6 Japanese Tips for Healthy Life If You Want to Live Long

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by Shamsul
Healthy Life
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6 Japanese Tips for Healthy Life If You Want to Live Long

According to a study, the Japanese living style is the healthiest one, and one Japanese in every 1450 person is currently aged over a hundred. Women account for 89 percent of centenarians. In Blue Zones, Okinawa is at 5 people, which is a Japanese island, and this area is highly concentrated with centenarians. Here, we will discuss some famous Japanese tips for a healthy life that comes directly from Japan’s oldest people.

Okinawa is the sub-tropical region of Japanese islands. It is a great place to live and have the best time without worrying about daily life hassles. We have been living very closely with our family during the last two years because of the lockdown and attending Zoom meetings, and this social loss has affected our mental health and well-being. The secret behind the healthy life of Okinawa is its strong socializing. This research comes from famous geriatricians Dr. Bradley Wilcox and Dr. Craig. In the world’s five blue zones, Okinawa is really dense with a high number of centenarians.

Latest Centenarian Record of Healthy Life:

According to the ministry of health, Japan, the number of centenarians in Japan is 86510. It is an addition of 6060 centenarians from the last year’s figure of a centenarian. It means that one Japanese in every 1450 is currently aged over 100 years. Kane Tanaka is the world’s oldest person from Japan right now who is 118 years old.

Why is Longevity Important?

The Okinawa Centenarian, initiated by Dr. Makoto Suzuki in 1975, has studied more than 8000 100 years old people to identify the environmental and genetic lifestyle. These factors are responsible for longevity and healthy aging thus healthy life. The research was published in their book. In short, Okinawa’s healthcare system has no burden and even in the presence of centenarians. There are myriad benefits of healthy aging in the form of economic and social. It brings happiness and makes the family system strong.

The risk of diseases is very low due to a healthy lifestyle. How and why do we age? It is crucial to find out the exact mechanism of healthy aging so that we can grow a healthy and longer-living society. We are telling you it is going to be the most significant medicinal discoveries. Dr. Bradley Wilcox shares some amazing secrets to living a healthy life and long life in the Okinawan way.

Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly (Hara Hachi Bu):

There is a belief in Okinawa that the body is a temple and you should take care of it. You can’t pollute a temple. That’s why they don’t smoke much and drink alcohol in moderation. Due to this reason, they stay healthy and active. Their diet is really balanced and they do a lot of physical activities that burn their fat. Their diet is not calorie-dense because they eat plant-based food. They consume vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based food items in a day. It is a permanent part of their meal, and sweet potato is also an important part of their diet because it is filled with a range of plant compounds and has a low glycemic load. It slows down the aging process. Moreover, they also follow “Hara hachi bu” which means they eat food until they are 80 percent full for a healthy life.

Always Stay Positive and Uncover Your Living Purpose (Ikigai):

According to Dr. Wilcox, all the centenarians we meet and talk about have an excellent positive approach. They have a carefree and optimistic approach to life. In short, they are really fun-loving human beings and are having a healthy life. It would be best to enjoy your life as you reach an older age. The word Ikigai means having any purpose or goal, including anything like taking care of prize bulls, family, or faith.

Stay Emotionally Involved for Healthy Life:

In other regions of the world, the term retirement exists. But, there is no similar thing in the Okinawan language. It means you can stay engaged with your work always. For example, if you are a farmer, then you can carry this profession throughout your life. So, they all are mentally connected or engaged with their work. If you enjoy your work, it also makes your aging process slow. It gives you a reason to live a healthy life, and you feel satisfied working your favorite job. Moreover, you feel active and healthy when you indulge in any physical activity. It decreases medical costs because you are physically and mentally fit.

Take Part in a Social Group (Moai):

In the Okinawan region, people have a strong social network and large families. They give mental and physical support to each other. They have a close-knitted family structure, and they know about each other very well. Their social group is known as Moai. They talk about different things, drink green tea with a sweet dessert, smoke a little, and discuss important things. It helps to know each other’s situation. They love social get-togethers and enjoy in their own style. Compared to Japan, Okinawa has the lowest healthcare expenditures, and the reason is that they are pretty much active and all are having a healthy life. This kind of strong social support makes them happy, and it is a big reason for their longevity.

Worry Less and Assess Your Relationships for a Healthy Life:

In the pandemic period, we have spent most of our time with our family and with Zoom meetings and calls. Generally, Okinawa’s people don’t pay much attention to deadlines, but they complete their work eventually. They follow stress-resistant policies and always stay stress-less. They know how to tackle pain and disaster. According to a study, stress and tension decrease your life and longevity, and they work against you and increase the aging process. People in Okinawa pay attention to their relationships, and it is the main secret of their strong bonding.

Practice Spirituality:

Spirituality keeps you satisfied and stress-free. People in Okinawa are really spiritual, and they practice their religion passionately. Every year, they arrange a picnic and visit their forefathers. They have a sense of continuity, and they believe in spiritual energy. Women are very religious in Okinawa, and they pray for good health and peace. There is a slight hint of Buddhism in their culture. Every village in Okinawa has a priestess, and they are very composed. According to Dr. Bradley, they are the healthier women and everybody has a healthy life whom I have ever met.

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