7 Things That Make People Believe In Leaders

by Shamsul
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7 Things That Make People Believe In Leaders


Rediscovering something requires going back to the very basics. This saying seems equally applicable to all leaders and leadership nowadays!

According to a survey conducted to check on people’s confidence in their leaders, the results were worse than disappointing!

Of all the respondents, only 3% had confidence in government officials and corporate executives. 5% believed in reporters, while 8% claimed that small business owners were worth trusting. The ministers and clergy managed to convince only 11% of their leadership qualities.

The results clearly reveal how hard it is for people to find a leader that they find trustworthy, credible, ethical, courageous, and transparent.

As hard and rare as it may seem, exemplary leadership is possible, and many leaders may want to be one, too, and are ready to go the extra mile to prove themselves as great leaders. All they require doing is to return back to the basics.

Mentioned below are a few basics following which a leader can come out to others as a true leader.

1- Credibility:

 Don’t compromise on your words. Be the example of what you say! Don’t think you can do anything if you are a leader and get away with it.


2- Honesty:

Being honest with self and with others goes a long way in defining the character of a leader. Know your abilities and limitations, and be realistic about your skills and shortcomings. Do not allow anyone to call you a sham.


3- Courage: 

Choose the right way to do things instead of the easy way. This may come as a problem as seldom ever is doing the right thing easy.


4- Character:

A leader’s character is the basis of his/her leadership qualities. Righteousness sets apart a true leader from the heap.


5- Conviction:

Leaders must be convicted of what they can and cannot do. While maintaining high standards is not easy, once you decide on something, conviction on a leader’s part will lead others to follow.


6- Trustworthy:

A true leader will always take responsibility and not resort to excuses. A leader’s decisions are rationalized. People do not tend to believe in a leader who offers reasons.


7- Transparent:

Today, leaders seldom ever opt for transparency. They consider it troublesome. To make people believe in leaders, it is essential that they must open up and be transparent to people. It has been proven several times that sharing information gains power for leaders.   


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