30 Strange but True Facts about the Genius Albert Einstein

Albert Einstien

by Shamsul
Albert Einstein Biography
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30 Strange but True Facts about the Genius Albert Einstein


Whenever someone talks about a genius person, it is impossible to miss Albert Einstein. He is known as the most intelligent person in the world. Even his birthday is celebrated as “Genius Day” on 14th March. Here are some out of the ordinary facts that will bolt from the blue:

1- Birth of the Great Einstien

The year great scientist Galileo Galilei died, Sir Issac Newton was born in the same year. The death year of James Maxwell and the birth year of Sir Albert Einstein are the same.

2- Photograph of Einstein Auctioned

A few years ago, the photograph of Einstein was auctioned. It was sold for 80,000 rupees. This photo was taken at Princeton University on 72 birthday of Einstein. The picture has the signature of a great scientist. Photographer asked Sir Einstein to smile, but Einstein made a smiling pose for many photographs, so he took out his tongue.

3- Last Breath

When Einstein took his last breath, he said something in the German language. Unfortunately, the person with him did not understand German, so his last words are unrevealed for the world. 

4- Devotion

People frequently visited Einstein and asked the secret of his success. One day, a person came to Einstein and said,” You are famous all over the world, and people keep on praising you without any hesitation. Please tell me the secret how to become a great man”. Einstein answered in one word, “Devotion.”

5- why I should memorize such things that are written in books

It is unbelievable that a genius like Albert Einstein had poor memory. He could not remember the name of people, dates, and telephone numbers. Even he was unable to memorize his own telephone number. Once a person inquired his phone number, Einstein took the directory to find his own number. The other person shocked the genius, did not bring to mind his own number. Einstein asked why I should memorize such things that are written in books. 

6- Travel from Princeton University

Another episode concerning his memory is also very famous. Einstein selected a train to travel from Princeton University to another place. The ticket conductor punched the tickets of all passengers, came to him, and asked to show his ticket. He checked his pockets for the ticket, and then he opened his suitcase. He checked the area around his seat to search for the ticket. The conductor knew Einstein very well. He was sure that he bought the ticket but misplaced it anywhere, so he checked other passengers. He noticed that Albert was still searching for the ticket under his chair. Thus, he came back and said, 

“Not to bother about the ticket. No one will ask about it”. 

Einstein replied, it is OK, but how could I know where I am going without my ticket?

7- General and Special Theory of Relativity

Einstein is famous for his General and Special Theory of Relativity. Still, a few people know him when awarded Nobel Prize in 1921 not for Relativity Theory but for Photoelectric effect search.

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8- Theories of Einstein

Theories of Einstein were challenging, and a few people were competent enough to understand his theories. Once, his wife was asked whether she understood her husband’s theories or not. She answered straightforwardly, “No, but I understand my husband, and he is a trustworthy person.”

9- Genius Hairstyle.

Einstein did not like to cut his hair. Most of the time, he had not combed his hair. Now his hairstyle is known as Genius Hairstyle.

10- Great Scientist But

Though he was a great scientist, he did not know how to drive a car. He loved the cruise journey, but he did not know how to swim.

11-Not Wearing Socks

Einstein was not fond of wearing socks. Once, he told about his childhood experiences. His toes were long enough to make holes in socks. Once he disclosed, 

“I was so worried about my socks that I stopped wearing socks”. 

12- Casual Dress

Einstein did not like to dress up. He preferred casual dress whether he had to attend a party or go to the beach. 

13- Mathematics was his Favorite

In his childhood, Einstein was called a dull boy. Even his teacher claimed he could not do anything good in his life. Once his Math professor called him Lazy Dog. The reality was totally opposite to his teacher’s prediction. He was not good at studies, but Mathematics was his favorite subject since his childhood.

14- Prominent in Size at Birth

When he was born, his head was more prominent in size than average babies, so doctors called him abnormal. At the age of 7, he started his studies, but he used to go to school in a bad mood. 

15- Started to Speak at age of 4

He was unable to speak till he was four years. One day, he was enjoying a meal with his parents and said, “How hot is the soup?” It was the most exciting and surprising moment for parents to listen to their children. 

16- Interest in Science

At the age of 5, Einstein started taking an interest in Science when his father gave him a compass. He was surprised what type of power keeps the needle in one direction.

17- Person of the Century

Famous magazine of America “Time” has entitled Einstein as “Person of the Century” in 1999.

18- President of Israel offer

In 1952, Albert Einstein was offered to become the President of Israel. He refused this post as he was not made for Politics but for Science. 

19- Galileo Galilei

The favorite scientist of Einstein was Galileo Galilei.

20- Smoking Cigars

Smoking Cigars was his favorite hobby. There are many photographs of Einstein taking a cigar. Once, he fell down in the water during an expedition. When he was brought outside, his clothes were wet, but he carefully saved the cigar.

21- Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb is not Einstein’s invention, but its development uses his rules. He was really grief-stricken that his rules proved helpful in destroying the whole world.

22- Highly Treacherous

Einstein considered war highly treacherous for human beings. Once, he was asked the type of ammunition to be used in the 3rd World War? He replied, 

“I am not sure about it, but I am confident that stones will be the only type of ammunition in 4th world war because the whole world will be destroyed in third world war and man will enter in Stone Age again.”

 23- Mind of Einstein

The mind of Einstein was in the laboratory, and his fountain pen was a way to deliver the result of his experiments. In order to work with concentration, he used to enjoy sleeping for 10 hours.

24- Money to the Charitable Trusts

Albert Einstein charged 5$ for his autograph and 1000$ for his lecture. Later on, he gave all the money to the charitable trusts. 

25- Largest Telescope

California Institute of Technology invited Albert Einstein to attend a ceremony. He and his wife participated in the event. He visited Mount Wilson, where the largest telescope was presented. His wife asked, “What do you see through such a large telescope”? She was told that it helped in revealing the secrets of the universe. Mrs. Einstein was surprised and said:

“Her husband can do all this on the piece of paper.”

26- Einstein as Professor

When Einstein was professor, a student came and said,

“The questions in this year’s exam are the same as those asked in last year’s exam.” 

He replied the answers are changed this year.

27- Choose Life The Biblical Call to Revolt

A letter of Einstein based on Science and Religion was sold in 203800000 rupees. He wrote this report just one year before his death. Two pages note was written on 3rd January 1954 to German Philosopher Eric Gutkind who sent his book “Choose Life The Biblical Call to Revolt” to read. He wrote a letter in response to this book and declared that God is nothing for me. In fact, it is a by-product of people’s weaknesses. Bible is based on stories. He also declared, 

“No explanation how subtle it can, bring nothing change in mind.”

28- Death of Einstein

After the death of Einstein, Dr. Thomas Harvey took out Einstein’s brain without his family’s permission for research work. He was expelled from his job. He promised to research on Einstein’s brain. It was kept in a jar for 20 years, and it was noticed that he had more cells in his brain than a common man.

29- Useless to Run Life through Machines

When Einstein had poor health, doctors suggested an operation, but he refused and said, 

“It is useless to run life through machines. I have lived my life. There is no pleasure in living through an artificial way”.

30- Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

No one accepted Einstein’s theory of relativity. Once he commented on his theory, if it would confirm correct, Germany will accept me as German, whereas France will claim that Einstein is the national of this world. Contrarily, if his theory is verified false, France will identify me as a German, whereas Germans will treat me like a Jew.


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