25 Bedazzle Exotic Birds Capable to Grab Your Attention

Exotic Birds

by Shamsul
Exotic Birds
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25 Bedazzle Exotic Birds Capable to Grab Your Attention

If you are an admirer of nature, it is sure to love the environment, fauna and flora. There are some exotic birds. The very description and images of these pheasants will definitely make you flabbergasted. An extraordinary blend of shades is enough to blow your mind. Check these transfixing exotic birds and choose the best one as your pet in the human-altered surrounding:


Royal Flycatcher | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds - Royal Flycatcher

A prominent crest is an excellent sign of beauty. Male royal flycatchers have a more colorful crimson crest, whereas the yellow crest is the distinguishing feature of female flycatchers. Furthermore, the female crest is lavishly adorned with steel blue and black tips. The crests are properly displayed during violent encounters and courtship rituals.


The Atlantic Puffin

Exotic Birds

The Atlantic Puffin, or the Clown of the Ocean, is the inhabitant of the Atlantic. It spends maximum time at sea. When it is tired of flying, it takes some rest on waves. These astounding exotic birds enjoy staying on land during the summer and spring seasons. It is the time when these are busy making reproduction colonies. The Atlantic Puffin is famous for its skillful flying. It is capable of exceeding the speed of 55 miles per hour.


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The Lear’s Macaw

Exotic Birds

The Lear’s Macaw or the Indigo Macaw is a large blue Brazilian parrot. Its life span is more than 50 years. Unluckily, this lovely and long-living bird is endangered as the population of this species is reduced to as low as 1300 adults. Pet trade, hunting, and habitat loss are the major reasons for Macaw endangerment. Fortunately, conservation groups are struggling to save the precious species.


Hornbill Malabar Pied | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

Malabar Pied Hornbill belongs to Sri Lanka and India. It is pretty effortless to recognize this exotic bird as it has large and out-of-the-ordinary horns. In India, people give importance to the horn of this bird. They believe that hanging a skull made up of Malabar Pied’s horn can make them prosperous. Unlike Lear’s Macaw, this species is not in danger. If these exotic birds are being hunted in the upcoming years, the incredible species will get extinct.


Bird of Paradise King of Saxony

Exotic Birds

King of Saxony is only one of its kind of bird. Most of the people have neither seen nor heard about this bird of paradise. When these species were introduced to Europe, people could not believe that the bird had real horns. The horns’ strange shape gives the impression that they are artificial. Furthermore, the territorial display and mating calls are also weird. It is not easy to describe its sound correctly. It is similar to a choral group of machine uproar, dubstep melody, and chainsaw revving. All these sounds are present in the chirp of this little bird.


The Bali Bird of Paradise

Exotic Birds

New Guinea Island is the habitat of this bird, but it is rare to see this bird on this island. The reason is that these exotic birds have selected the most unapproachable areas. These extraordinarily beautiful birds are acknowledged for their strange and sometimes humorous behavior. They love to hang on branches upside down.


Curl Crested Aracari | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

Curl Crested Aracari is a gorgeous and lovely but bizarre type of toucan. It is known as the giant bird in the family of Aracari. The strange crest having curly, glossy, short, and black feathers is the basis of its name. The natural environment of this bird is in danger due to mining. Luckily, the crested Aracari is safe and not dying out.


The Kingfishers

Exotic Birds

The kingfishers have long bills that are used to grasp the fish, then fly and beat the fish senselessly. They prefer to start their meal by eating the head of fish. Apart from violent manners, these exotic birds are present in any waterside territory, near the border of small ponds, streams, lakes, rocky coastlines, and large rivers.


The African Crowned Crane

Exotic Birds

It is pleasing to see the African Crowned Crane. It has a unique gray body along with white wings. The exotic bird may have gold, brown and white feathers. On the other hand, the head has a crown made up of narrow golden feathers. There are daring white patches on the face. The beautiful crane can be seen in the marshland of African Savannah.


The Hoopoe | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

The Hoopoe is available in Eurasia and Africa. Israel has selected Hoopoe as its national bird. The distinguishing crown and extraordinary chirp in the form of “oop” are the reasons for giving this name.


Capped Heron

Exotic Birds

Finding this gorgeous bird is complex, so its breed is not in danger. Capped Heron is differentiated from other species of herons as it has bare blue facial skin, a distinctive black cap, a yellow neck, and a bill base. Due to muffled feet, it is niggling to search out this solitary creature.


The Quetzal

Exotic Birds

The Quetzal lives in the mountain range of Central America. It is a marvelous bird. 

