16 Body Language Signs | A Guy Secretly Likes You

Body Language For Love

by Shamsul
Man's Love
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2- He Smiles When He Stares At You

When a guy stares at you, his facial expression will change automatically. This is one of the major body language signs that show he likes you. When he stares at you, he will smile. This smile shows his deepest feelings. After making eye contact with you, he will never stop smiling or blushing. You can see a major change in his facial expression whenever he looks at you.

He may look funny but it shows his deep feelings for you. In short, he feels delighted whenever he sees you. No matter how much you disturb him, he will forget his problems when you are around. His troubles and sadness will magically vanish. By identifying this sign, you can easily discover how much he loves you.

But, this is the case where he feels trouble to confess his feelings verbally. So, he has only this body language sign to convey his feelings. When you talk to him, you will notice a subtle smile on his face. He will focus only on you when you talk to him.

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