.




Tranzlogic is really beneficial for merchants and customers because it works with payment systems. It helps to gather and analyze data from credit card procurements. Small businesses can acquire this data using Tranzlogic. It is incredibly helpful in measuring your sales and customer segments and improving loyalty and promotional programs. With the help of this information, you can align and run your marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively. When it comes to writing business plans and making intelligent decisions in terms of business, you can take advantage of Tranzlogic. To get started, this software doesn’t require any tech smarts. There is no need for programming or installation of anything. Just log in to access the merchant portal. This is such a valuable big data solution for small businesses.




Suppose you don’t have the resources to access business information or data. In that case, Qualtrics can help you in this regard because it allows small businesses to do a wide range of surveys and studies in order to get valuable insights so that you can make the right and intelligent decisions. The company recently launched Qualtrics XM (Qualtrics Experience Management). It is based on four applications that help enhance and handle the experiences your business offers to different shareholders, citizens, employees, consumers, users, investors, suppliers, and much more.

Qualtrics Experience Management aids you in prioritizing, optimizing, and measuring the experiences that you offer to four basic factors of your business: consumer, brand, product, and employee. It also provides real-time perceptions concept testing, survey software, and advertising testing. You can also perform quick reviews, exit interviews, and employee surveys.


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