5 Reasons Why You’re Ruining Your Life | How to Deal with It

by Shamsul
Don't Ruin Your Life
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Why You’re Ruining Your Life

Why You’re Ruining Your Life

How you are ruining your life (without even knowing it)! Understand that life’s path is not linear. It does not follow a pre-established schedule. It’s not a problem if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that matches your education, start a family, make a lot of money, or live comfortably at a certain age.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get married by 25 or reach the position of vice president by 30 because the world won’t condemn you for that.

You have the right to go back. You have the freedom to discover what you are passionate about. Taking the time you need is entirely okay, something we often forget. Too often, we choose our career straight after school simply because it’s the logical next step to going to college.

We opt for work related to our field of study, even if we are not passionate about it, simply because we have invested time and money in this path. Everyone go to work every morning out of necessity to provide for ourselves. We take the following steps and the next, thinking we are checking off boxes on a pre-established list for life. One day, we wake up depressed, stressed, and feeling pressure without really understanding why.

What is this fascination with first becoming someone for someone else, even before becoming yourself?

A love based on convenience, the need to have someone by our side, and a love responding to our need for attention rather than genuine passion will not be a source of inspiration. Strive to seek ultimate love, a relationship that pushes you to improve, a rare intimacy.

Often, we exclaim, “I don’t want to be alone!” However, sometimes it is necessary to be alone. Eat alone, sleep alone. Amid this loneliness, you will learn more about yourself. You will grow, discover what inspires you, create your dreams and beliefs, and gain clarity.

You will be sure of it when you meet someone who touches you because you will fully know and understand who you are. Be patient. Fight for it, and invest in this person if you have already found them because authentic love is one of the most magnificent experiences the heart can know.

You Are Ruining Your Life by Letting Your Past Rule You

Specific trials will inevitably arise in your journey—moments of sorrow, confusion, and days when you don’t feel exceptional. There will be moments that leave an imprint, words that resonate. However, it is crucial not to let these moments and words define you – they are just moments.

If you allow every adverse event from your past to shape your perception of yourself, you risk viewing the world around you pessimistically. You might be missing out on opportunities just because you didn’t get that promotion five years ago, thereby convincing yourself of your supposed stupidity.

You might be compromising your relationships, convinced that your former partner abandoned you because you weren’t good enough, and now, even when someone tries to show you your worth, you can’t believe it anymore. It is a self-defeating, self-fulfilling cycle.

If you do not allow yourself to move beyond what happened, what was said, and what was felt, you will continue to view the future through the prism of these experiences without possibly breaking this judgment. You will persist in justifying, reliving, and feeding the belief that this should never have happened.

Don't ruin your life

Your number of followers on Instagram or TikTok does not define or increases your value. The amount of money in your bank account does not determine your compassion, intelligence, or happiness. He who has double your possessions does not necessarily enjoy double the joy or merit.

We are obsessed with our friends’ preferences and our partners’ subscriptions, which not only deteriorates our lives but leaves us in pieces.

This fuels the need to feel vital within us, and too often, it causes us to devalue others to achieve this goal.

You are Ruining Your Life by Desensitizing Yourself

The fear of saying too much, feeling too much, and revealing our feelings towards others is expected. Caution does not equal madness. Sure, telling someone how much you value them can make you feel vulnerable, but there’s no shame.

Magical moments come when you are sincere with those you care about. Tell that special someone how much they inspire you. Express your love to your mother, even in front of your friends. Dare to open up to the world and have the courage to show who you are and how you love.

Ruining Your Life by Tolerating This

Deep down, you should be glad to be alive. By accepting less than what you truly desire, you destroy the possibilities within you; you deceive yourself and the world about your true potential.

The next Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci could be there, behind a computer, writing out a bill because he pays it, because it’s comfortable, or simply because he can tolerate it.

You’re ruining your life (without even realizing it): How to deal with it

Life, work, and love are not domains independent of each other. They are intrinsically linked. Let us strive to do extraordinary work, to find and create exceptional love. This is how we will achieve an extraordinarily happier life.



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