5 Important Historical Attractions in Colombo – Sri Lanka

Trip To Colombo

by Shamsul
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5 Important Historical Attractions in Colombo


Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is an island located south of India and nicknamed the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Here is a nice nickname that makes you want to go sightseeing and visit Sri Lanka, right?

For my part, I made two trips to Sri Lanka a few years back: a first time in summer, in August, and a second time in winter, in February. Yes, I liked the country so much that I wanted to continue to explore it. If I had to sum up my experience in this country, I would say that I was impressed by the beauty and variety of landscapes and charmed by the ease of traveling in Sri Lanka. The locals are generally really friendly and helpful.

Colombo has much to offer if you love to explore ancient and historical sites. You should not miss this site at any cost because there are several historic attractions. The history of Colombo is vibrant due to the British and Dutch drama. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, and you must select this destination in order to come across with ancient attractions and sites.

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National Museum of Colombo:

National Museum of Colombo

Those who want to dive into Colombo’s rich history must visit the National Museum of Colombo. Its building is enough to catch your attention. This museum is really gorgeous and holds several historical artifacts. The Bodhisattva sandals and King Vimaladharmasuriya’s throne are present in this museum. This building is the perfect representation of Italian architecture.

Geoffrey Bawa House:

Geoffery Bawa House

Here’s another most important historic site in Colombo. It is a house of a famous Sri Lankan architect. The locals have decorated the walls of this house with beautiful paintings that are worth seeing. If you are in Colombo, then you must visit this house.

Traditional Puppet Art Museum:

Puppet Museum

Want to see something unique or unusual? It would be best if you visit this puppet art museum. The main attraction of this museum is its cultural puppet show. Due to this reason, the demand for puppet artists is vast in the city. The beautiful masks and puppets will surely grab your interest. Moreover, you will come across various handmade items like puppet clothes, embroidery, and pottery.

Old Colombo Dutch Hospital:

Colombo Dutch Hospital

When it comes to the ancient sites of Colombo, this one will come first because it is one of the oldest buildings. It was constructed in the 1600s and now it is a cultural heritage. The environment inside the building is quite pleasant because it was designed to keep humidity and heat at bay. What are you waiting for?

Colombo University:

It was a medical university in 1870, but later it gained college status in 1880. The total area of this university is around 50-acre and one of the historic buildings in the city. Till now, the building has not changed much and is known as the most famous international university. Students from all over the world come to study.

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Attractions in Colombo – Sri Lanka

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