7 Secrets How To Make Beautiful Women Crazy For You

by Shamsul
Make Beautiful Women Crazy
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Here are 7 Secrets On How To Make Beautiful Women Crazy For You

When it comes to make beautiful women crazy for you, some people are lucky enough to do things “naturally”. Yes, some men manage to women crazy without thinking about it. Good for them!

On the other hand, others must learn a few tips to make women crazy and have the love life they deserve. There’s no shame in that! In this article, I’m going to list 7 essential techniques to make beautiful women crazy for you while remaining yourself.

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Touch is a seduction technique that you absolutely must know. This is not about wandering hands but establishing natural physical contact.

Touching a person on the shoulder or forearm when speaking to them is not necessarily invasive if it is done well, and numerous social psychology studies* have proven that it helps to be perceived as more attractive and friendlier.

For example: Guéguen N. (2001): Touching and submission to a request: Experimental replications in natural situations and evaluation of the impact of status. International Journal of Social Psychology, 14, pp. 113-158

Even if you’re flirting with several girls at the same time, each one must feel special to you. To do this, you must justify why you want to see her again and not all the others.

Either way, if you don’t answer this question yourself, you should expect to hear something like, “Do you say that to all the girls?”

So, to make the girl you love feel special and unique in the world, you can praise her behavior, what she does, or her clothes, but especially not what nature gave her. (for example, the cliché, “you have beautiful eyes, you know!”).

The logic here is that a compliment on what a girl has chosen will have much more impact than a compliment on something that nature gave her. Understand that she didn’t do anything special to have beautiful green eyes. On the other hand, she tried to choose her outfit before going out or to say funny lines when she chats with you.

It is well known that “woman who half laughs in your bed”. But the truth is that there are different types of humor, and sometimes, “a woman who laughs only sees you as a friend or is completely making fun of you.”

For example, making a woman laugh by acting like a jester almost never works. On the other hand, there is a type of sexy humor, which generally has its effect.

What do you think James Bond, Damon Salvatore, Chuck Bass, Hank Moody and Serge Gainsbourg have in common (non-exhaustive list)? In addition to perfectly confident and relaxed body language, they are a little provocative and cynical and manage to sexualize their conversations through humor.

A special humor, certainly cheeky, but that we find in the majority of the greatest seducers. I do not believe it.

Some examples of sexy humor to Make Beautiful Women Crazy:

– I have a surprise for you!

– Then why are you still wearing your clothes? »

– I can’t leave my room all weekend.

– I’m sure we can find something to do there. »

– I have to go to the bathroom.

– You know, I was hoping for something more romantic. At least the last girl cooked me something before. »

Most men with difficulties make beautiful women crazy do not use their eyes well. This sentence may seem strange, so that I will elaborate.

It is well known that a shifty glance communicates weakness or deceit. This is why we often read advice on the Internet saying that we must look women in the eyes.

But what if you stared at a woman all the time, in reality? She might find it weird or even take you for a psychopath. So, you have to find a certain balance by looking at the girl 90% of the time when you talk and looking elsewhere from time to time to make beautiful women crazy.

You can also allow yourself to look elsewhere a little more often when she is the one speaking, but be careful. She should not think that you are not listening.

Controlling your gaze is difficult for those who are not born seductive. I understand that, but it seems essential to me since it is one of the main directions of sexual tension.

We must not accept the status of a “starving” man who must do anything and everything to obtain the favors of women. You must understand that you are a man of value, and therefore, you must respect yourself.

When our mindset changes (I’ve been there) and we become aware of our value, something magical happens: others respect us more.

However, women are attracted to men who are or who know how to be respected and who do not automatically put them on a pedestal. Hold yourself in high esteem without becoming a megalomaniac and do not idealize all women. They are, above all, human beings like us, with their qualities and their faults!

Having nerve and provoking your luck is an attitude that will allow you to experience delicious adventures. Get out of your house, approach women, and try things (while remaining respectful and within the limits of the law, of course)!

The best adventures occur outside our comfort zone, and luck favors the bold. Even if it doesn’t work out with this girl or that evening, never admit defeat! Determination pays off, especially because we learn from our mistakes.

What single guy in his right mind wouldn’t try to pick up a pretty girl with intelligent eyes? Some men are ashamed of their sexual desires and hide them from women. But this is a mistake since you are a man, a real man; she hopes that you will be sexual.

I see too many men trying to pretend not to think about sex in an attempt to come across as “nice guys.” But women, I remind you, are, above all, human beings with desires, too. And just because you think about sex doesn’t mean you’re obsessed or a stalker.

Ah, and finally, I remind you that trying to put yourself in her friendzone to get closer to her and then trying to seduce her is a very bad idea! Thousands of men have broken their teeth with this technique before you. I know it seems logical but you absolutely must position yourself from the outset in the eyes of the women you approach as a lover and not as a friend.

The techniques for getting out of the friend zone are really complicated and don’t always work—far from it.



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