20 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Most Dangerous Bridges

by Shamsul
most dangerous bridges in the world
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 20 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World


A bridge is a pure work of engineering. Behind its construction, there is a clever engineering mind. The primary purpose of a bridge is to create a way over rough terrains, water, and other difficulties that are really tough to cross. At this time, there are more than 600,000 bridges in the world. Here, we are mentioning the 20 most dangerous bridges in the world.

The actual builders of the bridge were Chinese, Romans, Greeks, and Indians. Turkey’s Caravan Bridge is the oldest bridge in the world, located in Izmir. Over the years, technology has advanced rapidly, and you can see various advanced and modern bridges.

Some bridges are located in the strangest places, known as the world’s most dangerous bridges. China is leading when it comes to jaw-dropping bridges and architectural designs. You can’t predict whether a bridge is safe or not just by looking at it. Some bridges are really difficult to cross. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most dangerous bridges on the basis of their frightening heights, lengths, and steep inclines.

World’s Most Dangerous Bridges for Pedestrians


1- Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

The Hussaini Bridge comes first when it comes to the most dangerous bridges in the world to walk across. It is located in the Pakistani province of Gilgit-Baltistan. The bridge is 635 feet long and hangs at the height of 100 feet. It was constructed by the locals of the Hunza between 1966 and 1977. Now, it is one of the major tourist attractions in the valley. We have some doubts over its safety because of the presence of holes on the floor of the bridge, making it really dangerous for people to walk on. The northern area of Pakistan is worth visiting for every traveler or tourist. If you really want to see the tourism potential of Pakistan, then you must visit Gilgit-Baltistan and other neighboring towns.


2- Living Root Bridge of Meghalaya, India

Living Root Bridge of Meghalaya, India

The Living Root Bridge is a natural bridge formed by tree shaping. It is located in Meghalaya, which is an Indian State. According to resources, it was built by Jaintia and Khasi tribes. It was made from the Indian rubber tree. It contains a framework of palm stems and bamboo. The slippery and uneven surface is very dangerous to walk on. This bridge is 66 feet long. The fact is that it is really a stable bridge because of the regenerating power of the trees. India has no shortage of tourist destinations, and this natural bridge is proof.


3- Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, Nepal | Dangerous Bridges

Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, Nepal

The Hanging Bridge of Ghasa is a suspension bridge located in Ghasa, Nepal. This 343 meters long and 135-meter-high bridge is still in use; people used to carry their animals and small vehicles. The primary purpose behind the construction of this bridge was to reduce traffic congestion. It looks very unsafe, but locals use it on a regular basis to transport their animals. If you have any type of height phobia, then do not cross it at any cost. You can cross the bridge if you love trying new things, especially adventure. Besides the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, there are so many dangerous bridges in Nepal because it is the land of the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest and others.


4- U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

The U Bein Bridge is a wooden pedestrian bridge across Taungthaman Lake. Locals say it is one of the longest and oldest teakwood bridges. It was constructed in 1851 and is one of the top tourist attractions in Myanmar. This bridge needs serious repairs because it may collapse in a few years due to the decaying process of the teakwood pillar. But, the sight is attractive when the sun rises and sunsets. If you are in Myanmar, then you should visit this bridge.


5- Monkey Bridges, Vietnam | Dangerous Bridges

Monkey Bridges, Vietnam

The Monkey Bridge is located in Vietnam and is one of the most unique bridges in the world. It is suspended between 6.5 feet to 33 feet above the Mekong Delta. Locals cross the bridge by foot. This bridge was built by the locals and mainly consists of bamboo. You have to cross this bridge like a monkey. That’s why it is referred to as Monkey Bridge. It is a great opportunity for adventure seekers to cross the bridge to get a fantastic experience.


6- Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan

Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan

The Iya Valley Vine Bridge is hanging over the Iya River and is one of the best vine bridges. There were 13 bridges at one time but now only 3 exist. It is a 46 feet high and 148 feet long bridge. In this Japanese region, it is the most prominent tourist attraction, and thousands of people visit this bridge every year. The people of the valley take care of this bridge, so it is a safe bring to walk on. We recommend you cross the bridge on foot while enjoying some of the stunning views. We advise you to visit this bridge at least once in a lifetime.


7- Puente De Ojuela, Mexico | Dangerous Bridges

Puente De Ojuela, Mexico

The Puente De Ojuela Bridge was constructed in 1898 and is one of the biggest suspension bridges in Mexico. This 1043-foot-long bridge is a popular tourist spot. It is 360 feet above the canyon surface and mainly consists of wood. While crossing, this bridge sways and squeaks. It is referred to as the most dangerous bridge. Don’t forget to take your camera because you can get some of the most admirable views here.


8- Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan

The Musou Tsuribashi Bridge is another famous bridge in Japan. This suspension bridge was made in 1950. It is also known as the most dangerous suspension bridge in Japan. It consists of wire and thin boards, and it is 472 feet long and 272 feet high. We can’t say much about its safety because it hasn’t been repaired over the years. So, it could be extremely dangerous for pedestrians and animals.

