5 Tips To Approach Someone You Like

by Shamsul
Someone You Like
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5 Tips To Approach Someone You Like

In Quebec, Canada, compared to other places in the world, such as Europe or the countries of the South, it is less common in the culture that women, especially if they are pretty, are regularly approached. I’m talking about real life, not virtual life, like dating sites. So, whether you are a man or a woman, I invite you to make the first approach if you want to approach someone you like. If you wait after the other, you risk waiting a long time. Ladies, you might miss opportunities if you wait all the time for men to approach you. So, this article is also largely relevant for you if you want to increase your chances of making fruitful encounters.


1st Tip To Approach Someone You Like

First, don’t idealize anyone. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal, even if a person is physically beautiful. You might be surprised to find that people who are good-looking aren’t always comfortable approaching someone they like. Also, you might be surprised to find that the person in front of you is more uncomfortable than you to approach first. Everyone has their fears!

Think about the fact that the human being in front of you, regardless of age, physique, or social status, probably also has the fear of being rejected, of looking ridiculous, of not knowing what to say, etc. The person you like has his fears, stresses and emotions that harm him as well as his faults, just like you have!


2nd Tip To Approach Someone You Like

Change the way you condition yourself. When your thoughts are like this: it’s not easy to approach someone I like, I’m afraid of being rejected, I don’t know what to say to approach them. You condition yourself in your fears. Changing the way you talk to yourself in your head will change your conditioning. If you stay with these thoughts, you continue to limit yourself, and you may very well not approach anyone you like in the end.

I therefore suggest that you condition yourself by telling yourself this instead. It would be fun to approach someone I like, it would be nice to approach this beautiful stranger, it would be nice to be able to approach this person I like, or if I approached this person, I could have fun getting to know him. And, if you do not succeed in your approach as you would have liked, ridicule does not kill. Not pleasing everyone is part of the game!

Also, if you don’t know if the person is single, what do you have to lose by approaching them to tell them something? You will find out later if she is single, either in conversation or by asking her the question if necessary. Try to approach, what have you got to lose?


3rd Tip To Approach Someone You Like

Approach to socialize first. It might seem obvious to some, but several singles I’ve seen in my career think that it automatically means it’s to get closer in life because they’re approaching someone or getting approached. intimacy. Maybe you will be intimate later, or maybe not. You probably won’t know it on the first approach. So, gentlemen, be patient! When you approach someone, you have no idea what the other person’s feedback will be. If you are constantly doing possible scenarios of what could happen on an intimate level, you are probably not listening to what she is telling you verbally and non-verbally. She may very well realize this, and it may interfere with your interaction to get to know her. First, savor the present moment of what you are exchanging with this new person. Enjoy your conversation and the fact that you’re getting to know someone new. If your interaction goes well, you will see if the sexual tension builds between you to drive you towards intimacy, whether on a first or later date.


4th Tip To Approach Someone You Like

To be in a state of well-being. Rare are the dating sites that talk about it. It is essential to first change your state. Being in a state where one does not feel comfortable, nervous, stressed, or even frozen by the fear of approaching someone is not an optimal state to approach someone to promote the meeting. Alas, this is what many single people experience in their everyday reality. However, they would probably have occasions in their daily life and in their hobbies where they could approach someone they like, but they do not do it often or even at all. Often, they do not see who shows them signs of interest. If you learn how to be in a more relaxed state, you will inspire confidence in the other person, and this will help your approach.


5th Tip To Approach Someone You Like

Also, learn new communication skills to be more able to make approaches in your daily life (gym, public transport, walk in a park, grocery shopping, sports, etc.). All places can be possible to make an approach, even if it is not necessarily at the grocery store that you will meet your soul mate! The goal is to improve his ability to get in touch with anyone you sense that it would be a good decision to approach him. You never know where a meeting may be. There is no location limit. Only you limit yourself. I have 3 stories of clients who met their wives: at the grocery store, at the Jean-Talon market, and at the Canadian Tire because, for them, it had become possible to meet someone in any circumstance in life.

In addition, I offer the possibility to people serious in their approach, examples of approaches in a private session (these are not pick-up lines). Interested? Fill out this form for this free offer.


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