Maya and Aztecs considered the Quetzal a sanctified animal named The Rare Jewel Bird of the World. The male partner has a brilliant metallic green body and a deep red chest. In addition, the long twin tail can grow up to one meter.


The California Condor | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

Unlike other exotic birds, the California Condor is not attractive and eye-catching. It has an impressive appearance. It is called the new world vulture and is considered the largest bird in North America, having 2.8 meters wingspans. In 2013, the number reduced to 435 worldwide, and just 237 birds could fly freely. Unfortunately, this bird is severely in danger and just wiped out in the 20th century. The credit goes to the conservation group that helped the condor to survive.


The Peacock

Exotic Birds

The Peacock is a readily available and most familiar bird worldwide. It is found in single or multiple colors. The word Peacock typically describes the male, while the Peahen is particular for females. Peafowl is the word that describes both males and females. Regarding the courtship, the female is responsible for selecting the male based on its tail size.


D’Arnaud’s Barbet

Exotic Birds

There are 42 different types of barbet and D’Arnaud is one of these species. It lives in Africa’s Sub-Saharan region. It is common for birds to make a nest on the branches of trees, but D’Arnaud’s Barbet makes nests on the ground 2 to 3 feet down in vertical tunnels.


The Northern Cardinal | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

The Northern Cardinal remains bright red 12 months a year. It does not migrate but makes an incredible vista in opposition to the snowy backdrop. No doubt, the bird watchers prefer to view this bird. If you are eager to have some Northern Cardinals in the backyard, make it your habit to put sunseeds as these exotic birds love to take sunseeds.


Red-Bearded Bee-Eater

Exotic Birds

Red-Bearded Bee-Eater loves to eat bees. It can consume insect-like hornets and wasps as well. The red chest and decurved long beak are the two prominent features that discriminate this bird from other species. The origin of this exotic bird is Southeast Asia’s subregion, called Indo-Malayan.


Lilac-Breasted Roller

Exotic Birds

Lilac Breasted Rollers are admired for a stunning assortment of shades, covering tan, black, green, turquoise, blue, purple, and white colors. It is noticeable that these pheasants love to carry out inspiring courtship journeys with several rolls and dives. It is the national bird of two countries, Botswana and Kenya.


The Golden Pheasant | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

The Chinese or Golden Pheasant is an inhabitant of Western China. The untamed population of this pheasant is present in the UK and other regions. It is simple to figure out male and female as both have prominent differences. Male pheasant has striking shades, goldcrest, and red covering the top of the head to the neck area. Side by side, the wings have a dark color and a barred long tail. Yellow eyes and small black pupils with green upper backs are male pheasants’ characteristics. On the other hand, female birds do not have bright shades. The plumage has a brown and pale color.


Inca Tern

Exotic Birds

Inca Tern is a Peruvian wonder. Male as well as a female partner has mustaches. This species has a funny face and lives close to Humboldt Current’s cold waters, where thousands of nests can be seen.


The Long-Tailed Widowbird

Currently, the long-tailed widowbird has three out-of-the-way populations, living in Southern Africa, Angola to Zambia and Kenya. Pieter Boddaert named this bird in 1783. During mating, the male shows a long tail ranging up to 15 cm to catch the female widowbird’s attention.


Splendid Fairywren

Exotic Birds

It is a typical Australian pheasant in terms of its reproduction. It is dichromatic sexually. The upper parts of the female partner have a pale brown color with a long blue tail. The male partner is almost the same but shows remarkable blue plumage when it tries to breed.


Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

It is a matchless exotic bird with an incredible array of shades. The female bird has a monotonous brown color, whereas the male uses a variety of colors during a complicated dance to impact the female. The turquoise on the male’s head is not made up of feathers. In fact, it is the skin. It is interesting that the female partner sits on a tree branch on top of the male, observing and assessing the show.


Horned Sungem

Exotic Birds

It is present in Eastern and Central Brazil. This lovely hummingbird lives in gallery forests, grasslands and woodlands. 

The length of this little pheasant is almost 4.33 inches or the folded wallet size. The remarkable sungem shows the vibrant color arrangement of blue, white, black, yellow and green.


The Rainbow Lorikeet | Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds

The rainforests of Papua New Guinea and Australia have a great number of Rainbow lorikeets. Even these exotic birds are present in Perth City and are creating trouble. 

They are aggressive toward nesting hollows and prohibit native pheasants like Australian Ringnecks from making the nest. The condition worsens when Rainbow Lorikeets drag the natives from nestlings, dropping the eggs or little exotic birds on the ground.


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