World’s Most Dangerous Vehicle Bridges

9- Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan | Dangerous Bridges

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Eshima Ohashi Bridge is also called the Rollercoaster Bridge. The bridge is amongst the strangest ones in the world. It is mainly made of a rigid frame and is the 3rd largest bridge in the world in terms of rigid-frame. It is 147 feet high and 1.1 miles long. The biggest thing is that it connects two cities, Sakaiminato and Matsue. It looks dangerous only in pictures, but not very dangerous in real life.


10- Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica

Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica

The other name of Quepos Bridge is the Bridge of Death. It is located in Costa Rica and was constructed between 1930 and 1940. At one time, it was used as a railway bridge. There is no doubt about it that this bridge is one of the most stunning landmarks in Costa Rica. Due to poor maintenance, the bridge is on the verge of collapse. You can clearly hear the roadway clanks and slats when you go to see the bridge. But, locals aren’t afraid of the bridge and drive their heavy vehicles on a daily basis.


11- Vitim River Bridge, Siberia | Dangerous Bridges

Vitim River Bridge, Siberia

The Vitim River Bridge is an extremely narrow bridge in Siberia. It was constructed in 1980. The length of the bridge is 570 meters and it is just 50 feet above the Vitim River. It was used as a railway bridge to transport goods. But, it is currently used for vehicles. The town’s overall temperature and hardwood boards increase this bridge’s beauty. Due to the excess snow, its surface usually remains slippery, making it one of the most dangerous vehicle bridges in the world.

World’s Most Dangerous Bridges to Cross Due to Danger Factor

12- Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

According to researchers, the Trift Bridge is one of the lengthiest cable suspension bridges in the world. It is 100 meters above the ground and 170 meters long. Trift Bridge is located in the Swiss Alps and is one of the prominent tourist places in Switzerland. It offers some spectacular views to visitors. Constructed in 2004, and it was rebuilt in 2009. Now it looks really pleasing. It is made from timber boards and steel cables. Hiking the Trift Suspension bridge in bad weather can be dangerous.


13- Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

The Langkawi Sky Bridge was built in 2005. This bridge is known as the longest curved bridge in the world. It is a top attraction in Malaysia, and people love to visit this bridge. Due to its curved structure, you feel frightened while crossing it. Some of its sections are unstable, so it is on the list of the world’s most dangerous bridges. If you have a height phobia, this bridge is unsuitable for you. However, if you go down, you can experience some of the most incredible sceneries and views.


14- Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada | Dangerous Bridges

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is located in Canada and was constructed in 1889. It is one of the most popular wire cable suspension bridges. You will come across breathtaking forest and river views from the bridge. Its walkway is slightly narrow, and you must be careful while walking. If you are in Vancouver, then you shouldn’t miss this landmark.


15- Kakum Canopy Walk, Ghana

Kakum Canopy Walk, Ghana

The Kakum Canopy Walk is located in the Kukum National Park. It would be an incredible experience for visitors to see this bridge. It is a collection of 7 bridges spanning various treetops. Due to the excess use, the bridge looks slightly weak, although it is made of different materials like timber planks, wire rope, and aluminum. There is a netting feature for added safety. The bridge allows visitors to see some fantastic views and wildlife species.


16- Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland

The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge gives access to people to a beautiful island. Located on Northern Island, this 20-meter-long bridge looks really eye-catching due to its surroundings. It is above 30 meters above the river. Fishermen and locals used to catch fish from this bridge at one time, but now it is a landmark. Nearly thousands of travelers admire the beauty of this bridge every year to see the wildlife and natural beauty. The bridge swings heavily during bad weather, so it is a bit scary.


17- Seven Mile Bridge, USA | Dangerous Bridges

Seven Mile Bridge, USA

The Seven Mile Bridge is one of the longest concrete bridges in Florida. It is approximately 11 kilometers long and offers some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean. It was operational for tourists in 1982 and is an excellent manifestation of civil engineering. Visiting this bridge will be a memorable experience for visitors.


18- Aiguille Du Midi Bridge, French Alps

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge, French Alps

The Aiguille Du Midi Bridge connects two mountains. It is 12600 feet above sea level. It has a glass floor which offers an incredible sight of the mountain. If you want to see the bridge, you must use a cable car, another tourist attraction in this region as it is the world’s highest vertical ascent cable car.


19- Cloud Bridge, South Korea

Cloud Bridge, South Korea

The Cloud Bridge is a famous attraction in South Korea as it is 394 feet above the surface and 171 feet long. Basically, it is a suspension bridge, so it is frightening, of course. It connects two peaks and provides a safe passage to the National Daedunsan Mountains. There is no doubt about it that the Cloud Bridge is extremely dangerous, but it is a worth-visiting landmark. You will find some of the surrounding hidden spots and natural beauties.


20- Royal Gorge Bridge, USA | Dangerous Bridges

Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

Before 1929, The Royal Gorge Bridge was considered a transit route. However, it became a tourist attraction later. This bridge was constructed from timber and steel. Its construction was completed in 2001; since then, it has been one of the tallest bridges in the world. But, the Liuguanghe Bridge broke its record, which is located in China. Visitors will get beautiful views of the gorge.


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