22 Signs Show Your Best Friend Has Feelings for You

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22 Signs Show Your Best Friend Has Feelings for You

Have you at anytime felt that your best friend has feelings for you? What do you do if your best friend likes you? It is simple if you have never looked at your close friend from a romantic perspective. But if you recognize his love, you are in love with him too. It is easy to determine whether your guy friend has feelings for you. Men can show their romantic side in many ways, so you must focus on their indications. If your guy friend shifts his behavior or actions, there is a maximum chance that he is into you. He has developed feelings for you. If your best friend starts doing the following things, he likes you.

1- Trying to Give His Maximum Time to You

If you usually spend time together, then it is hard to differentiate. But, deep down, if your best friend tries to spend a lot of time with you, he likes you. If you are in his every plan, he is starting to develop feelings for you.


2- Inviting You to Spend Time with His Family

If your guy friend insists you meet with his family, it clearly shows he loves you. He is eager to develop a romantic relationship with you.


3- Asking About You in Detail

If your best friend asks about your work, boundaries, hobbies, and more, he is into you. It means he is interested in you and likes to know more about you. By focusing on this factor, you can easily understand that your guy friend has romantic feelings for you.

If you are still unsure after identifying the abovementioned factors, then we have curated 19 important factors that can show whether your best friend likes you. If you don’t have feelings for him, you can politely tell him without hurting or ruining the friendship.


4- He Wants to Communicate with You Eagerly

If your best friend is romantically involved with you, he will share everything with you, from his morning routine to his work routine. It is one of the most prominent signs that your close friend is in love with you if he wants to communicate with you daily. He wants you more than as a friend. He loves to talk to you on messages, calls, or video calls. You can even receive jokes, memes, and other fun stuff.


5- He Makes Plans with You

If your best friend loves you, he will ask about your schedule. He tries to make exciting plans with you according to your schedule. For this reason, he will ask about your work routine to know when you are free. This is significant if a guy loves you more than a friend. You can easily guess that he has a crush, is in love with you, and wants to be involved with you romantically. If he is trying exciting plans with you, then make sure he loves you.


6- He Postpones or Extends His Family Gatherings for You

If your best friend is ready to postpone or skip his family gatherings and holiday get-togethers for you, he loves you. He has romantic feelings for you and wants to have a romantic relationship with you. If you notice that your male friend is spending more time with you, he has deep feelings for you.


7- Actively Engaging with Your Social Media

If your guy friend engages with you on social media, it means he likes you. He is trying to establish a strong engagement or interaction with you. All in all, he wants to get your utmost attention. He is interested to know what you do every day. If your male friend is doing all this stuff, it indicates he has something romantic for you in his heart. He wants to invest all his time and attention.


8- He Tries to Extend the Conversation

It is another big sign if you are talking to your male friend and he tries to extend the conversation. If it is the end of the conversation, he will talk about something that can spark your interest to speak with him more. It is a fact that when a man falls in love, he can’t stop communicating with her. It is a clear sign that he never wants to leave you alone.


9- He Blushes and Feels Nervous When You Talk to Him

During the conversation with your best friend, if he blushes or looks nervous, it means he adores you. It means he has started developing feelings for you. When you touch him, he will feel you romantically.


10- He Feels More Insecure

Whenever you spend time with other male friends, if your best friend feels jealous or nervous, he likes you a lot. He has a feeling of love for you, and he wants to spend your maximum time with him instead of others.


11- He Tries to Make You Smile and Laugh

We all want a friend that makes us smile and laugh. These types of friends are priceless; if your guy friend cracks jokes to make you feel happy, he is into you. He will do his best to make you happy. He wants to show you that he is always there for you.


12- He Compliments Your Looks more than Usual

If you receive unusual and countless numbers of compliments from your best friend, then he has platonic feelings for you. It means he has something in his heart for you. He wants a romantic relationship with you. Well, he can also make fun of your looks and dress, but it is also a sign that he likes you.


13- He takes an interest in Your Dating Life

If you have a dating history and you don’t discuss it with anyone, then there is a chance that your best friend is eager to know about it. If he is inquiring about your past or dating history, he is romantically involved with you. In case this guy is interested in this matter, then make sure he has strong and deep romantic feelings for you.


14- He Feels Possessive When You Date Someone Else

It isn’t easy to control your emotions when you love someone but they like someone else. If you are dating someone else and your best friend has reservations, it indicates that he is romantically involved with you. He will feel jealous and nervous when you like someone or dates someone.


15- He Feels More Relaxed When Around You

It is another sign that your male friend is romantically into you if he feels more comfortable in your presence or space. He will feel more comfortable when around you. It means he likes to spend time with you and loves you more than anything. He wants to establish a romantic relationship with you.


16- He tries to become more intimate and Physical

If you spend more time with your best friend and he tries to get involved with you physically, he has feelings for you. From a simple touch to hand-holding, a guy will like to be involved with you physically if he likes you. If he tries to become more intimate with you, it shows he likes you.


17- He Eagers to Tell You about Himself

If a guy loves you, he will tell you everything about himself. From his family to work, achievements, and future dreams, he will share his personal things with you without hesitation. He is trying to develop a romantic connection with you.


18- He Intrigues to Know More about Your Life and Choices

Your close friend is in love with you if he is intrigued to know more about you and your life. He will be eager to learn about your choices and preferences. If he asks about your favorite food, movie, song, or anything else, it means he likes you and wants a physical relationship with you.


19- He Starts to Bring Those Items You Need

He will give you special gifts on special occasions. We will bring you the items you need if he has romantic feelings for you. If he is giving you gifts like dresses and other feminine things, it means he is truly in love with you.


20- Asks Questions about Your Life and Future Plans

If your guy friend is interested to know about your personal life and future plans, he loves you more than anything else. He is trying to adjust his plans with yours according to your plans and preferences. If you observe that your best friend is asking too much about your life and future plans, he is interested in you.


21- He Likes to Comment on the Time You Spend Together

If your male best friend is talking about the time you have spent together, it means he has romantic feelings for you. For him, you are everything and the time you have spent with him is incredibly special. He also loves to spend his maximum time with you. He will try to spend all his time with you instead of with anyone.


22- You Feel That He is Interested in You

If you know that your male friend has romantic feelings for you and then handles it with care. If you also like him, then tell him. Tell him politely without risking your friendship if you don’t like him.


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