5 Unbelievable Underwater Forests in the World That You Must See

Underwater Forests

by Shamsul
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5 Unbelievable Underwater Forests in the World That You Must See


We all love and appreciate nature, but sunken forests are no doubt a weird and rare incidence. Underwater forests are not only beautiful but also enhance your curiosity. If you are a true nature lover and want to explore something different, then underwater forests are waiting for you. We have created a list of some unbelievable underwater forests across the world that you must see as soon as possible.

Clear Lake Forest, Oregon:

Clear Lake Forest, Oregon

This is situated in the Northwest US (State of Oregon). This lake came into being due to lava flow around 7000 years ago. This lava flow formed a deep dam which is now known as Clear Lake. The overall temperature of this forest remains freezing year-round because it sits at a height of 3000 feet. But, people visit this amazing site every year despite its freezing weather. On the other hand, this forest was a famous hometown of various animals and plants.

Caddo Lake, Texas:

Caddo Lake, Texas

It is the largest home of cypress forests. This lake is nestled between the borders of Louisiana and Texas. This is one of the most fascinating underwater forests in the world that was formed due to heavy flooding. This lake is completely filled with trees, especially cypress. It is worth mentioning that these trees are alive and it is one of the biggest attractions.

Lake Periyar, India:

Lake Periyar, India

This lake was created due to the construction of the Mullaperiyer Dam. This sunken forest is one of the major tourist sites in India. Most of the trees are dead but some are still alive. The view is really captivating due to the magnificent surrounding. It looks attractive and weird at the same time. Explore this unusual beauty right now.

Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan:

This underwater forest was created in 1911 after a massive earthquake. It is situated in Kolsai Lakes National Park, which is 6600 feet above sea level. Here, you can see the toothpick-like trunks. The surface of this lake is really amazing due to the pale green algae surface. The beauty of this sunken forest will leave you speechless.

Lake Volta, Ghana:

If you really want to witness something extraordinary about nature, then you can’t go wrong with Lake Volta. It is one of the largest artificially formed lakes created after a disastrous flood. Till now, thousands of trees are standing and increasing the beauty of this space.

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