16 Body Language Signs | A Guy Secretly Likes You

Body Language For Love

by Shamsul
Man's Love
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Obvious Body Language Signs That Show a Guy Secretly Likes You

Every human being is unique in nature. But, most men show the same behavior when around the woman they like. So, if a man does the following things, he likes you a lot. When a man shows different behavior, everyone can recognize it except you. If the feelings are mutual, you can also easily recognize his behavior. After realizing his feelings, you can say yes or no accordingly. This kind of body language is more than just a friend. Let’s find out the body language signs that show a guy secretly likes you.

1- He Stares At You

Your eyes are the most important thing when it comes to expressing your innermost feelings. If a man stares at you, he is into you. Most men hide their feelings when it comes to proposing to the girl he likes. But, he can show everything with his eyes. But, some women do not understand this kind of gesture. So, if you want to find out whether a guy has secret feelings for you, you must pay attention to his eyes.

He can stare at you all day long and is really fascinated by you. If the room is crowded with beautiful girls, his eyes always look for you. This is one of the biggest hints that a guy can show if he secretly likes you. He always wants to lock his eyes on you. For him, you are the prettiest girl in the world.

If a guy stares at you deeply, he is definitely into you. His eye contact will show his feelings. When a man stares at you, he struggles to express his deepest feelings. He will try to read your eyes in order to show your love for him. In short, he is trying to convey his enormous interest by staring at you. If you also like him, then you can give him a subtle hint by staring back at him.

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