4 Illustrations for Better Project Management

Better Project Management

by Shamsul
Better Project Management
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4 Illustrations for Better Project Management


Project management is considered one of the most challenging things. It becomes even harder when you don’t have the appropriate data or information. According to a report, only 70 percent of projects meet the planned results. Under such stats, companies try to hire certified and skilled project managers.

An experienced project manager knows how to make a project successful. They start gathering the right data or information because they understand the value of proper data. In this matter, a particular strategic planning tool’s role is huge. It can help you gather the correct information quickly and efficiently. It also allows you to convey that information to stakeholders quickly. Here are four types of diagrams for better project management.


SWOT Analysis – Project Management

SWOT Analysis

SWOT mainly focuses on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Before starting or planning your projects, you must identify all the factors for better project management. It provides a complete insight into a project. For example, if you are performing a SWOT analysis for an IT company, the leader of the project should have enough knowledge of technicalities and the company’s vision. In this matter, a third party can give a brief view of your competitors and their performances. These factors are crucial as they provide a clear picture of your project.

It is imperative to understand the whole scenario in a better way in order to eliminate the factor of doubt. Incorporating project management tools with modern external business tools is very vital. It allows you to see your project with a clear vision. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to use a SWOT analysis to assess your project.


Gantt Charts – Project Management

Gantt Charts

In order to visualize a project and its subcomponents, Gantt Charts can be helpful and one of the easiest methods. It is a fact that they are not so much useful in some projects like big and complex projects. Gantt chart is useful for less complex or small projects. They help to define outcomes and measure progress.

However, this diagram can also be used for complex projects and provide the appropriate picture of the project to members or shareholders. It helps to show the deadline of the project. It also shows dependencies between tasks and allocates the resources for the project.


Work Breakdown Structures – Project Management

Work Breakdown Structures

It is a type of simple and easy diagram that helps to divide large or complex tasks into small and manageable subtasks. You don’t need to take tension about dependencies in this project management diagram. Usually, smaller teams in a project can perform this process. The subtasks resultant from this process are primarily used in Activity Diagrams and Gantt Charts as they can show dependencies.


Activity Diagrams

Activity Diagrams

Activity Diagrams are considered more valuable and reliable than Gantt Charts regarding complex and more extensive projects with plenty of interdependent tasks and subtasks. It has a way better mechanism than Gantt Charts to highlight dependencies. It also aids project managers in uncovering critical paths of a project. Project managers can efficiently allocate resources significantly when they identify critical paths. It helps to save your time and money.

Activity Diagrams and Gantt Charts can be used in complex projects. In short, there is no shortage of diagram types for better project management.


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