5 Popular Cultural Attractions of Bangkok

Bangkok Attraction

by Shamsul
Attractions of Bangkok
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Today, Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Apart from its fancy life, a beautiful combination of cultural attractions of Bangkok like ancient temples, canals, and markets. There is no dearth of cultural sites in Bangkok. You can make your vacations awesome by choosing this awesome destination. For cultural lovers, we have covered some important cultural sites of Bangkok that you must discover. Keep reading to uncover.

Vimanmek Mansion Cultural Attractions of Bangkok

Vimanmek Mansion

It is a kind of a royal palace and one of the most prominent cultural attractions. It is a must-see attraction for cultural buffs. You must wear an appropriate dress in order to visit this mansion. It is worth mentioning that cameras and mobile phones are not allowed inside the mansion. Inside, you can discover a beautiful collection of paintings, porcelain, antique furniture, and many more. Due to this reason, its cultural and political value is very high.

Museum of Contemporary Art Cultural Attractions of Bangkok

Museum of Contemporary Art

Certainly, a museum is the best place to see the cultural roots of a country. This modern museum is one of the main cultural sites of Bangkok which is loaded with a lot of wood structures, paintings, and much more. Moreover, the interior of the museum is very appealing and shows the perfect cultural view of Bangkok. We can bet that you will surely fall in love with this museum.

Jim Thompson’s House Cultural Attractions of Bangkok

Jim Thompson’s House

In fact, he was an American military man who decided to settle in this country permanently. The boom of the silk industry in Bangkok is only because of this man. That’s why his house is holding a prominent cultural attraction and millions of travelers visit his house every year. His house is full of various artifacts. By visiting his house, you can understand the trade history of Thailand.

Grand Palace Cultural Attractions of Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

The historic and cultural value of this Grand Palace is very huge because of its impressive and beautiful design. This Grand Palace is now in use for marriage ceremonies due to its excessive lawns, pavilions, and a compilation of various buildings. It will be a memorable visit and one of the most recognizable cultural landmarks in the country.

Democracy Monument Cultural Attractions of Bangkok

Democracy Monument – Bangkok

A Thai architect designed this Democracy Monument. The site is located in the main center of Bangkok and is a refined manifestation of a European boulevard. Its cultural value is very high, and people especially come to visit this site. It is a must-see landmark in Bangkok.

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