5 Iconic Landmarks in the World That Are at Risk due to Climate Change

Iconic Landmarks in Danger

by Shamsul
Iconic Landmarks
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5 Iconic Landmarks in the World That Are at Risk due to Climate Change


Our world is facing the severe impact of climate change in the form of rising global temperature, droughts, wildfires, and flooding. These things are hurting our iconic landmarks, and they are at huge risk. If it continues, then it can hurt our tourism and the beauty of nature. So, it is crucial to control climate change in order to protect these iconic landmarks. The following landmarks are at risk due to climate change.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef | Iconic landmarks

This reef is a cluster of beautiful colors that extent more than 1400 miles. This reef is considered the most extensive coral reef system globally due to exotic marine life. But, this coral reef is at risk of disappearing due to climate change. According to reports, the main reason for the danger is rising sea levels. As a result, it is destroying the natural habitats of marine life. According to a report, more than 60 % of its living coral is dead because of this.

The Dead Sea | Iconic landmarks

The popularity of this sea is because it has incredibly salty water. Due to this reason, bathers only float on their surface. According to several reports, this sea is in danger due to global warming. 

Its sea level is decreasing nearly 3 feet every year, which is a threat. This alarming ratio has created sinkholes that are linked to dams. Moreover, the minerals found in the Dead Sea are perfect for cosmetics and skin, so its extraction from the sea also hurts the Dead Sea. If it continues, the lake could be totally arid by the end of 2050.

Amazon Rainforst | Iconic landmarks

When it comes to the largest rainforest on the earth, this name will always come to your mind as it covers approximately 40 % of South America. Despite its vibrant life and gigantic size, the impact of climate change has increased the threat to various habitats. Excessive droughts are also damaging the unique species of trees. Right now, Amazon is facing the severe impact of global warming.

The Maldives:

The Maldives is a cluster of more than 1190 individual islands. There is no doubt that it is tropical heaven and one of the best destinations in the world. Unfortunately, things are not the same due to climate change’s dangerous impact. Rising water temperatures, increasing sea level, acidity, and other things, it is a chance that the island will be totally submerged in the future. These things are putting the Maldives in great danger.

The Alps | Iconic landmarks

It is no doubt the most famous and beautiful ski destination, but this Iconic landmark is also experiencing severe global warming impacts. According to reports, the glaciers are melting at a faster speed due to increasing temperature levels. They predict that the snow on the mountain is melting very rapidly and putting the mountain at significant risk.

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